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Sponsor a christmas/new year gift for QGIS - live layer effects! You can help push QGIS' cartographic abilities to new levels...
71 backers pledged AU$ 2,952 to help bring this project to life.


AU$ 2,952


QGIS is an open source GIS system, well regarded for its extensive feature set and active development community. QGIS has fantastic cartographic abilities - it's got a huge range of symbology styles and options which can be used to style your maps. But there's more we can do to push this even further...

One long requested cartographic feature has been for live drop shadows on layers. Why stop there? Why not inner and outer glow effects and live blur effects? Just imagine the cartographic possibilities if this functionality was available from within a GIS, and didn't require exporting maps to external editors!

Prototype of live drop shadows on a marker symbol!
Prototype of live drop shadows on a marker symbol!

What I'll deliver

  • A framework for adding live layer effects to QGIS
  • Initially, effects will only be used for symbols (including point, line and polygon symbols). But, the proposed framework will be flexible enough to be added to other areas of QGIS in future (eg, composer items and labelling). 
  • Adding a basic set of effects - including blur, drop shadow and outer glows.
  • All the dry (but important) stuff - unit tests, python bindings, API docs. 

Why crowdfund?

While I've got proof of concept code working, there's a lot still to do before this work is suitable for merging into the master QGIS codebase:

  • GUI for adding and modifying effects
  • Plugin architecture so that layer effects can be written in python and implemented via QGIS plugins
  • Unit tests

This work is quite tedious and time consuming, and requires funded development time in order for me to complete.

Stretch goals!

What happens if this campaign exceeds it's target? Well, I'll use any extra funding to add more effects to QGIS! For each additional $200 this campaign receives, I'll add an extra effect. Here's a breakdown of these "stretch goals":

  • $2200: I'll add an "Inner glow" effect
  • $2400: Inclusion of an "Inner shadow" effect
  • $2600: I'll add in various color modification effects, including color overlay, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation modifications
  • $2800: transformation effects, including horizontal and vertical reflections
  • plus more to come..!

Risks and challenges

This is a low risk project - I have extensive experience with the QGIS codebase and have a good grasp of the work involved in developing this feature. A working proof of concept has already been developed, but requires further work before it can be merged to the QGIS code.

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