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Support Korhan Basaran and Dancers at the Ailey..'s video poster

an evening long work by the NY based dance company Korhan Basaran and Dancers.. Including two world premiers.. Read more

New York, NY Dance
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an evening long work by the NY based dance company Korhan Basaran and Dancers.. Including two world premiers..

New York, NY Dance
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   "I am Korhan, this is my dance" is a gala performance performed at the Ailey Theater on the 21st of June with two world premieres.. First time to meet the world audience with his company in this evening long production, in such a prestigious venue, Basaran's work also carries a  manifesto character presenting his movement language and approach to dance..

   The movement language of Basaran ranges from neo-classical to contemporary and contains an instinctive simplicity and emotional honesty that connects his work to a universal language of movement. The surprising choices the choreographer brings into the language, creates the risky yet inner focused and clarified movement brought out of the dancers which also brings a virtuosic challenge and perfection for the performer..

   The performance consists of 3 episodes which are simply described as on Love, on Land and on Life.. The opening section "on Love" will bring the audience 2 duets from Basaran's works which were created and premiered in Istanbul, Turkey before moving to NY and have been performed by various amazing performers since then.. "On Land" is choreographed on traditional Turkish music performed by a great master of Turkish music which has been chosen from a wide range of cultural history.. This part of the evening is also a preview of a bigger production that will be designed / choreographed with a contemporary look at the history and culture of the land "Anatolia" which will be premiered in the near future.. "On Life" is a dance fed from the tempo of the daily life in NY.. It is aimed to abstract the whole verbal-ism in dance and create a sense of energy that's spent on obstacles people overcome -almost randomly- and the unexpected fast recovery they show in unexpected situations..

   The physically and emotionally challenging rehearsal period started a couple weeks ago and we have been showing some parts of the movement phrases we've been working on which have received wonderful feedback form other dance professionals and audience.. With the ideas in my mind and with the respond I get from my dancer, with the unique vocabulary we build up together, the piece forms itself and slowly gets ready to meet the audience.

   As working on establishing a professional company, the creative process, performance period and the post production costs money.. We need your support to be able to go on making new works, performing defined beauty and being able to share it with our audience. Dancers, rehearsal spaces, costumes, lighting and probably many more details that I cannot think of right now, can be made possible through your donations.. For this limited time, to be able to concentrate on the creative process, I need to raise a $2500 from the Kickstarter in a short period of time. You can donate starting from $1 and be a big support on our new steps..

   Thank you for your Support,
   Korhan Basaran


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