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23 Feet is film about a community of people who make the conscious decision to live simply to do what they love in the great outdoors.

We started filming 23 Feet not knowing who we would meet.  We hit the road and crossed our fingers, hoping that we would be able to find the stories we knew this lifestyle holds.  Whether it was the luck of the road, or the kindness of the community that we were searching for, we were able to connect with some pretty amazing people.  Now we need your help to finish the film and share it in a unique way...

This summer, we are headed back to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California where the film was created, to celebrate living simply and to share the story of 23 Feet. But we’re not showing it in theaters... 23 Feet is about a love for the outdoors, and in that same spirit, we’re building an outdoor theatre that is attached to the airstream itself.   

Your funding will directly help us create the Airstream outdoor theatre and complete the post production of the film. We wrapped up filming in the late summer of 2010 and right now all that is left is the sound design and color correction and then we’re up and running. We are now in the process of getting a solar powered generator, a projector, a sound system, and a projection screen that will attach to the Airstream’s awning. 

From showing 23 Feet in the beautiful secluded outdoor landscapes to crowded city streets, your donation will help us share the inspiring stories of simple living for an outdoor passion all around the west. 

23 Feet Synopsis:

23 Feet is film about a community of people who have made the conscious choice to live simply to do what they love in the great outdoors. Three women set out across the west in their 23 foot, 1970 Airstream to search for the stories of people who have turned their backs on the creature comforts of society to live in school buses, vans, and other small spaces. From an inspiring campfire chat with legendary Yosemite climber Ron Kauk, to hearing the powerful story of a woman who changed her whole life for surfing, 23 Feet gives an intimate look at the ups and downs of dedicating your life to your outdoor passion.


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