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The DIY Desktop CNC Machine - automated fabrication in your home. Your personal cutting/engraving/etching/milling machine in kit form.
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USB and other dev...

Production is chugging along, slowly but surely. We're still working with a couple of outside vendors to see if we can sub-contract the machining work but so far many disappointments. Either they can't do our precision work or they can but their custom one-off parts pricing structures don't translate into our production needs and the prices are outlandish. With persistence we'll find the right shop with the right tools and prices to meet our needs. In the meantime Ron and I are hand-building, testing and shipping complete built systems.

The USB interface development continues to make steady progress. The interface contenders fought it out in breadboard versions and the one we're moving ahead with just left breadboard for our first prototype PCB. This was, of course, milled on a DIY Desktop CNC Machine (see pics below). Further testing is in order and there's a lot more work to be done on the firmware and desktop software app, but we are making progress. No ETA yet on a finished product, but keep watching for updates.

During the course of searching for a sub-contractor for our machining work we've been looking at different materials with which to improve/stretch/refine our designs. To that end we ordered a set of gantry support uprights in laser-cut acrylic from Big Blue Saw. This was to see how they would turn out and if that material would be a good candidate for future designs/variants. They were awesome, but very expensive and therefore may not work out as we had hoped. They do look awesome though.

We'll post more updates, especially on the USB interface development, as we have news.

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