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Update #10

Connecticon and a podcast!


All right! This years Connecticon is over; it was EXHAUSTING but also a great experience! I sold a bunch of copies of Unemployment Quest and was also a guest on a podcast called Second Opinion Games. The podcast should go up tomorrow (from what I can tell it will be #68) so you can listen to it then! (Be warned, this was recorded on the last day and I was pretty much running on Korean energy drinks and this might come across. But listen anyway!)

The convention itself was a cool time! I still have a lot of copies left, which I'll sell at future conventions (hopefully next year's Connecticon and maybe some others). I met some people who were inspired by the game, had fun, and spread the word!  Yeah!

I'm still working at getting everyone's package in the mail.  But I'm moving along at a good pace!  Oh, and I left the prints with Rayna, the illustrator by accident, so I won't be able to mail out the $50+ packages until next week.  Just so everyone's aware!


    1. Me.small

      Creator Charles DeYoe on July 20, 2012

      (I don't have any specific plans to make discs available online, but it *might* happen at some point.)

    2. Imagescauikqee.small

      Creator John Falcon on July 17, 2012

      Have you considered trying to sell your game on Ebay or Ebid?

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