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A classic-style role-playing game about the experience of not having a job!
A classic-style role-playing game about the experience of not having a job!
1,155 backers pledged $10,486 to help bring this project to life.

Official Illustration by Purple Lantern Studio

First, I have to thank everyone who has pledged for the constant stream of support that this project has received.  It really means a lot to see how well it's doing!  I still can't believe that it's over 4.5 times my goal and there's still over two weeks left!

And in terms of news, I can finally reveal the image which is going to serve as the cover for the CD as well as the print included in the $50 and up reward tiers.  Here's a low-resolution version and it's going to look really nice when the prints are made:

I think it's some excellent work by illustrator Rayna Sassano.  And I encourage everyone to check out her website
It's great stuff!

I'm hoping to have the official website up sometime this weekend and I'm going to be posting MP3s of the music from the game.  So look forward to it!

And thanks again for all the support!


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    1. Rusty Q. Shackleford on May 16, 2012

      I fully expect for there to be several possible ways of "winning" with different tiers of employment possible... If that does not exist I will just pretend it does and make my own system for it with possible levels of winning ranging from Telemarketer to CEO.

    2. LifesContradict on May 7, 2012

      And to me it looks like... he's going to rise above all challenges and prevail employed! The more I check the pic, the more I like >:)

    3. LifesContradict on May 7, 2012

      Amazing :) can't wait!

    4. Mark Clarke on May 4, 2012

      The picture is fantastic, I'd maybe suggest having a huge fingertip hovering over his head so that the evil employers look like big bad guys and the kid in the picture is about to be crushed but is still as determined as ever!

      I'm thinking in a David-and-goliath-esque pattern for this picture.

    5. longbeach on May 4, 2012

      looks like no one wants to see his resume and he is about to fall off a cliff - looks determined though even with no hope!!!