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A classic-style role-playing game about the experience of not having a job!
A classic-style role-playing game about the experience of not having a job!
1,155 backers pledged $10,486 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vandigeth on

      Well that was fun even if it was short :) good work, just finished.

      I think 'Work from home?' got the biggest laugh out of me.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nick Bitterling on

      Damn, just got owned terribly by uncertain future xD

    3. Missing avatar

      Vandigeth on

      I find what I call 'slave to conformity island' + 'winning smile' = easy xp/$ lol.

    4. Missing avatar

      Vandigeth on

      I'm really enjoying the game! Can't wait to get the CD copy :)

    5. Devon Rampe on

      This game is fun! I just need to figure out how to make the windowed screen larger, or how to stop the full screen from stretching on my widescreen monitor...

    6. Josh on

      I'm really enjoying the game =D

    7. Max Malm on

      Downloaded it and tried it for a few minutes (have to go to work now). It looks REALLY good.

    8. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      All right! I've sent everyone who's backed the project at the $5 or higher level a download link for the game. Now I'm going to bed and will be updating the website so that people can buy the game in the morning! I'll be posting a big update as well!

      Glad you're liking it so far! (As for the dad blocking the doorway, lot of the characters have random movements, so that's possible a possible annoyance. They'll move away eventually though.)

    9. Jaime R. Maldonado on

      So far so good! Loving my first attack skill. "Firm Handshake?" Brilliant.

      Only bug/bother was the my father got himself stuck on the exit of my house so I couldn't leave unless I went back upstairs and went back down.

    10. SinoSamba <(-'.'-)> on

      Thank you for the game! And right on time. The first finished game I get from Kickstarter =D

    11. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      Thanks for the heads up! (It's fixed.)

    12. Brian Watzig on

      on the website you talk about a game called Cult: Awakening, I just wanted to let you know that the address you have for it is missiong the end part of it ( you were missing --> -of-the-old-ones

    13. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      Yep! The game is totally DRM free.

    14. Brian Watzig on

      oh question, for the digital copy can i install it on multiple computers?? reason I ask is i would put it on my desktop and my laptop. (then again i could just install it on a thumb drive)

    15. Brian Watzig on

      2 days to go :D

    16. Brian Watzig on

      the anticipation is killing me, lol

    17. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      I would, but it's up to Valve, not me! I'll just be sending backers a download link for the final game.

    18. Gilbert Palau on

      Are you going to make the game available through Steam?

    19. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      I'll be asking for addresses once I actually have the CDs (so I'll be sure they're all accurate, in case anyone ends up moving).

    20. John Falcon

      Are you sending out a survey to get the address for mailings of the hardcopy?

    21. Ross Smith on

      I'm so excited this is finally happening; all I can say is thank you! I just managed to find a job myself after being unemployed for 8 months, so I can relate to the subject matter, as I've battled both self doubt and depression in that time. I'm just glad that there is a game that could help other people understand those feelings!


    22. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      So close to the final version!
      I'm hoping to order CDs this week. It's exciting!

    23. RamesGamesLC on

      getting closer... :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Clark on

      Sweet! Another reason to find my Windows Xbox controller in the box of miscellaneous tech stuff.

    25. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      Jason Clark: Sorry I missed your previous comment before now!
      There will be controller support, in addition to keyboard controls.

    26. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      I know there are ways to make Windows programs run on Mac computers, but it's not something I know a lot about. Sorry.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Ngo on

      I have a mac will this work?

    28. Charles Alvis on

      Sweet, count me on board.

    29. Waqar Arshad on

      Congatulations Charles! I'm really pleased that I backed this project. Hope you manage to extend the game further if possible with the extra funding and thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to seeing a snippet of the game before release :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Zoe Tsang on

      Congrats, now give yourself a celebratory cookie and get back to work >:D

    31. Devon Rampe on

      Congratulations on breaking $10k!!

    32. michael on

      A bit of help from Newburgh coming at ya.

    33. Simeon Ladopoulos on

      Helped that unemployment is sky-high here :P

    34. David Sherman on

      If for some odd reason (unlikely) you have trouble selling your extra copies at a later date just mention all 1130+ of us who believed in you before we actually had a physical copy in hand.

    35. David Sherman on

      NICE!!! 1020% so far and 4 more hours to grow. Thank you Charles DeYoe, congratulations!!!

    36. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      I still can't believe this has gotten as big as it has!
      Huge thanks to all!

    37. Dominic Jonas on

      it was me...and it was exactly 5$ to get a copy of the Game ;)

    38. Kari Salminen on

      Exactly $10k :D Someone probably pledged a specific amount just to make that happen, heh :)

    39. RamesGamesLC on

      1070 backers and still 24 hours to go!? I'm happy for you :) also, that DS game is a great way to compose your music for cheap and call it your own (with mention of the software of course). I never heard of that game before but because of you, I want it so I can have my own non-copyright songs for a future YouTube channel. Ahh, ideas are so infectious. You are a truly brilliant man sir!

    40. SinoSamba <(-'.'-)> on

      Nice to see this project will most likely go beyond 1000% funded :) Congrats!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jason Clark on

      Oh, and one last question and I'll stop hogging the comment board: Since it will be on Windows, are you designing it to be played mainly through the keyboard and mouse (i.e. WASD movement controls) or will there be controller support so that it will be playable like the old school console rpgs?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jason Clark on

      er, I'd like to SEE more of the same.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jason Clark on

      No problem! You just seem like a smart guy who will most likely make a smart, funny, fun game, so naturally, I'd like to more of the same. Cheers!

    44. Charles DeYoe Creator on

      Thanks for all the support! I can't believe how big this has gotten!

      Jason: I'm not going to add any reward tiers, but your previous comment has given me a really good idea. I'm not making any promises because I don't know if I will actually go through with it, but I now have an idea for a potential freeware prequel. Thanks for the suggestion!

    45. David Sherman on

      Simply amazing! Congratulations Charles! over 900% of what you wanted to bring in for your very bright light bulb of an idea! Yay, I can't wait for my copy!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jason Clark on

      Last day new pledge amount of say $250 to actually be a character in the game perhaps? =)

    47. Nicoshene Simpson on

      The moment I saw your video I wanted to be a backer. This video/game definitely speaks to me, having had to overcome unexpected employment-related challenges in my own experiences. I'm excited. Congratulations on surpassing your goal!

    48. Missing avatar

      Jason Clark on

      I was thinking a stretch goal would be just to make the game longer or have more side-quests and the like, not just better art/sound. Of course, that would push your deadline back Mr. DeYoe, but it could, like you mentioned, come in the form of a patch or a free "expansion pack" funded by the extra money gained on Kickstarter. How does that sound?

    49. Brian Watzig on

      i did some looking around and it looks like its a little difficult to get stuff published on Steam just for the fact that there a larger business and don't release what criteria they have for acceptance

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