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$9,889 pledged of $20,000 goal
$9,889 pledged of $20,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      bEn on

      While I may sound like an overly critical naysayer, I can only agree with the previous comments. Relist, and take all you learned from this kickstarter (the updates you did were great and there was a little bit of rallying with each of them) or just sell preorders. While being overly skeptical, I will be in line to preoder !

    2. AshtaraSilunar on

      Yeah, give this another shot!

    3. Missing avatar

      Michal Witoszek on

      I agree with everyone. Don't give up! Try again!

    4. Jesse White

      Give this another go and I'll be there.

    5. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      I second Matt and Rickard - if this doesn't make it. I hope you will give it another try! I would definitely support it again!

    6. Matt Herson on

      I agree with Mihir Kedia. I've heard good things about "Vacant Skies," so using it as a springboard seems like a good idea. I've heard especially fantastic things about the SOUNDTRACK, so advertising your music might draw some people in. Nothing sets a mood or makes people excited quite like compelling music!

      I do really hope the project makes it to its goal; it sounds like a great idea. However, if things don't turn out so well this time, I hope you'll still give it another shot. I'd gladly support it a second time around!

    7. Rickard Edlund on

      Yeah don't give up, your game idea is awesoome :D
      I dont know much about kickstarter policy but I do hope you can try again at a later time.
      Perhaps get donation trough another site which is for a demo that you can show-off to gain more kickstarters the second time around.

    8. Mihir Kedia on

      A thought I wanted to mention: unlike a lot of the other JRPG projects on kickstarter which are just selling a concept, you have an existing, high-quality, and free game. Finishing off the remake and getting more people to play it might allow you to build a bigger fanbase to support kickstarter projects.

      I don't know much about marketing, but hopefully it shouldn't be hard to market a really good, free game. Email various sites (e.g. rpgfan, amaranth games) and see if they might be interested in reviewing or linking to it? Also, you could try out adding a like button or something similar to the Vacant Sky homepage (facebook pages, email newsletters, and similar marketing schemes these basically exist so that you have a way of telling fans about things like kickstarter projects.)

      The other nice thing here is that you'll be able to put a really prominent link to the Vacant Sky remake on the kickstarter page. Hopefully, that will be a really good way to convince people that this will be an awesome project.

      This project definitely deserves to be funded -- I think its just a numbers game as to why it hasn't gained enough support yet. If it doesn't get enough funding this time around, I'm looking forward to being able to support it the next time you try.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      This has to make it! Now that I know the concept exists I have to play this game!
      Come on Gods of Gaming summon your followers to this Kickstarter!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gunther VDP on

      looking bleak at the moment :-(
      here's hoping you make it ...

    11. chris dickson on

      Loved the write up, definitely got me to hop off of my fence. Thanks~

    12. Sansaii on

      The concept art is a GREAT addition to this! I am extremely happy for that!

    13. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      Good points. I'll do an update on features tonight and try to have another one on concept art tomorrow or the next day.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      I personally would love to see concept art - I'm a sucker for art.

    15. Rickard Edlund on

      I agree with Ben, more updates with exciting info that one can share on communities like facebook.

    16. Missing avatar

      bEn on

      IMHO if you wanna make it, you need to make more and more meaningful updates.

      E.g. instead of asking here which platforms you should port the game to, create a poll, describe the options that are realistic and let people vote. Additional platforms should be front and center, because they will probably create interest.

      If you consider that a third of your updates are asking people to support other projects and another third is *yeah we broke an insignificant barrier" then that doesn't leave the best impression, as it sounds like you have nothing to say about the actual game and make no effort on your end to get the project funded.

      Other ideas would be presenting Vacant Sky and how Awakening is an evolution of that, maybe a bit of the media coverage you are getting, why you made a bunch of the more unusual decision and why they should work, ....

    17. Corbbox on

      Well for the game I just can say I have not seen many other Indi RPGs with such great references. I mean, I have first played Finding Eden and I was like.. okay... not good not bad. But then Vacant Sky I was like.. WTF! Those games are the biggest proof that Vacant Sky: Awakening may have a bright shining future.
      Yes indeed, lower tiers would be nice and will get the project new backers for sure or let other backers level up there pledge. But on the other hand, the high tier ones are terrific, you receive rewards I have never seen before, yet. Like to custom song! Okay, I am also still new to kickstarter...
      @Rickard: Wrong word. You shall not hope, you shall belief that this project will and has to succeed! 11 days to go to raise USD 14'500 is possible. We backers simply have to spread the word as much as we can. My recommendation: If you can effort it, go for USD 500.00! This one of few chances you can receive a custom composed song!

    18. Missing avatar

      Axel Räntilä on

      I am going to play the game on Windows, but it would be nice to see the game on smartphones even if I probably won't be able to play it on my Android.

      And Rickard's idea about more rewards isn't a bad one. Even if my reaction when seeing this project was "Shut up and take my money!" (Because I loved "VS:Contention" so much + Kate Holden is in) other persons that hasn't played it might be a little careful with how much money that pledge, so offering some more rewards might be a good thing. It doesn't have to be anything huge, maybe just a short story as Rickard suggested

    19. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      We've got a long way to go, but I think we can make it if everyone bands together and does the best they can to drum up support. Your suggestion about the new reward is a great idea. If you guys have any other suggestions, feel free to offer them up!

      One of the big things we're planning to use the money for is in a cross-platform release. Aside from Windows, what platforms are you guys most interested in?

    20. Rickard Edlund on

      Im somewhat new to kickstarter still. Do you think you can make it? Maybe you should start thinking of offering some additional stuff at some medium level, like maybe a pdf of oneof them short stories...or some other goodies that might open peoples wallets.
      This game seems to have a really col story, I hope it succeds :-)

    21. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      Yeah, I'm still working on bringing up the rest of the site. I have to restore it all from backups and I've been doing it one page at a time.

    22. Missing avatar

      Axel Räntilä on

      The problem is solved, but I cannot access Contention's, Awakening's, Ars Harmonia's page or your programming blog.

    23. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      Okay, the issue with the site should be resolved now - whew! Sorry about that.

    24. Missing avatar

      Aaron Beal on

      I'm a supporter at 10$. I'd like the project to succeed, but I feel like the rewards are too small for the pledge amounts. 25 for the game, 25 more for the soundtrack. I feel like you'd get more pledges if you had the game at 15, and the soundtrack at 15 more. Just my 2 cents.

    25. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      I'm glad to know it was not just me getting malware warnings ^_^; I had that issue when I was looking for Vacant Sky and Finding Eden - thanks for the links to both btw.

    26. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      I've taken the site down for the time being while I get it sorted out. I also changed the links to the images on the Kickstarter so the message won't pop up here.

    27. Missing avatar

      Axel Räntilä on

      I've emailed you about this as well Bishop, but the problem that Larry is talking about didn't happened to me before 7:00 CEST today (~10 hours from the time of writing this). However when I checked out around 12:35 CEST, I got the same problem as Larry.

    28. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      That's really odd. Thanks for the heads up, I'm looking into it.

    29. Larry Liang on is throwing up all sorts of warning flags from Google. You may want to look into that since it actually warned me about malware when I tried to open the Kickstarter page.

    30. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      Hmmm, I still find it tough to choose lol, the key thing that I love about RPGs is the story and world - naturally the characters and their pasts/development do play a key role in that.

      I have to say that a +New Game where new events unlock through the story creating new branches and events that could have ramifications through the whole story - influences what characters do, influencing your own choices - like the butterfly effect - is something I do like the sound of.

      For me it depends on the game - some games have me attach to the story, so I go back to replay it to see how else I could of done it (for example - Shadow the Hedgehog - although that path system in that game is very simplified and a tad to easy to navigate. Another example is "Radiant Historia" - a perfect example how how branching of events can work together (not beaten it though yet))

      Others it is the characters that pull me along - Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of a New World (its sequel). Then again I loved the stories/world/mythology, there were also titles (for characters) and character quests - some events of course only unlocking through past decisions, relationship levels or defeating the game first and replaying.

      If I had to choose one or the other - I think second playthrough content would probably be more rewarding, increase replayability and rich character development.

    31. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      @Rebecca: Yeah, for sure. You bring up a good point about it allowing you to see how people's lived have moved on after the story has ended. It's definitely possible to do both. Really, the only limit to how much content we can put in is how much time we want to spend on it.

      That being the case, I guess it's better to ask which you would rather see more effort put into. Content that unlocks on a second playthrough is harder to put in (since it requires branching) and it requires more effort to experience it (since it requires replaying the game). I personally find it more rewarding in games, since I'm the kind of person who wonders how events could have turned out differently.

      @Axel: The reason you could only repeat Act III in the first game is because the game wasn't built with new game + in mind, so the functionality was only added in Act III. If we want a new game + feature in the game, it would be easy to have it start from the beginning, or any other point, since we'd be building the game with that in mind.

    32. Missing avatar

      Axel Räntilä on

      I liked how it worked in Contention (With a New Game+). It gave you the possibility to see what would've happened if you made different choices, as well as an additional chance to enjoy the world (But it got perhaps a little to easy when starting a new cycle, although it's hard to balance that).

      One thing that would be nice (If possible and if it makes sense with the story of course) if you decide to go down a New Game+ route is to have the game repeat itself earlier then just at the beginning of the end (Contention repeated from Act III, which was the beginning of the end of that game)

    33. Missing avatar

      Rebecca W

      Ohhh tough choice. (I'm just in act 3 of Vacant Sky - didn't know there was additional content after the fact - so replaying it once I beat it!)

      I have to fall back on one of my favourite RPGs ever "Tales of Symphonia". There are things I love about both - I like the idea of the additional unlocked content continuing from where you defeated the game since it allows you to find out more about what happened to people after the events.

      BUT I also like +New Game that unlock new sidequests & new quests that create more character developement etc.

      Both are wonderful it possible to ask for both? (I know greedy.)

    34. Bishop Myers 2-time creator on

      I don't want to make any promises about gameplay length yet, since any estimate at this point is liable to be way off from the final version and I don't want to give anyone expectations based on a guess.

      As for post-game content, definitely. One thing that we did in the first Vacant Sky game that I'd like to do again is add in new story options on a New Game +. In the first game, there were some dialog choices that were only available on a second time playing, as well as some content that required beating a boss that was (nearly) impossible to beat on your first time playing.

      Do you guys prefer new content that opens on New Game +, or just continuing at the end of the game?

    35. Corbbox on

      What? No questions yet? Than let me start! How many game hours can we expect and will there be content after the game is beaten? Like a new game + or something?