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I have the Key ingredient to Creating Perpetual Energy Read more

Orem, UT Gadgets
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I have the Key ingredient to Creating Perpetual Energy

Orem, UT Gadgets
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We are very dedicated to changing the world for a better purpose. With Global Warming  and People getting sick from the bad air its time we made something happen. My father is the brains and i am the drive. He recently fought and as of now beat Colon Cancer so its wonderful news! yet it put us financially behind. Time is of Value as well as Money for this to come alive and start making a difference. We need $30,000.00 to get back on track! Details will be discussed if you are interested in making a change. we have every intention to move forward.

Yours truly, 

David kaplar & Whitney Kaplar

Risks and challenges

Finding the right people to trust with such a valuable product

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