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Jazz Funeral For Coney Island....

About this project

James Demaria Productions is planning a traditional New Orleans "Jazz Funeral for Coney Island" on Sunday April 3rd.

With Darryl "DancingMan504" and Jambalaya Brass Band leading the way we will stroll down Coney Island's main thoroughfare in a somber march but when the procession nears the boardwalk it's time for the dead to be reborn. From that point we will second line and dance until we can't dance no more.

All symbolizing Coney Island's "death" and our hopes for it's rebirth.

The money raised will be used to finance the event. It will also be used to make a video to sponsor DancingMan504's "Heal to Toe" program. This program teaches New Orleans inner city children to live a healthy lifestyle and to have pride in themselves.

About Darryl "DancingMan504" Young:

Darryl was born and raised in the 9th Ward of New Orleans. He started working with kids after Hurricane Katrina with his "Heal To Toe" program. He goes to schools and teaches dance and fitness. The dancing is based on local customs and traditions such as second line dancing. With fitness, he stresses the importance of breathing while exercising and doing your best. The kids learn to have pride in themselves and where they're from.

Darryl tries to bring arts and crafts instructors with him when he can afford the expense. The kids make t-shirts and props that they wear to festivals when performing with DancingMan504. Sadly, the schools don't have much money for extra curricular programs such as this, and the local government offers no support. Almost all of the expenses come out of Darryl's pocket, and in his own words, "The kids need me and I don't mind."

Darryl also has a program called "Brassercise" that he teaches at various spots in New Orleans like Audubon Park. This program is for adults and helps him keep his head above water.The average price is $10-$15 per adult for a one hour class. Kids are free. His classes are almost always full--mostly with the ladies who love his energy and boyish smile. Darryl always tells his kids... "Come to Brassercise. And you're allowed to bring your parents."

James Demaria met Darryl Young two years ago while working on location in New Orleans. They share the same passion for preserving New Orleans' culture and heritage without exploiting it and have become fast friends. Darryl regularly comes to New York to share the New Orleans culture with James Demaria Productions. Whether throwing a Second Line on the Brooklyn Bridge or the upcoming Jazz Funeral For Coney Island, they never tire in their endeavors to teach outsiders "the New Orleans way" in hopes of keeping it alive and respected for future generations.

About James Demaria:

James is from New York and has lived in New Orleans twice in his life. The last time was in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. Since that time, his work has turned from fashion and advertising to the musicians and performers of New Orleans. His film, Tremé Life, features many artists from the local music scene, including his executive producer Kermit Ruffins.

James is passionate about his spiritual home and fights on a daily basis to make sure her culture is not exploited .

Please see the link below for our Second Line Across The Brooklyn Bridge which happened on the same date last year.


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