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The Things Network is a global, crowdsourced, open, free and decentralized internet of things network.
The Things Network is a global, crowdsourced, open, free and decentralized internet of things network.
934 backers pledged €295,331 to help bring this project to life.

Further delays, why, and how we’re going to solve it

Posted by Wienke Giezeman (Creator)

This message updates you on our new estimated delivery dates.

We estimate a further delay of two months and expect to have the The Things Gateways, Unos and Nodes available in November.

This update will explain why and what we are doing to solve it. We are also providing intermediate solutions to get you started with building a long range Internet of Things use case as soon as possible.

Please find below a detailed explanation of our delay and what solutions we provide.

What happened?

  • Delay of components - Last month we were confronted with the further delay of some key components. The reason these components were not pre-ordered was that we did not have a frozen design. Earlier estimations gave us an impression these components would be made available in time. This miscalculation is now resulting in postponing the entire process. 
  • Delay in production time - We took more time to select our manufacturer to make sure we can deliver the products at the right price, with the quality we want and future market availability. It increased our lead time and the detailed negotiation took longer than expected. This resulted in postponing the start of the production process. 
  • Blocks in the process - Because of the fact that our planning has a lot of parts that are on the critical path. One minor delay or problem can propagate and impact the final delivery date. This includes the availability of components, as well as the commitment and signing of critical agreements. We are doing everything to manage this process as effectively as possible, but mistakes are made and judgements can be wrong.

All together this leads to the current situation where we are shifting the estimated launch of our community network to November. We can imagine this news feels as bad for you as it does for us.

Our suggested remedies 

So, we provide the following solutions to get you started as soon as possible.

We have 200 Beta The Things Uno development boards and 10 gateways available in September.

We want to make the most of these resources and distribute them in a way that will benefit as many backers as possible.

We are also going to involve the existing communities which have already launched 480 active gateways around the world.

Let's build this thing together

We are calling out for backers who are willing to receive a pre-delivery of their The Things Unos and Gateways.

What we can provide 200 backers with:

  • The Things Uno Beta
  • Relevant sensors for your first project 
  • Webinar workshop by Johan (Tech Lead, The Things Network) on how to use the Uno and how to give an IoT workshop resulting in a The Things Network Trainer Certificate 
  • Contact with the local community members and Kickstarter backers 
  • Direct support in setting up a use case 
  • All the content you need to host a meetup or workshop 
  • Build prototypes without coverage using a serial bridge

What we ask from you:

  • Host an event that allows for all The Things Network local community members and Kickstarter backers to explore and play around with the technology 
  • Share what you make
  • Create a plan for an inspiring use case 
  • Create a plan that maximizes sharing the product with other backers and community members

Please apply by clicking one of the links below:

Based on the applications we will optimize the distribution of the 10 gateways in such a way the maximum number of backers will be able to benefit.

We are almost there after all the challenges we have conquered

Last year November we set ourselves a challenge to bring a low cost Internet of Things gateway to the market that would allow us to accelerate the mission of The Things Network, building a global Internet of Things data network. 

We have overcome tons of challenges and mitigated risks that were not even discussed in previous updates. 

Time risks were covered by being able to acquire modules and prefabricated components so it would reduce the development time. Budget risks were mitigated by thorough negotiation, selecting the right partners and sourcing the right components. Product experience and quality risks are being covered by extensive testing and bringing on board the right UX people. And we are very happy that we are facing the final phase of this journey. We can’t wait for the products to be out there. And to have it in the hands of over 1200 backers. We have to be patient.

If you have any ideas on how to help or support us in reaching this common goal, let us know. 

We thank you for being part of this journey and supporting us in all the risks and challenges faced by bringing this awesome community product to the market.

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    1. Wienke Giezeman Creator on

      Hi David,

      The gateway is 100% LoRaWAN compatible. So if you can make the Feather talk LoRaWAN it should work. Please find also more on this on our forum.


    2. Missing avatar

      David Truyens on

      Hi Wienke,

      Would the gateway work as well with a Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM95 LoRa Radio - 868 or 915 MHz?


    3. Wienke Giezeman Creator on

      Hi Leon,

      Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately that is not how this works. Our backers opt in on making supporting this product makes it to the market with all the risks and challenges included. I am sorry you pre funded this for a friend who might not be aware of this. Could you maybe find another buyer.

      Off course we are doing everything to get the products with you asap. It is in ours and our backers greatest interest to make this happen.

      Cheers, Wienke

    4. leon moodley on

      Is it possible to reduce the quantity of an existingorder. I would like to cancel a portion of my order due to the person funding the order with me wants to back out due to the delays. I just need 1/2 refunded ?

    5. Wienke Giezeman Creator on

      Depends on the availability of gateways that are nearby. When necessary we have early versions of the gateway available which are used for testing. So if you sign up we can discuss further how we could help out.

    6. Missing avatar

      juri87 on

      Hey, would we get only one The Things Uno for a workshop or some more?

    7. Wienke Giezeman Creator on

      Links did not work, but are fixed now.