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Automate your sprinklers with real-time weather data and complete control from your phone to lower your water bill up to 30%.
Automate your sprinklers with real-time weather data and complete control from your phone to lower your water bill up to 30%.
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Update and upcoming features


Dear Backers,

We are delighted to have completed all reward shipments to all backers that filled out their surveys. Shipments were completed over the first few days of April and we have already seen many of them successfully connected -- with more coming online every day. We have also started shipping orders received through our website and through Amazon.

We need your continued support moving forward as Blossom is not a static product; we are constantly working on new features (more on this later) and of course, fixing bugs. Your feedback, support, and help to drive awareness will allow us to scale while we build a large user base that will have a measurable, positive impact on the environment and help people across the country to live better.

Here are some key items with which we can use your help:

  • Please send us all product related questions and support requests to We will reply to all issues and we can track which ones require escalation or further analysis. We provide live technical support by our own staff seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Our technical support number is (855) 976-5315. 
  • Send us as much feedback and features requests as you can. Your ideas and experience will steer us to an ever better product. 
  • Post reviews, pictures, and comments on every social media platform that you feel comfortable with (Amazon, Twitter, Google Play, Apple Store, Facebook, etc.). More users will provide us more resources to build more features and have a bigger impact. Please make time to drop a quick review. More stars are always better! :-)

That said, let us give you an update on what our near-term plans are and initial user feedback. Overall we have received very positive feedback on the “out of box experience” and installation process. We are very happy about this as we spent a lot of time and resources to make the setup smooth, and it is paying off. However, you have helped us identify two important gaps in our current implementation:

The first major issue has been the lack of visibility on Smart Watering functionality and how the system schedules watering cycles. This became particularly relevant as we found a few bugs in the Smart Watering implementation. We’ve already fixed them but we would have found them sooner with more comprehensive feedback in the app. Look for a new versions of the app in the coming weeks that will show the scheduled run time per zone based on current weather data utilizing our Smart Watering calculations. Your help in validating those numbers, especially looking out for things that “don’t look right,” will prove very valuable to us as we optimize our modeling and local settings. Second, the app lacked a stop button to interrupt the Blossom Controller during a watering cycle. This was compounded by a firmware bug that kept the unit from responding to a real-time command while watering. Fixes will be rolled out soon.

Our upcoming release will address both issues. You also get a sneak preview of how the Smart Watering user interface is evolving. Our plan is to release this upgrade to Google Play in the first half of May. We’ll release to the Apple App Store at the same time, but because Apple takes a week or two to approve the release, the Android users will get the app first.

Following this release, we will then focus on some new features such as adding multiple start times per day, system alerts, and watering history. You can expect this release by the end of spring. In parallel we’ll continue to work towards a release of a web-based app for computers and will work on some “plumbing” in our back-end code to enable other upcoming features like logical integration of multiple controllers, integration with more weather stations, and the integration with other services.

Attached here is a sneak preview of what is coming on Smart Watering.

Thank you very much for your continued support and please take a minute to share your enthusiams for Blossom at and all of the other social media outlets where you can!

The Blossom Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      srinivas perla on May 16, 2015

      I've neither received a controller nor a response to my enquiries (I've tried email to, which bounced). Kindly respond.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Bozzo on April 22, 2015

      Should feedback and feature requests go to the support email address as well?

    3. Blossom Creator on April 22, 2015

      We have a type on the email please make a note it should read:

    4. Chuck Wong on April 21, 2015

      The support email just bounced.