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A classic-style role-playing game about the experience of not having a job!

Unemployment Quest is a game about the experience of unemployed youth.

Many of today's youth have graduated school and been unable to find work in any substantial way.  As I was playing an old RPG, I realized that there don't seem to be any games that really speak to my demographic.  This game is an attempt to create something which can speak to the player's real-world experience, beyond focusing on high-fantasy.  The story is minimalistic as the game is not about an epic adventure so much as trying to reach a very simple goal.
Instead of fighting typical fantasy monsters, your foes will include "Doubts," "Isolation," "Shame," and the main villain "Uncertain Future."

The aim of the game is to turn the negative experience of joblessness into something less terrible, while still having fun gameplay that will not bog down players by requiring gigantic time investments.

The game features an original score composed on Korg DS-10+ for Nintendo DS, designed to replicate the feel of old soundtracks to games from the 8 and 16-bit eras.  Further, original 8-bit sound effects are made using Nanoloop for the Nintendo Game Boy.  The game itself is being made in RPG Maker VX Ace, which is a great game-building tool.

This Kickstarter is specifically to fund the existence of a physical CD version of the game, which I'm aiming to sell at this year's ConnectiCon.  The CDs will not be for sale outside of conventions and it has yet to be decided if it will even be available at other cons.  So pledging $10 is the only way to guarantee a copy!  The CDs I want made are serious, professionally replicated discs rather than cheapo CD-Rs and will most likely come packaged in a slimline plastic case with an original illustration by illustrator Rayna Sassano as the cover.  You can view examples of her work at her website:

And FYI the current plans are for the game to be for Windows only.

Here are some preview screenshots of the game:


  • I think it would be GREAT if this can get onto Steam. It's nothing I can promise though, they don't distribute every indie game that submits to them. So the digital version of the game through this Kickstarter will not be through Steam.

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  • Probably at some point! I've been in touch with the company that makes RPG Maker (the program I used to make the game) and they are working on allowing for multiple-platform support. So I'm hoping to see this available on iOS, Android, Windows phone, and Xbox Live Indie Games.

    However, these versions will probably not be available for a while and I can't guarantee any sort of time-frame. So for this Kickstarter, if you pledge at the level for a digital copy, it's going to be Windows only.

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  • No, but if you pledged at the $10 level, I'd really appreciate an extra $5-$10 if you can spare it and don't live in North America. International shipping does cost more, but based on my current calculations, I should be able to cover the costs.

    I want to get this game into as many hands as possible by keeping the price reasonable. So if you can't afford to pledge beyond the $10 level, don't worry, I'll make sure you still get your disc. But an extra $5 or $10 from backers outside of North America would make the cost of international shipping less of a concern. I'd honestly be very thankful.

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    A digital copy of the game, Unemployment Quest, when it is finished.

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    A CD copy of the game! It will be professionally replicated, featuring an original cover illustration by Rayna Sassano!

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    A high-quality art print of the image used for the cover of the CD release. It will be made by Rayna Sassano of Purple Lantern Studio. You also get the CD version of the game!

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    A hand crafter Perler fusion-bead version of the main character! Fun! You also get the art print and CD version of the game!

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    Get your name into the game! If you pledge at this level, I will put your name for players to find by searching the bookshelves in the town library! You also get all the previous rewards!

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