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TOO FAT TO FLY! This game will be for Iphone and Ipad

                                       TOO FAT TO FLY!

Too Fat To Fly will be a unique game to the industry. You will have 12 characters, 4 worlds and plenty of powerups. The object of this game is to draw a magical trampoline under your character to help bounce him/her around the worlds while collecting coins, apples and other powerups such as the jetpack, Coin Magnet, Power Jumps, Upside down mode. Most of the powerups  will be carried by his buddy the Big Fat Bee. Also in the game we will have negative objects such as pieces of cake or hamburgers mixed into the game and if you eat to many of these objects then you will start getting too fat to fly. If you get to fat you will pop causing you to lose what you have collected. You can eat apples that will get you back to your optimal flying weight and once you have done this the bird will let out a little fat :-)

You will need to also watch out for the bird man who will be trying his hardest to catch you with a net so he can lock you back up in your cage with all of your other buddies so beware of the mean bird man.  


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