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The time has come for a cross-platform version of OpenShot Video Editor, including its powerful new video editing & animation engine!
1,463 backers pledged $45,028 to help bring this project to life.

Weekend Update, Stats, Python API

Posted by Jonathan Thomas (Creator)

We had an amazing weekend of activity on the OpenShot Kickstarter campaign! Welcome to all the new backers who joined us... you are amazing for supporting our project!  As you can tell, I'm very excited that we added over 130 new backers this weekend.  Initially I was worried about the weekend, thinking it might be a little slow, and then Slashdot happened. =)

Trending Towards $47,000+

Take a look at the below chart, which is a cool summary of where our campaign is, and where it is going (or might go). I still can't believe we are already at 53% of our goal.  If this trend continues, I better start thinking up some cool stretch goals.

Our average pledge is around $29 per backer, and we are holding steady at 75% external backers, 25% backers.  Also, we are now showing up in the "Popular Technology" category and "Popular Open Software" category on the Kickstarter website, which might start referring more and more backers as time goes on.

Also, I wanted to share a list of referrers... which shows the websites that are referring backers to our campaign.  Of course, Slashdot is towards the top of the list, but I think its very interesting that Google+ has referred way more backers than Facebook.  We have 10 times as many Facebook fans... but somehow Google+ has been more effective.

API + Python = Awesome (for programmers)

If you are not a programmer, this section might not make much sense... so sorry about that in advance.  Although I mentioned this in the Kickstarter description, I wanted to make sure everyone understands how cool this feature is.  If you ever create scripts / hack / program, and wanted to work with video files in some automated way, our new Python API makes this extremely simple.  In fact, its so simple that with a few dozen lines of code, you could build your own, simple video editor.  Or perhaps you want to add some video editing features to your website... no problem, just write a quick Python script with our API, and invoke it from your website.  Already use a Python web framework (such as Django), just include the video editing code right into your website code!  Or perhaps you have hundreds (or thousands) of videos lying around, and need to add sub-titles to each one, resize them, transcode them in a different codec, etc...  These are the kinds of tasks that our new API will allow you to accomplish!  Assuming of course, that you can program a little bit. =)

Thank YOU So Much!

I can't thank you enough for backing our project, supporting open-source, and just being awesome!  If you have any questions, feel free to message me or post a comment.  I am more than happy to answer them.  Also, please keep spreading the word... as I believe many, many people would be interested in backing OpenShot if they only knew it existed and was on Kickstarter.  We're doing a great job, but let's keep pushing!


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    1. Jon McClelland on

      I just doubled my (small) pledge. Would be good if everyone could do the same ;0)

    2. Jonathan Thomas Creator on

      Brett, I too would love to see more funding bumps. A number of sites have featured articles on our campaign so far, including,,,,, and of course However, I'm still looking to get mentioned on big tech sites, and also video editing websites & communities. I'll keep trying to contact them. =) Thanks!

    3. Brett James on

      Speaking of reddit and other sources, what other places has this gone onto? Slashdot has been great for your surge, but I'd love to see mroe funding bumps :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Timofey on

      It is funny to see that russian specialized IT resource may have such an effect on the Kickstarter. It is even more than Reddit. Unfortunately, you can not read quite a hot debate about the technology stack you've chosen. :-)
      Anyway, good luck! And I'll keep my fingers crossed.