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This is a collection of short stories that take place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Beautiful artwork is included throughout.
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Peter Wurdock

47 backers pledged $4,405 to help bring this project to life.

Bending Water Update #2

This is how I felt during my first trip up north and it is how I feel today! Thank you everyone for making my kickstarter project a success in under 2 weeks! This is inspiring; now that it appears I will meet my initial goal, a new goal begins, which is to reach $5000.

Kickstarter and Amazon take a percentage of what I raise and the money is taxed like income, so any addition funds raised will go toward marketing, advertising and promotion of the book. I am competing for shelf space in retail stores with the big book publishers and websites with bells and whistles, so I need all the visibility I can get. I still have a lot of work to do and you can still help by letting people know they can still make a pledge to over-fund this project during the next 17 days!

People have asked me:“Other than making a pledge, what can I do to help?” If you aren’t able to give right now, try to find someone you know who might want to support what I am doing, which is giving Michigan fiction a new platform in the literary world. If you have friends in radio, TV, newspaper/ magazine publishing, bloggers or retailers, let them know about the book and see if they can help. This is an exciting time for independent publishers and networking is how we get things done.

Or if you have a rich Uncle Joe, or know someone down the street who drives a car that’s too nice for the neighborhood, ask them to view my kickstarter video and help a local boy succeed.Let people know that by supporting Michigan writers, musicians and artists like all those memes we see on facebook, we are all helping ourselves.Help me put this into action! I have found and supported other projects on kickstarter and it has changed the way creative projects like music, art, film and books are brought to life.

I’ve formed Blue Boundary Books as a way to create and distribute my work and the work of other Michigan writers or people who bring a unique voice about what Michigan offers.Controlling this small entity allows me and the people I work with to have more freedom with content and not just cater to what traditional big publishers want. It costs less to market things with a network and the timeframe for bringing new books into market is significantly shorter this way.

Next Update: Writers who inspire me

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