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A puzzle adventure homage to the games of yesteryear
A puzzle adventure homage to the games of yesteryear
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475 backers pledged £6,033 to help bring this project to life.

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Finally on Steam!


After nearly a year of Spud sitting on the sidelines waiting for his call, Spud's Quest is finally on Steam! I even have a url to prove it:

Obviously everyone who backed this at game level and above can get a Steam key for it, so just shoot me a quick mail on here and I'll send you a key (just "gimme ma key!" will do). Don't panic if you don't get a reply instantly, I'm still waiting on my key request submission to go through, so it could take a day or so.

Thanks for the support!

PS: I do realize there's still some outstanding physical rewards not sent yet. I sent emails out and ordered bulk based on replies, so if you were late getting back or haven't had chance to yet please lemme know!

New Years Update


Hey backers, just a very brief post-holiday update

I sent out the physical CD and OST copies a week or so ago (minus the collectors edition) so hopefully you should have them very soon- if not already. Plan to get the posters and t-shirts sorted next. Have sent out mails regarding posters but still waiting on a couple replies to proceed. Thanks for your [over-stretched] patience!

If you haven't already seen it, James Adams (JDA) has uploaded a youtube playlist of him completing the game in an insane 57 mins! Did I mention this includes solving every puzzle, collecting all the side items, and using no glitches? Very impressive. Check it out here (contains spoilers- obviously)

As you probably know I'm currently working on my next project The Escapists, but once that's finished later this year then expect another adventure for Spud to get underway.


My New Project


Hey guys

I've launched a very modest Kickstarter campaign for my next project that I've been working on.

It's called The Escapist and it's a game about breaking out of prison. If you've ever played the Speccy/c64 version of The Great Escape then imagine that on a larger scale. Here's a little screenshot

Hopefully the fact that I've already completed and released a Kickstarter project will inspire some faith in backers of my next one ;) Looking forward to working on it more.

Check out the project here, and please consider giving it a vote on Greenlight, thanks!

Spud's Quest Physical Rewards

I'm well underway with the physical goods for Spud's Quest now. I've got together the CD copies of the game (including the soundtrack ones) and getting ready to send them out- just waiting for some more surveys to return.

After that I'll be sending out the surveys related to the t-shirt, collectors edition, and painting tiers. Then we should be all wrapped up for that project.

Thanks for your patience with me during this process of getting together and dishing out the physical goods- this kinda thing is very alien to me.

And if your bored waiting you could always nag your friends to vote for it on Greenlight ;)


October Updates


Hey guys, hope you're enjoying the game. Hard to believe it's nearly a year since the Kickstarter campaign started.

Reward Updates

Those who pledged for the digital artbook tiers should have had a kickstarter mail from me yesterday with these in.

I need to know who pledged the extra £10 for the CUSTOM MESSAGE VERSION (a digital download of the game with their own custom splash screen message). If this includes you, please give me a message either on here or to I also need to know whether it's for you to download or for a friend, so give me details.

I think that about wraps up the digital rewards, so I'll get them surveys out soon for the physical rewards.

Game Updates

The game seems to have been received well- especially by those who loved the Dizzy games- which I'm glad about. Nice to know the hard work over the years is appreciated.

It was part of the sale this past week, a sale containing 62 indie games not currently available on Steam. There's about 15 hours left so if you have any friends who might be interested in picking up Spud's Quest for $6 (25% off) then give them a nudge.

Still pushing the Greenlight campaign, slowly accumulating votes. As highlighted in this recent blog post by Flippfly, it's difficult for indie games outside of Steam to really pick up pace so if you haven't yet please vote for the game and tell your friends- help us beat Greenlight.

Some recent reviews: Gamezebo, Retro 101, I-Luv-Games, IndieStatik, JayIsGames, TechieMinx,

If any of you backers would like a Humble Store key for the game to make things easier or to add to your humble collection, then give me a message and I'll sort that for you.


PS: Not really news-worthy at the moment, but I've started tinkering on my next game. If you're not already, follow me on Twitter and you might catch some updates regarding it soon :)

Launch Updates

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Hey guys, just a little update on how things are going since the launch. 

Weekend was hectic with bug fixing and patches. For those who had problems, the newest build should fix them. The latest builds also include an updater on startup.

If you're having problems with anything, email me at

Friend Codes

Those who pledged for two copies of the game should have just been sent emails with their friends download code in. It'll be the same email address you used here on Kickstarter.


Some good press coverage since the weekend, a few of them:

Rock Paper Shotgun
PC Gamer
Retro Collect
Indie Games Weblog

There's a few more out there too. If you know of any sites, blogs, or forums that might be interested in posting an article on it then please let them know. A handful of bloggers, youtubers and reviewers have requested copies also, so they should be posting stuff soon


Doing a big push on Greenlight at the moment so as not to waste the momentum of the launch. So far it's working, but there's still work to do. Tell/spam your friends! -

Spud's Quest is also now part of the Humble Store. have been sent a build, hopefully they're interested enough to accept it too.

Next step is I plan to get the artbook sorted.

More soon!