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A BISCUIT BIKE to provide NYC pups with delicious, healthy biscuits and water while out and about in NYC parks

Help us launch a mobile treat cart for NYC pups.  

....a Biscuit Bike™!

On the Menu

With your help, the Biscuit Bike will be a mobile street vendor cart bringing freshly baked, all-natural, organic treats to pups as they are out and about in NYC Parks this summer. 

...Because nothing beats playtime & treats! 

Your pup will be able to enjoy yummy treats from Bocce's Bakery!  ...An all natural, organic dog biscuit bakery, baking up healthy treats in flavors like Beef Bourguinon, and PBnJ that doggies go crazy for.  

All biscuits are baked in small batches, right here in NYC, with only the freshest, mostly LOCAL, ingredients

We'll also have plenty of water on hand.  Because keeping pups hydrated is very important, especially as they are romping around in the summer months.


At NYC Dog Runs of course! Including: Central Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square, & Battery Park.  You'll be able to find the bikes exact location through Twitter. ...yep just like a food truck, but a lot more bacon-y :-)

We need your help!

Your funding will go towards building a the actual BISCUIT BIKE mobile vending cart.  As much as Bocce likes our little delivery bike (and the basket he gets to ride in!) we need an upgrade.  A vending bike that will fit enough biscuits and water to keep pups belly's full and keep all the goodies cool during the summer months.  The Biscuit Bike will come from Workman Cycle, based right here in NYC!  Did you know they designed the original Good Humor carts?  With your help, we'll be riding the streets in no time!

Green Mentality

We will be using 100% compostable, kraft paper products made from recycled materials.

A portion of sales will go to the NYC Parks Dept.


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    CONTRIBUTOR: Thank you for your contribution to our Biscuit Bike! Pups all over NYC thank you :-) Your name will be added to our website as a contributor.

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    PUPPY: Not only will you (and your pup!) be listed as a "Contributor" on our website. Your will receive a BISCUIT CARD that will entitle your 4-legged friend to a biscuit & water snack box at the Biscuit Bike. Card will be mailed to you at the conclusion of the campaign.

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    BIG DAWG: Bring the gang! You'll be the most popular pup at the playground with 5 of our BISCUIT CARDS (each Biscuit Card is good for 1 biscuit order & 1 water plate) You (and your pup!) be listed as a "Contributor" on our website. Card will be mailed to you at the conclusion of the campaign.

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    OUT OF TOWN PUP: Specifically for our non-NYC fans who want to be part of Bocce's project. We'll mail you a goodie box of Bocce's Bakery biscuits.

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    BISCUIT BIKE VIP: We'll roll out the red carpet for your pup! We will give your pup a biscuit everyday he visits the cart this summer when he shows his very special VIP CARD

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    PUP OF THE MONTH: Bocce's Bakery will design a dog treat flavor just for your pup! That's right: a CUSTOM DESIGNED BISCUIT FOR YOUR PUP! You tell us your pups favorite foods, and then bake a biscuit for him. The biscuit will be part of the Biscuit Bike menu for 1 month, and named after your pup. "The Spot" anyone? :-) Oh, you'll also get a cake box filled with your pup's biscuit to enjoy at home

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    WE BRING THE BISCUIT BIKE TO YOU! We'll have the Biscuit Bike show up at your event. Pup party, anyone? :-) Filled with yummy goodies that your pup and his guests can enjoy. (4 hours)

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