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A quick and easy card game to make your opponent’s monster adorable while keeping yours terrifying. 3 to 6 players, 15-60 minutes.
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Terrifying, maniacal, eight-legged… cuddly?! You’ve always yearned to have the scariest, most powerful pet monster by your side. Now you’re finally ready to achieve your dreams by creating a monster so heinous, just a four-word description will make even the most steadfast of men quake with fear… but you’re not the only one. Competing pet monster creators are working on their own beasts, and aren’t above sabotaging your monster with adorable features or an awkward waddle. Can you overcome their insufferable meddling to craft the most terrifying of monsters? Find out in Adorable Monsters!

  • Format: Card Game 
  • Players: 3 to 6
  • Ages: 8 and up 
  • Time: Five to ten minutes per player 

The goal is to scare away three of your opponents' monsters, by making your monster scarier than they are.  You do this by playing scary adjectives on your own monster and playing cute and cuddly adjectives on your opponent's monster. 


Each player starts with seven adjective cards and two monster cards. Players then choose which of their two new pet monsters they love more, and place that monster face down in front of them.  The other, unloved monster goes to the bottom of bottom of the monster deck to languish in obscurity.  Once all players have chosen their monsters, they are revealed.  

Each player then gets to buff up their monster by playing scary adjectives on it. But watch out!  Not all adjectives can be played on each monster.  Monster cards have colored symbols on the bottom--these symbols indicate what kinds of adjective cards it can receive.  For example, if there are two blue symbols and two yellow symbols on your new pet, then four adjective cards can be played on it: two blue cards, and two yellow cards.  Once everyone has finished showering their beasts with fearsome features,  draw back up to seven adjective cards.

Game Play

The hairiest player goes first.  Afterwards, the turns proceed clockwise, like the hand of a timepiece ticking its way towards your foes' inevitable defeat.  

Your turn: Start your turn by drawing back up to seven adjective cards.  Then, you must make a choice.  Should you...

  • Discard one or more adjective cards you don't like and draw back up to seven?
  • Or show some backbone and order your masterpiece to attack another player's pathetic excuse for a monster?

Either choice ends your turn once you're done with it, incidentally.  

Combat: Aha!  You chose to attack!  Excellent.  First: count the number of scary adjectives attached to each monster--this is the monster's initial strength.  Now that you all know what you're dealing with, any and all players may now alter either monster's strength by playing more adjective cards on it--in any order, at any time; first come, first served. Each player must, must, MUST say the name of the card as they play it--otherwise, it is discarded without effect.

Cute cards are played on top of scary cards of the same color, nullifying them.  Scary cards are played to start new stacks (this means if the monster has an unused symbol of that color the player place the initial scary card there) or to cover up cute cards, rendering the monster a little more fearsome. This continues until everyone has played all the cards they want to.

Once the fangs and fur have stopped flying, count up the number of scary cards still showing on each of the two monsters.  The monster with the greatest number of scary cards still visible wins. 

The winner of the combat takes the losing monster card as a trophy. Once a single player has 3 trophies, that player wins the game! 

The loser of the combat retires in disgrace, where they draw two new monster cards. Once again, that player must choose their favorite monster of the two and consign the other to waste away at the bottom of the monster deck. That player then draws back up to seven adjective cards and showers their favored pet with whatever legal cards they choose.  Oaths of vengeance are optional, but encouraged.  




  • 60 Scary adjective cards
  • 51 Cute adjective cards 
  • 27 Monster cards



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