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The time has come for a cross-platform version of OpenShot Video Editor, including its powerful new video editing & animation engine!
1,463 backers pledged $45,028 to help bring this project to life.

Monday Update, Feature Spotlight: Frame Accuracy

Posted by Jonathan Thomas (Creator)

We had another great day, with 64 new backers and $1,500+ in additional pledges!  We are now 61% funded after our first 8 days! Of course, there is no guarantee we will fund, and I suppose our Kickstarter could just flat-line unless we keep bringing in new backers. But for now, let's focus on what we do know... the statistics!

Take a look at this chart, which shows pledges per day. Today was our 4th best day of the campaign in this category. Not bad at all! However, when you look at backers per day, we had our 3rd best day... almost tied for 2nd best.

Feature Spotlight: Frame Accuracy

One feature that is critical to a video editor is being able to accurately locate a specific frame of video. Although this seems like common sense, it's actually quite difficult due to modern codecs and encoding. For example, when seeking a video file, the codec will often estimate where in the file to start reading from. This might be a little before the requested frame, or a little after. However, in the new OpenShot engine, we have designed our seek engine to always find the correct frame, and never trust the location after seeking. This is especially critical when you attempt to reverse video, which requires seeking and caching, more seeking and caching, and so on. One wrong frame, and the audio will pop, the video will glitch, and it's very obvious something went wrong. In summary, we find the frames you are looking for!

Tell a Friend

Here is one easy way we can make a push on Kickstarter, and move closer to our goal. It doesn't even require an external website to publicize our campaign. If we each tell one friend or co-worker about this Kickstarter, and encourage them to check it out, I think we could make some huge progress tomorrow. Just forward this email, since it contains a link to the Kickstarter page.

I will continue to contact tech, news, and video editing websites, and look for publicity in those places. Hopefully I'll get lucky and find another popular website to post an article about us!

Thanks Again

Welcome to the 64 new backers! And THANK YOU to everyone who is backing OpenShot! I am humbled and honored to have your support.


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    1. Xavier Guillot on

      Hi Jonathan,
      I'm glad to participate (even if I only use it on Linux) and help you improving development of this great software !
      I saw the information on Twitter but copied the link to backe later, so I'm normally considered at external or Kickstarter source.
      This week-end I put the link of OpenShot pledge on :
      - French Ubuntu forum :…
      - Sebsauvage site (a wellknown French hight-tech blog with lots of visitors, I mailed him about OpenShot and he added it) :…
      I hope it will help to increase again the subscriptions, I wait for the final amount to see the future new codecs or renderring options :)

    2. Jonathan Thomas Creator on

      Hi Roger,
      Hmmm... I see the graphics in my gmail account. Maybe your email program only loads graphics after prompting you, as many email programs do this for security reasons.


    3. Roger Deloy Pack on

      the email versions of these lack graphics so are a bit ugly :)
      Anyway, I was going to suggest contributing the "exact seek" stuff back to ffmpeg et al. as ewll.

    4. S.D. on

      Awwww.. shucks, yer makin' me blush...