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Partake Brewing will change what people think about non-alcoholic beer forever. Help us make the world's best non-alcoholic beer.
Partake Brewing will change what people think about non-alcoholic beer forever. Help us make the world's best non-alcoholic beer.
518 backers pledged CA$ 28,393 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Kenny on

      All gone!
      When will the stout be ready?

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Markus on

      Love it!! Are we able to order more at this time?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tryg Smith on

      HI. I never received my 12 pack order. I'm assuming my order was missed. Please let me know.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bernard Fee on

      After almost 10 months of waiting, I finally received my case of Partake IPA. I chilled one can for dinner, and couldn't wait to try it. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT. Ted, I believe the case you sent me had spoiled. It tasted like the can, and I threw out the rest of the can. The bitter metallic taste was awful. I hope I can get a replacement case or a refund. This was a huge let down. I expect prompt cooperation in this matter. Thanks Ted.

    5. Flick on

      Heya Ted!
      Were the beers shipped last week as per your update? Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Vova Gusarov on

      Hi Ted, any updates about shipping? I am in Montreal, but think it would be nice to know how it's going for all backers. Thanks

    7. Missing avatar

      Margit and Dirk de Jong on

      Hi Ted. When will you be shipping to Michigan? Wondering when to watch for the shipment. Thanks!

    8. Flick on

      Hi Ted! Hope all is well! Do you have an estimate of when you will ship those who ordered 24? Thank you!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Aaron Goss on

      Still waiting on a dozen that was to have been shipped to Winnipeg... wondering if my order got missed? If these were shipped a week or more ago shouldn't they have arrived by now?

    10. Ted Fleming Creator on

      The 12-packs and kegs have shipped out with the 24-packs in the US and Canada left to go. Thanks for your patience! We're getting there...

    11. Flick on

      Hello Ted. Have all the orders for US been shipped? I'm backer number 4 and have not received a tracking yet. Thanks

    12. Missing avatar


      Oh, as I'm waiting for my beer to cool, what are the serving recommendations? Straight out of the can of pour it into s glass? Thank you

    13. Missing avatar


      Opened my door to a box of beer! (I'm in the Washington DC area) Good morning! Can hardly wait to try it! Thank you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Don Rideout on

      Is there any way of knowing when our parcels will arrive?

    15. Missing avatar

      Joe McGreal on

      Any shipping info for US backers?

    16. Missing avatar

      Joe McGreal on

      Will backers be sent any tracking info when the beer ships? Thanks and looking forward to the product!!

    17. TwinkleToes McClarkerson on

      Any updates on the shipments?

    18. Ted Fleming Creator on

      Expecting to have brew date locked down this week. We will send out our backer survey when the date in confirmed. Thanks for your patience and support! - Ted -

    19. Missing avatar


      Hello! How's it going? Getting super exciting!

    20. Ted Fleming Creator on

      Thanks to all of our backers for their support and wonderful feedback! Thanks to all of you, we are well on our way to producing our Non-Alcoholic IPA!

      Yes, Eli - Once we finalize and ship out our Non-Alcoholic IPA, we plan to start working on additional varieties and styles!

    21. Missing avatar

      Eli hissett on

      Hey very excited to try this brew! Are there going to be different types your going to try to make? I love the taste of beer but the alcohol part is a no no In my life now... hope to get more types from you guys

    22. Missing avatar

      Reid Finlayson on

      Looking forward to raising a brew!

    23. Ted Fleming Creator on

      NAC - For starters, our priority will be to fulfill the beer we've committed to our Kickstarter Backers.

      Once that is completed, we will be leveraging our ecommerce store to distribute our beer throughout the USA and Canada.

      We will simultaneously be seeking retail distribution in the USA and Canada. Distributors should contact ted@drinkpartake if interested.

    24. Missing avatar


      Thank you! One last question, if this is the most delicious non-alcoholic IPA and I can't live without it, how will I get more on the future?

    25. Ted Fleming Creator on

      NAC - Yes we'll have optional merchandise available. We're excited too! So grateful for all the support!

    26. Missing avatar


      Hey! Any chance to buy the koozie as an add on? Or at-shirt? Excited for this! Thank you!

    27. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Ross on

      Great news about Dragon's Den, Ted. Even if you don't get a deal, the exposure can do wonders for a new brand. Break a leg!

    28. MELANGE on

      Sounds like a great product! I look forward to receiving mine.

    29. Ted Fleming Creator on

      Hi Dave,
      The process for brewing the beer is proprietary.
      The difference in the beers largely relates to the style. Clausthauler is an Amber Ale and ours is an India Pale Ale. For this reason the flavor profile will be different. The Amber has more malt sweetness and the IPA is drier and more hop forward. Clausthaler Amber has 75 calories and our Partake IPA has only 10.

    30. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Can you explain how you remove the alcohol and how (why) this beer will be different than (lets say) the dry hopped Clausthaler?

    31. Missing avatar

      Dan Christensen on

      Need to get the word out in Utah.......

    32. Ted Fleming Creator on

      Hi GMP! We are working out options. We will keep you posted!

    33. GMP on

      Hello Ted, Are there any plans for any stretch goals to excite and enlist pledges?

    34. Missing avatar

      Joe McGreal on

      Not sure how the heck I got the email about Partake, but I am glad I did. Became a supporter yesterday and look forward to enjoying their product soon.

    35. Bob Eckley on

      Been watching this since I first saw it on twitter. Glad to back for a 12 pack and support a great idea!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Mader on

      Excited to surprise my husband this summer!

    37. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Mader on

      Excited to surprise my husband this summer!

    38. GMP on

      Thanks for the response.

    39. Ted Fleming Creator on

      Thanks for all the great feedback everyone.

      For an answer to GMP`s question, please visit the project FAQs

    40. GMP on

      Hello Ted, Thanks for the reply. One more question. Non-alcoholic beer in the US can have a very small amount of alcohol and still be considered non-alcoholic in nature. Is your beer totally alcohol free or slightly alcoholic. If so what is the percentage. Thanks!

    41. Missing avatar

      Rob Cox on

      As someone who gave up alcohol for medical reasons, I enjoy the taste of a good beer. There are some limited, 0.0% options out there, with some good and some not so good. I wish the US had more options available because I can't get some of the choices available in the EU or Canada. Look forward to the shipment and best of luck!

    42. Missing avatar

      Allan Glasspoole on

      Looks like you will go over the top Ted. Great stuff. Looking forward to the IPA! Cheers...

      Al Glasspoole

    43. Missing avatar

      Alex Galea on

      This sounds great! Can't wait to try it.