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High quality COOL handbags made from 35mm Hollywood movie footage (polyester, not celluloid) that are no longer running in theaters.
High quality COOL handbags made from 35mm Hollywood movie footage (polyester, not celluloid) that are no longer running in theaters.
86 backers pledged $7,143 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      shane grant on

      Hi Julie,

      I filled out my survey wrong I said that I wanted the large tote but actually I wanted the medium messenger. Hope it's not too late to change?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mitzi Sandman on

      Fantastic that you reached your goal. So happy for you!

    3. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Thanks Leslie! Yes so true...even though I have reached the goal I can still receive addtional contributions through the next 20ish hours ...and I will continue to honor sending products for amounts pledged. will help immensley if you pledge now...even when I go beyond the original ask...thanks so much... I love you all and thanks so very very much for your support!

    4. John Monguillot

      Julie, found you through boing2 and love the idea as well as the purse in the still picture. Pledged $100 and hope one of those bags is available for my daughter. Film unimportant, but Harry Potter would be a nice add if available. Good luck!

    5. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Hi Van; A pledge of $100 will work to secure the Twilight bag. Thanks so much for your support! Cheers, Julie

    6. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Hi Heather; Thanks for your interest! I would be happy to send you the messenger bag instead of the tote for a pledge of $130 ($100 for the pledge and $30 extra for shipping to UK)...thanks so much, Julie

    7. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Hi Meaga; Thanks for your sweet comments and for your inquiry. A pledge of $100 will seal the deal on the bag on the home page. It is actually made from the Twilight movie (I hope you like ethat one! :)) Thanks again for your support! Cheers, Julie

    8. Missing avatar

      Heather Ballard on

      Hi there, I'm from the UK and would like the messenger bag rather than the tote. Is this possible? And how much extra would I pledge for shipping? These are amazing and your hard work is evident. Thanks, and well done.

    9. Missing avatar

      meaga on

      Hi Julie- I found your project on a link from Very excited about your project! I have the same question as Van below. What pledge amount should I choose for the style handbag in the display picture? I'm not a tote type, but can't wait to carry your genius idea on my shoulder.

    10. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Hi Jean; There are only a few stores across the ocuntry that carry them at this point. Please send me your email address and I can send better photos of the bags directly to you. My email address is Thanks so much, Julie

    11. Missing avatar

      Van on

      Hi Julie, I think that the handbag you have in your display pic is beautiful (appears to be a small bag with teal coloured embroidery/sequins) How much should I pledge to be able to secure that bag?

    12. Jean Cook on

      Hi Julie, is there a gallery where I can see the different kinds of bags more clearly? Thanks.

    13. Julie Lewis Creator on

      This message is for Stephanie Shindler...Thanks for your question. I got it in my email but it does not show up as a comment here with the others so I am just going to answer it here and hope you get it! Yes you can ask for the messenger bag instead of the large tote and get the same other gifts if you pledge $100. Thanks so much for visiting this website and for your interest! Please tell your family and friends as we are on the home stretch now and still have a ways to go...but I believe we can do it! Thanks again, Julie

    14. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Hi Peter! I do have some bags made from the Twilight film and yes you can request that one with your donation for $100. It is just like the purse you see on my home page...if you read my updates you can see close-ups of that bag too. Thanks so much!!!! Please tell your friends too as time is running out and I must meet the goal to close the pledging! Have a wonderful day, Julie

    15. Missing avatar

      Peter Schamerhorn on

      Hi Julie,

      a) Is it possible to choose the movie, in my case Twilight?
      b) Do the regular size purses (if available) cost a larger donation than the large tote? (i.e. $100)

    16. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Hi Vinnci;
      As I would have to ship the purse air it will bring the cost up.....And as that is one of my more expensive bags I would need you to pledge $200 for the bag and the shipping. I would also throw in a belt or a tie. Thanks so much for considering it..please keep your fingers crossed that we make the total! Have a wonderful day, Julie

    17. Vincci on

      Hey Julie,
      I'm interested in the size of the one you intentionally dropped in the video. Which pledge amount should I choose? BTW, I live in Hong Kong -- can you let me know how much more I should add for shipping?

    18. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Thanks Jonathan! Please encourage your friends to participate as well! You can give them this link:…
      Thanks so much!! Julie

    19. Missing avatar

      Gerry Day on

      Hey Julie-
      I gifted one of the large bags I got from you a while ago to an artist friend and she loves it. These make wonderful gifts. Best of luck with the project drive.

    20. Duncan on

      Hi Julie,
      sorted - have selected the $50 but actually pledged $65 to cover the postage.
      Nice one, hope this reaches the goal! Good Luck! :)

    21. Julie Lewis Creator on

      Hi Duncan;
      Thanks for your note. I think a pledge in the $50 USD and one in the $15 should cover it. Thanks very, very much, and please share with your friends. Yours, Julie

    22. Duncan on

      Hey Julie,
      would you be prepared to post a woman's wallet to the UK, and how much extra would I need to pledge to cover the postage if you would please?