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Fight For Space - Space Program & NASA Documentary's video poster

We are creating a documentary on the future of the space program. Help discover what is really going on with space exploration. Read more

Chico, CA Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on August 19, 2012.

We are creating a documentary on the future of the space program. Help discover what is really going on with space exploration.

Chico, CA Documentary
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July 29th 2012: Fight for Space has reached it's minimum funding level of $65,000.

If we can reach $100,000: We can work towards bringing this film to the masses in a theatrical release and more broadcast networks. A higher funding level also means that we will be able to interview more people, visit more locations, shoot this film on better cameras, bring in additional and talented artists, designers, cinematographers, photographers, and researchers.


"Fight for Space" is a feature length documentary film that explores the current state and future of the U.S. space program. Since the Apollo era of the 1960s, NASA's budget has been shrinking and our ambitions in space have been decreasing. We are producing a documentary that will examine the reasons why our space program is not all it can be. We are also going to show that space IS worth the time, money, and energy that it needs, not for only exploration and scientific reasons but for economic, planetary security, and cultural reasons as well. We will also be covering the great scientific achievements that NASA is making right now, and we will be examining the new commercial space enterprise by companies like SpaceX, Sierra Nevada, Bigelow, and more. Many problems have occurred in just the past 10 years that have lead to the consistent underfunding of NASA, the cancellation of multiple space systems, and the decline of America's role in space.

We are not producing your average space documentary where we show restored footage from the moon landings and CGI galaxy renderings. We are covering the real political and economic issues of the recent past, today, and tomorrow. We are covering both sides of the argument and we promise to produce a fair and objective film.

The fact is, the United States as a nation has lost our edge in space, not just as a leader but even as a participant. We want to know the real reasons behind why we are in this scientific slump and what we can do about it. We are asking hard questions to the people that know what is going on and we will not stop until we receive real answers and real solutions to these problems. We are also speaking with everyday citizens off the street, so we can discover how the American public feels about space exploration. In our democracy, all voices must be heard.

Watch our coverage of Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson's keynote speech at the National Space Symposium:


We have taken the first step and made an initial investment out of our own pocket to travel to many locations and interview the top experts in space policy, astronomy, engineering, astrophysics, the sciences, and space exploration.

We visited The National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO where we interviewed: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Robert Zubrin, Bill Nye, Leroy Chaio, and more. We have visited SETIcon in Santa Clara, CA where we spoke with some of the top minds in astronomy. We have traveled to Huntington Beach to interview Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a key figure on the house space committee. We have interviewed scientists, engineers, politicians, teachers, students, astronauts, astronomers, and many more.

As you can see in our trailer above and our listing below we have already interviewed many noted individuals in the space industry field. With your help we can travel to new locations, obtain more exciting footage, and interview additional people from NASA, commercial enterprise such as SpaceX, the US Government, as well as scientists, engineers, educators, and more. We have been invited to rocket launches by some of the top commercial space organizations and will be able to capture some amazing footage of these events. Only with your support can we succeed.

We have received an official letter of interest from PBS for this film and if we receive enough financing, our film will be broadcasted to millions of households all over the world.


You can be involved with the making of this insightful and inspiring film. With your help we can bring awareness to this issue and come closer to making our space program a priority for this country once again.

We need your help to finish this film. The fact is that we simply do not have enough money to produce this feature length film. By donating to this project, you are helping to ensure that the message will make it to the people and in a big way. We intend to distribute this film as many ways as we can. We will distribute it online, DVD, Blu-Ray, and hopefully broadcast television.

Please, support our film by donating above and share this project with your friends, family, and anyone you know who cares about space exploration or cares about the future economic and national security of this country.

In order for this project to be successful we are counting on you to share this project on as many social media platforms as you can. We urge the use of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, E-Mails, phone calls, or just tell people about us! We have 30 days to complete this campaign, please post daily or weekly about our project so all your friends know about us! However you communicate, please share this project with all!


HD Trailer:


  • Travel Expenses
  • Camera & Gear Rentals
  • Crew Expenses
  • Motion Graphics
  • Original Musical Score (Composed by Star Trek TNG composer Ron Jones)
  • Music Licensing
  • Video Footage Licensing
  • Marketing
  • Post Processing for Video
  • Audio Mixing & Mastering
  • Broadcast Distribution

If we don't reach our goal then we receive nothing, no rewards will be sent, and you will not be charged, you are only charged if we meet or exceed our goal. We must reach or exceed our goal or this film will not be made. The level of support we receive will directly reflect on the nation's desire for an ambitious space program.


We are asking for the bare minimum amount of money we need to finish this film. If we can exceed our goal then we will use those funds to create an even better and more comprehensive documentary. We will be able to use better equipment, travel to more locations, and interview people that we may have not been able to before. In addition to that we will be able to provide higher quality rewards and give back more to you.


The United States is rated 23rd in Science. Fight for Space will focus heavily on the need to boost the study of science in our schools. If we don’t reinvest in this essential curricula, we risk America’s health and security. A strong space program will help drive our nation's children to study science and engineering which will help usher in a new generation of dreamers. With this, we won't be 23rd in anything.

We are interviewing educators from the elementary school level to the astrophysics level so that we may explore all levels of science education. We will learn how our kids are being taught in the science classroom, what is exciting them, and what is turning them away.


China's space program is rapidly catching up with us and will surpass us soon at its current rate. In a short amount of time they have launched 4 crewed spacecrafts to orbit and recently launched and docked with their own space station. China has many more ambitious goals for the future including a moon expedition and a mission to Mars. Attention from the mainstream media was limited and did not truly describe the implications of this event. What are they up to, how does this affect us? We are going to find out.

Although we are now allies with Russia, our former space race competitor, Russia has no problem with having ambitious goals of their own. In May of 2012 they stated that they will put a permanent colony on the moon. Media coverage of this announcement was almost unheard of except within those that closely follow space news. Vladimir Popovkin, head of the Russian space agency was quoted saying "We're not talking about repeating what mankind achieved 40 years ago." Clearly Russia has something rather large planned.

Interesting? You bet it is! Why has this been ignored, and what kind of an effect will it have on the national culture of this country?


When interviewing individuals off the street we often hear the answer "we must fix problems here on earth before we go into space." Here's the problem: we will always have problems here on earth. If we wait to solve all of our problems here first, we will never reach the full human potential. We must be allowed to explore, discover, and innovate for the better of all mankind.

We are fighting for a strong space program because government handouts, tax rebates, more teachers, or new job programs are not a permanent fix. These are band-aids. We will be able to close this wound permanently if we create a mood and culture that compels the American public to want to innovate and be better tomorrow than they were yesterday. Continue to look ahead, look forward, and we can accomplish anything.


Aside from the fact that we will be producing a film that examines our nation's space program in a way never done before, we have put together a comprehensive set of rewards for our donors.

We are offering DVDs, Blu-Ray, Wrist Bands, T-Shirts, Posters, behind the scenes footage, extended interviews, a documentary about the making of this film, and an original score by Star Trek, The Next Generation & Family Guy composer Ron Jones.

** Disclaimer: Original score by Ron Jones is dependent on final contract. Mr. Jones has agreed to score the film, however there may be issues out of the control of both parties that could cause unforeseen complications. If this occurs a replacement composer will be found to produce a score of equal quality.

International Backers: Please add $15 for shipping anywhere outside the USA.


  • Short Answer: Yes, we will be covering commercial space flight and we are 100% supportive of commercial space flight. We simply did not have the opportunity to conduct interviews before we launched our campaign.

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  • We are doing our documentary about the US space program because we are based in the United States. The US space program effects everyone in all countries, and in a positive way. If we were to travel all over the world our documentary would take astronomical amounts of money to fund and time that we don't have. Please understand that we are including interviews from the non-US space community.

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  • Yes, we have tried to facilitate interviews with more women in the past, such as NASA personnel, astronauts, engineers, teachers, and scientists however scheduling issues occurred and we were not able to get them interviewed in time for the trailer. We are very committed to showing the women in science who are making discoveries and spreading the word. Please remember our current list of interviewees are just who we have interviewed so far, we have many more to come.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    HD digital download of the film and a "Thank You" credit in the film and on

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    The above, PLUS: Fight For Space DVD & a Fight For Space wrist band (Made in the USA).

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    Fight for Space Crew T-Shirt - LAST WEEK ONLY - Limited edition T-Shirt that we will have professionally designed and printed. ***This is a separate reward and not included in any other package*** Add $30 to your pledge and leave a note to receive this reward, or pledge this package by it self.

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    Blu-Ray Option: The above, (Minus DVD)
    A copy of Fight For Space on Blu-Ray.

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    All the above, PLUS: Bonus content with extended interviews from Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Robert Zubrin, Seth Shostak, Robert Picardo, other scientists, NASA officials, SETI astronomers, astronauts, politicians, engineers, and more. Content may be in the form of online download, or DVD/Blu-Ray.

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    Behind The Scenes Pack: All of the above, PLUS: A behind the scenes documentary made about the making of this film. We go over equipment, scripting, research, and many aspects of how to produce an independent documentary film.
    BONUS: A Fight For Space T-Shirt.

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    Soundtrack Pack: All of the above, PLUS: An autographed copy of the film's original score composed by Star Trek: The Next Generation & Family Guy composer, Ron Jones.

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    All the above - PLUS: The Fight For Space limited edition movie poster signed by the crew.

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    All the above - PLUS: A limited edition and signed photo book detailing the making of the film with rare behind the scenes photographs, portraits, and stunning images of the locations we visit.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    Be interviewed for the film. Are you a space enthusiast who wants to have your voice heard? Come to us and we will put you in our movie. Travel fees and expenses not included. Subject to approval.

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    Pledge $3,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (20 left of 20)

    Business Pack: If your business is aerospace related, we will come to you and feature your company in our film. Subject to approval by the director. Relation to space exploration and space science will be reviewed before placement in film.

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    All the above excluding the Business Pack.
    PLUS: Associate Producer credit in the main titles, an invitation to the premiere, and a meeting with the crew. * Travel and accommodations not included.

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    All the above excluding the Business Pack.
    PLUS: Executive Producer credit in the main titles of the film and our sincere thanks!

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