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The Box Truck Temple is about creating an environment where people discover what they deeply want from life thru their intentions. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 12, 2012.

The Box Truck Temple is about creating an environment where people discover what they deeply want from life thru their intentions.

About this project

 The Box Truck Temple is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a Temple, in a Box Truck, plus a little bit more.

"Temple" and "Spirituality" mean different things to everyone, so there is no cookie-cutter altar in this truck. Instead, you are invited inside to write down what you intend to do for your life. The back of the truck is transformed into an area devoted to living with intention, whatever that means to you. Singing? Meditating? Writing? Programming? What is your "zen moment"? Bring it! Share it! Live it!

Last year on the first weekend in May, I took a box truck, turned it into a temple, and drove it around New York with hundreds of intentions that I’d collected from people across the world and across belief systems. Volunteers/Temple Guardians met me at various places throughout the city where I parked the truck to help. We held out a bowl of the collected intentions and offered them freely to people passing by, encouraging them to take a moment out of their day to think about their own intentions and offering pen and paper to write some down for someone else to receive. If they chose, they could use the truck to meditate, relax, or experience a peaceful/intentional moment, and there was always an OM hug waiting for anyone. Hundreds of people interacted with the truck and shared their intentions.

Let’s make it happen again!

The Box Truck Temple isn’t about converting anyone to any one ideal or religion. It’s not a cult and it’s not an art project.

So what is it about?
It’s about taking a moment to be intentional with your intentions – whatever they may be – free of judgments, unrestricted by religious vocabulary, and removed from the imposed desires of society. It’s a message in a bottle to yourself.

What do intentions look like? They are kind of like a proactive, accountable prayer. Intentions can be anything from "I intend to move through life with Clarity and Grace" to "I intend to hit the bass drum at the right time" or even "My intention is to make a million dollars." Here are a few that have already been collected:

I intend to seek out and find the connections between each other rather than negotiating our differences.
  • I intend to try to remember that during rush hour, people are still people. Tourists are still people. They are not obstacles.
  • I intend to try and see things from other people's perspectives.
  • My intention is to defend myself without being defensive.
  • I intend to write something that will change at least one person's life.
  • I intend to eat a good diet and avoid foods I know will make me feel like crap.
  • I intend to send Aunt Shirley more postcards.
  • I intend to recognize emotional reactions before having them.
  • I intent to meet a stranger's gaze every day for a month.
  • I intend to acknowledge my mistakes to my kids.
  • I intend to map the vast majority of the neuronal connections in the larval zebrafish brain.
  • I intend to ask for what I need out loud.

The Box Truck Temple creates an open-minded space for hundreds of people to take a moment and ask what they really want from life and from within themselves. It creates moments of connection, openness, perspective, purpose, peace, creativity and gratitude. Here's a one volunteer’s reflection from last year’s experience:

The most amazing part was seeing what intentions people put in the bowl and who picked them up. The older Jewish woman with the heart sunglasses on her way to London wrote, “I intend to take more risks and live life to the fullest.” A young hipster with an assortment of piercings, who would never have any reason to interact with that woman, chose it. He clutched it tightly and said, “I’m going to keep this in my wallet.” There was a dearness in their exchange that could not and would not have happened in person. But here, at Annie’s crazy Box Truck Temple, they found a connection to each other – a similarity rather than a difference. Maybe that’s an obvious revelation, but aren’t most revelations head-smackingly simple? I can’t wait to learn the meaning of the universe and then roll my eyes.   -Joy Grieco

By donating to this project, you're supporting me to create this amazing weekend of giving and inspiration without me delving into my rent money! No really, last year I used my rent money (shhh, don't tell my folks – they might get worried!).

Any money raised above the goal will be put to further the BTT's projects, including creating a website and gearing up for the soon-to-be-announced Adventure across the U.S.

Thank you for bringing the Box Truck Temple – my intention – to Life by donating what you can today!


P.S. Want to help in other ways?

Want to contribute your intentions?
Send me your intentions today (tweet them to @BoxTruckTemple or email them to or come by the truck this weekend to handwrite them yourself.

Want to contribute your time?
Email me at  to be a Volunteer/Temple Guardian in New York City, or to help collecting and writing intentions.

Be sure to keep track of the BoxTruckTemple's progress. Add BoxTruckTemple on Twitter to see where we've parked and where we're headed next!


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