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The time has come for a cross-platform version of OpenShot Video Editor, including its powerful new video editing & animation engine!
1,463 backers pledged $45,028 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals Announcement!

Posted by Jonathan Thomas (Creator)
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Wow! The past 24 hours have been crazy, with around $3,000 of new pledges and reaching 95% of our goal! This Kickstarter has been quite unpredictable so far. Many successful campaigns start strong, have a slow middle, and then a strong finish. However, the OpenShot Kickstarter has just bounced all over the place, thanks to Slashdot and Engadget coverage.

With 17 days left in this campaign, we only need around $55 per day to reach our funding goal... which makes me feel very confident about reaching it. But now things will get very interesting, with the announcement of new stretch goals and another big push for media coverage next week. $20,000 was the minimum needed to fund an improved, cross-platform version of OpenShot, but with more funds, our plans can be scaled up to include some awesome new features!

Stretch Goals!

Let's take a look at them (image and detailed explanations below):

Since it is difficult to explain every single detail of these stretch goals in one graphic, I will now explain each one in more detail:

  • Additional Render Formats and Codecs - When exporting (or rendering) your final video, OpenShot has a list of common devices (PS3, iPhone, etc...) and websites (Vimeo, YouTube, etc...) you can choose, as well as a list of common formats and codecs. This information is not always easy to compile, but I will dramatically expand the list of devices, websites, and formats available, to include tons of mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, streaming TV devices, etc... In other words, this will give you more point-and-click presets when rending your video.
  • Improved Cropping Tool - While the current version of OpenShot can crop videos, the cropping interface is not great, and the cropping effect can not be animated efficiently. While our new engine has many awesome keyframeable cropping features, OpenShot needs a new cropping interface (to tap into this new power), with a draggable and resizable selection box, and keyframeable location and size. In other words, cropping a video will be very similar to an image editing application.  Draw a box around the part you want, and that's it!
  • Animation Curve Presets - Now that OpenShot can use animation curves for just about every property (to animate values over time), those will need to be set by users. In order to make this easy (and really cool), I will create curve presets, such as bouncing, shaking, sliding, squishing, pulsating, etc... These presets can be applied to any curves, even multiple curves (especially for more complex presets). In other words, you can select a video clip, and then choose an animation preset such as 'Bounce', which will cause the video clip to bounce onto the screen.
  • Video Render Queue - Currently, OpenShot can only render one video at a time, and the user must wait to initiate another render once the first one has completed. This can make rendering a video for multiple targets very difficult and slow. So, I will build a new rendering queue, which allows the user to select multiple targets (or profiles), queues them in the background, and renders them in the background. Much the same way a print queue works.
  • Video Editing Server - This is the craziest stretch goal of them all, but is also one of the coolest. I will build the capability to separate the client (i.e. OpenShot) from the video editing engine (i.e. Video Server running libopenshot), which would allow advanced users to send all video editing tasks to a central server (hopefully a powerful server), and use a very inexpensive client computer to run OpenShot. As a side effect, this would also allow for distributed video editing (although pretty basic), since more than 1 user could edit a project at the same time. In simple terms, imagine a web front-end for OpenShot, that is loading the video editing timeline from a web-server. Yeah, it's like that!

Let's Do This!

In order to achieve any of these stretch goals, I will certainly need your help! We now have 680 backers, and each of us has connections (friends, co-workers, etc...) that might be interested in a great, open source video editor on Kickstarter. Hopefully with your help, we'll be able to hit all of these stretch goals, and add some amazing new features to OpenShot! Thank you again for your support. Let's do this!

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    1. Joel Frese on

      Jonathan, I'm sorry but the video cropping is terrible in this app. I can crop but it's really dodgy. I don't know if it's filling up the full screen or not and it's looking like I have to fully render before I figure out whether or not it has to be redone. How much money do we have to pay up to get a mediocre video editor for Linux? :-( $30,000? Give us the source code and we'll do that for free, man.

    2. Jon McClelland on

      If everyone at this stage doubled (or increased) their original pledge, we'd be hitting those stretch goals quite soon ;0)

    3. Jonathan Thomas Creator on

      G. Marc, Thanks for the suggestion! I will take a look for some good teacher forums / news sites. Maybe I could get an article or interview published. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar on

      Very awesome to see extended plans, Really hoping for the additional rendering codecs which would save alot of time :)

    5. G. Marc Dwarfen - Weresheep of Sin on

      I was wondering perhaps you could advertise on some teacher-forums. well since there aren't any good video editors for windows that are free to use (at least a year ago i did not find any). i could imagine that there are some people willing to fund the development of such a tool. (Since who doesn't want our children educated in how to handle a pc?)

    6. Jonathan Thomas Creator on

      Hi Brett, thanks for the comment! Agreed. I want them all too. =)

    7. Brett James on

      I was just about to post yay that you have had such a surge in funding, it's been great following your progress!

      Keep them coming!

      RE: The stretch goals - Urgh. That's not fair. I want all of them..