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$4,068 pledged of $16,384 goal
By Jason Taylor
$4,068 pledged of $16,384 goal

Recent updates

Lodestar Engine Re-Write

After the Kickstarter project ended, I decided to take some time to re-write the engine. Some of the current improvements include:

  • Deferred rendering (G-Buffer, SSAO)
  • Extremely large maps with asynchronous loading / saving
  • Reduced storage via data compression
  • Improved code; clear separation of engine / client code
  • Reduced garbage through better resource management (object pools)
  • Procedural tile texture orientation and range selection

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Half-Cocked 8-bit Dreamworld


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The Surface of Protos

Concept art courtesy of 0g0p0g0!

Hadria, Sector 19b

[cycle 319:14:26:02.6 - start buffer]

“It’s been almost a year since the attack, since we fled Earth. Well, I think almost a year. Someone synced the timekeeper in Sector 73d and people have been using it to set their clocks ever since. Who knows if it’s right. Does it even matter anymore? So many people are gone, our home is gone, we don’t even know who we are anymore. I guess that’s why they do it, keep track of the time. I guess it reminds us of Earth, reminds us of days and nights, reminds us of the people who aren’t with us anymore.” *pause* “I set my clock for a while. There was something familiar about it, something familiar about being on a schedule and having things to do at a specific time each day. Now I just sleep when I’m tired.” *chuckle* “Which is most of the time anymore.” *pause* “I wish you were here, Mom. You always knew how to make me feel better. Remember that time when Adomis and I were little, that time you took us to see the cryoforge? I slipped and hit my head on one of the centrifugal alignment rods and bled everywhere.” *chuckle* “You told me it was the universe teaching me to be more sure-footed. Remember how Adomis stood watch and refused to leave me at the medical center? You couldn’t even lure him away with ice cream!” *laugh* *pause* “They took him, you know. Adomis.” *pause* “They came a few cycles ago, at night. At least I guess it was night, the system was in dark cycle. I woke up, I heard a lot of noise, I called out to him and when the lights came up, he was gone.” *pause* “That pendant you gave him when he was little? It was on the floor, and you know he never takes it off. Never.” *pause* “People are whispering, afraid to talk about what’s happening. They’re calling it the Council of Order. People have been disappearing every night, from all grids for more than two decacylces. A lot of us are scared.” *pause* “Somehow, I know that you can’t make this better, but I still wish you were here. I keep believing that you made it off Earth, that you’re here with us, somewhere, somehow, hiding on one of these ships. It’s so hard not knowing where you are.” *pause* “I love you Mom.”

[stop buffer - duration 000:00:02:38.33]

Hadria, Sector 19b. Transcribed Log. Protos Data Store, EE1. [Demeter Logs, C93.]