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13th Age in Glorantha brings the ENnie-winning role-playing game to the gods and monsters of Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha.
13th Age in Glorantha brings the ENnie-winning role-playing game to the gods and monsters of Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha.
1,249 backers pledged $116,150 to help bring this project to life.

Layout Update and Chapter 3 Sample


A laid-out draft of Chapter 3: Running Glorantha, has been placed in the BackerKit accounts of backers who are receiving at least the 13G PDF or the Glorantha Source Book.  (Oddly, the decision to share it with GSB backers made it look like they are getting a copy of a GSB layout file, but that's not correct. Both the 4.6 megabyte files added to BackerKit just now are the Chapter 3 layout from 13th Age in Glorantha. If you're a backer for both, I think you'll get the file twice.)

If you’ve been playing with the earlier playtest files, the new pieces you won’t have read before are a bunch more rune narration examples using the characters of our Name to Remember backers. We wanted to show many examples of how Glorantha’s runes can affect play, especially since we’ve put rune narration in the players’ hands instead of the GM’s.  

If you spot typos or problems we need to correct in chapter 3, the best way to report them will be in a Basic Roleplaying forum thread devoted to this topic.  

Elsewhere in layout, Chris Huth has finished the 136 page Classes chapter, Chapter 4. Chris is now working on Chapter 5: Enemies, and I believe we’ll show off a piece of that in the next update.

yours in the whirl, Rob Heinsoo

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    1. Rob Heinsoo Games Creator on

      Jim, the original BackerKit invitations went out in March. I'm going to send you private messages checking email addresses and so on. --Rob H

    2. Missing avatar

      Jim Catel on

      qq - I've backed the project for both the 13G PDF and the Glorantha Source Book and haven't received any notification regarding Chapter 3 for a BackerKit account. Am I supposed to have set up one?

    3. Missing avatar

      A V Jones on

      It is now safe to reveal that the Storm Bull vs Broo illustration was used in my con game “Into the Upland Marsh” which opens with an undead Broo Rune Lord spotted on the tula.

    4. Fabrice Jossinet on

      The layout and artwork are sooooooooo wonderful. Will you soon open the ability to increase the pledge? Thanx

    5. Myles Corcoran on

      Wow, the book is looking splendid. I love the layout and artwork.

    6. M. Trout

      Still *love* what you wrote for Elsif Elena’s rune narration!

    7. Missing avatar

      A V Jones on

      I’ll get back to you after I run the session...

    8. Rob Heinsoo Games Creator on

      Would it reveal too much for you to tell us which illustration you'll use?

    9. Missing avatar

      A V Jones on

      Great! I’ll be using at least one of the illustrations in my con game Saturday.