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The time has come for a cross-platform version of OpenShot Video Editor, including its powerful new video editing & animation engine!
1,463 backers pledged $45,028 to help bring this project to life.

Press Release, Stats, and Hardware Acceleration

Posted by Jonathan Thomas (Creator)

In a few hours, our first press release will be distributed across the world, announcing the OpenShot Kickstarter project.  I am hopeful that many news agencies and blogs will pick up the story, and help spread the word about our campaign.  I will share a link to the press release once it's LIVE.

Day 3 Statistics

We are now at the 17% funded mark, and Kickstarter has started listing OpenShot in the "Discover / Technology / Open Software > Popular this Week" page.  So, hopefully that will help more people discover our project and join us.  Here is a list of the top 13 websites / pages that have resulted in a pledge.  The highlighted pages are from Kickstarter internal pages.

Windows and Mac Users

Since I have been working on a Linux-only application for so many years, all of my press connections are on the Linux side of things.  For us to continue bringing in new backers, we need to find a way to publicize this campaign to Windows and Mac users, perhaps through video editing news sites / forums / communities, etc... If you can find a Windows or Mac video editing website that is interested in interviewing me about the Kickstarter campaign, or willing to share our campaign with their users, you would be my hero. =)  Feel free to message me if you have any ideas on this topic.

Hardware Acceleration

I have not discussed this topic much, but the new OpenShot engine does in fact use hardware acceleration from your GPU (i.e graphics card).  For those who don't know, this offloads some of the processing work to your graphics card, and results in a faster computer program... usually. =)  However, not all graphics functions use this technique yet.  If we can accelerate the Kickstarter campaign, and exceed our goal, I will probably add this as a stretch goal.  In other words, moving more of the graphics processing to the GPU, and making the engine "that much" faster.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter

I know it seems like a single "like" or "share" does not matter, but it really does.  As you can see from the statistics above, each source provides very few backers.  If each of you "share" this Kickstarter campaign on your own wall, it will make a difference and help us get closer to our goal.  So, please click the social network buttons at the top of the Kickstarter page, and "share" away!


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