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Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
19,829 backers pledged $1,578,950 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Privateer Press Interactive (Creator)

Greetings WARMACHINE: Tactics Backers!

Just over a year ago, the WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter closed. Thanks to all of you, and including our PayPal pledges, we rang the bell with a community of over 20,000 backers and funded nearly 300% of our initial goal!

Since that time, Privateer Press and WhiteMoon Dreams have been hard at work to fulfill the rewards promised during our campaign. To date, all physical rewards (except the physical copy of the final game) have been fulfilled and the Beta went live in June, as originally anticipated. Our original target for the release of the complete core game was end of August, and while much of WARMACHINE: Tactics is nearing completion, the game will remain in Beta for a while longer while we continue to finalize key features and content. Details regarding the current status of the game and our predictions for completion are below, but the most important detail is this:

The time has come for us to put our servers to the test, and for that, we first need more active, concurrent players. This is also important to ensure quick matchmaking opportunities, something everyone currently playing in the Beta would certainly enjoy. So, if you’re not already participating in the Beta, get ready to battle!


Beginning today, WhiteMoon Dreams will be sending Steam Keys to all backers of WARMACHINE: Tactics who have not previously received a Beta key. Because there are over 15,000 keys to send out, this process will take approximately one week. To give you some idea of when your key might show up, we’re sending the keys out in alphabetical order, but because the Backerkit field that collected names did so as one name, that’s going to be alphabetical order by first name. (So all you Aarons should be seeing yours very soon, but for you Zacharys, it could be a few days before the keys show up.)

For this reason, we are asking that you please not request the status of your Steam Key before August 20th so we can ensure that all of them have been sent out. After that, WhiteMoon Dreams will be happy to help ferret out any rogue keys.

During our first round of Beta key emails, many people contacted us because they had not received their keys. Ninety-nine percent of these were found in spam folders, so please set your spam filters to accept email from WhiteMoon Dreams.

If you have not received your key(s) by August 20th, and if you have checked your spam folder to no avail, please contact and let them know your key has not arrived. They will be happy to figure out the problem so you can get into the game as quickly as possible.


If you are experiencing technical or performance issues when trying to run the game, please visit

We have attempted to address as many known issues as possible on that page and this will be the fastest way to get up and running. If you are still not able to whip your computer into shape, you will find contact information on the Help Page for WhiteMoon Dreams tech support.


While the WARMACHINE: Tactics multiplayer Beta launched in June as we had planned a year ago, the immediate need to address functionality and ensure a consistent game play experience had an unforeseen impact on production. Each week since the Beta launched, new updates and content have gone into the game, improving performance and providing more and more options for multiplayer matches. Meanwhile, progress has slowed in the final stages of development requiring more time to finish all that we have aimed to deliver.

Most of the gameplay features and unit content for online multiplayer are done. Squad construction was just integrated last week and we’ll be seeing another round of new warcasters in the next week, so the available options for squad building are already great and getting better all the time. The last of the units for the four factions featured in the core game are expected to be available by the end of September and we are currently on track to have all units from our Stretch Goals finished before the end of the year, including Mercs, the warjacks and warcasters of Apotheosis, and of course, the much anticipated Retribution of Scyrah.

Work remains in the final stages of the No Man’s Land single-player campaign, and WhiteMoon Dreams has requested more time to make it the best campaign experience possible. The next couple of months will be largely devoted to polishing the AI and game design for each level, finalizing cinematics and voice over dialog, and tuning each mission to provide the quality of game experience we know you are looking forward to. Our current forecast is that the No Man’s Land single-player campaign will be available in late November. However, we will have single-player skirmishes available in the game much sooner.

Elements of the Dark Seduction and Fire & Ice single-player mission packs are in production but will follow the No Man's Land campaign, with completion dates to be determined later this year.

Other features from our Stretch Goals (such as the Custom Coloring System) and different play-modes (such as Hot Seat mode), we expect to be completed in the upcoming months, before the end of the year.

Rewards, such as the digital map packs and the strategy guide are being worked on and will ship as soon as each one becomes available. 

And last, the physical copies of the game and soundtrack will ship once all aspects of the core game are complete.


We thank you for your continued support and patience as we enter the home stretch on this project. We hope that what you’ve seen of the game so far (or what you’re about to see if you haven’t yet received your Steam Key) gives you the confidence that WARMACHINE: Tactics will deliver everything we have set out to do in bringing the world of the Iron Kingdoms and the battles of WARMACHINE to life.

We’ve been saying for a year that we can’t wait to play this game with you, and now we’re actually doing it. We couldn’t be more excited and we thank you for the amazing opportunity that you have all made possible.

The best is yet to come.

A year's worth of gratitude and counting,
Matt Wilson

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ron Bublitz on

      got an email from the very helpful support dept. and the key.

    2. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      I saw again and I got it but it was marked as spam.

    3. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      I didn't get a email yet with keys

    4. Missing avatar

      Ron Bublitz on

      It's been over a month and have seen no email with a key. I was expecting the full game and only checked in to see why I didn't get the actual game yet. This delay is a complete surprise and disappointment.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Coppedge on

      My confidence is restored. Thank you for getting back with me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nick Coppedge on

      I'm still missing my game key and have emailed you guys for it twice. This is shaking my trust in kickstarter and your company. Please respond..

    7. AJ the Ronin on

      I get the following error: "DX11 feature 10.0 is require to run the engine". I update window 7 with everything. Followed the troubleshooting in the game page. Don't know what to do.

    8. Leonardo Poni on

      got my key, downloaded in a heartbeat and now I'm playing fullboost on my crappy pc, evene at minumen settings the game flows great!

      excellent job PP!!

    9. Battle Damage on

      Got mine, and I'm a 'P'. It was in my spam folder too.

    10. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Got mine as a SSssstephen.
      Though I guess if old Zaid there has his aswell then they should all be pretty much out by now.
      Just in time to play over the weekend :)

    11. Zaid Fouquette on

      and there it goes. 2 hours to download. oy.

    12. Zaid Fouquette on

      I just got my steam key.

      ..but I've never redeemed a key before and I see no instructions. This hour is gonna get longer...

    13. Scott on

      Yaaay! I got mine today.

    14. Kenny Belasco on

      Remember to check your spam folder.
      Got mine, Thank you.

    15. Rakesh on

      Got mine this morning - thank you!
      Have a long long day ahead of me now..

    16. Jetse on

      Just wanted to mention that I love the way you write your updates. Clear, concise, informative and guaranteed to give your backers the warm fuzzies (generally with the last coupla lines) don't think I've ever been so proud to back something! You guys are awesome.

    17. Michael Mortensen on

      Wuhuu It was just sitting there in my mail, waiting for me. Now I'm not gonna get any work done today....

    18. Michael Mortensen on

      Can I just say that I love you guys? In a very manly way of course :)
      Now I just going to sit here and wait......

    19. Daniel Nelson on

      Dang. I didn't get mine. Checked all my spam and junk folders. Sigh...

    20. Missing avatar

      Mackenzie Mulligan on

      Name starts with M, and just got my key a couple minutes ago. Can't wait to play!

    21. Missing avatar

      Josh Taylor on

      Can confirm, name is in the J and got mine a bit ago.. I too must now suffer for the next few hours until I get home from work.

    22. Missing avatar

      JetSpike on

      My email came from wmt (AT)

    23. Mac Intyre on

      Who is the mail from, Steam, Kick-starter, PP?

    24. Mac Intyre on

      Gutted, I'm an A and no code...guess I'll just have to hold out for the 20th.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeff Oxenbury on

      My key arrived (in my spam folder) an hour ago, so they're in the J's. Now I just have to suffer through the next few hours until I can get home and install...

    26. XD Miniatures on

      Anyone know which warcasters, myrmidons, and units are coming for Ret?

    27. Eli Butcher on

      I just got key and finished installing it. Friends and family can say goodbye for the next few days. lol

    28. Cameron Youngs

      Just finished installing :) Time for Epic-ness!

    29. Andrew Piseck

      Got my key in an email last night, just got home from work and installing on steam now :D

    30. Andrew Piseck

      Being named Andy has literally never let me down.

    31. Mac Intyre on

      Alas not proof reading has thwarted me again..."upset" should read "duped".

    32. Mac Intyre on

      Great news! I'm 'A,s...' so I'll comment when I get mine so people know where we are. Oh and regards "Beta backers getting upset" you're not. Server loading is an essential part of the process, can't you just be happy it's nearing completion?

    33. Christoph Zürcher on

      Awesome. Nice to hear that they keys are sent out in alphabetical order by first and not last name ;).

    34. Andrew Pierce on

      Woot, my name pays off :D.
      BTW don't forget to check your spam folders, that's where mine was.

    35. loner1200 on

      When is asynchronous (play by mail) multiplayer going to released? I backed an extra copy specifically for someone halfway across the world.

    36. The Old Farmer on

      Is this a Beta only key on Steam or if we redeem the key are we locked in using Steam if you release the game on other digital distributors?

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrew Crystall on

      GI Joker - Yep! Heh.

    38. AJ the Ronin on

      Hey, they paid $65 to play a Beta we are doing it for free.

    39. Missing avatar

      Azhdeen on

      Sorry lost interest now, when you put the non-backers ahead of those who had already backed this project from the start.

    40. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Wait, all us non Beta backers are getting Early Access keys?
      Nice, can't complain at that.

    41. Scott on

      Holy sweet awesomesauce! That's excellent news!

    42. Jack of all games on

      Awesome news!! Can't wait to get playing! My only gripe...

      You're doing this during Gen Con week??!! AAARRRGGGHH!!

    43. GI Joker on

      Glad to be an Andrew! It's a good job they're going by first names, because my last name starts with an 'R.'

    44. Brandon Atkinson on

      I am very glad that they are taking the time to finish the game and polish it to near perfection before releasing it. I do not mind waiting for my copy then, though I am glad I did not request a physical copy as it turns out that I am moving in a months time, and could be without internet for a bit.

    45. Francisco Li on

      Thanks for the well informed updated.

    46. Missing avatar

      Peter Vanella on

      Will the Co-op and onslaught modes be compatible with one another and will they be coming earlier or later than the Fire & Ice and Dark Seduction packs?

    47. Meric Moir on

      Curses from the middle of the pack!

      Fantastic news! And a staggered release of single-player content works great for rationed game time. Something new for my WM:T addiction every few months!

    48. Zach Hoekstra on

      Thank god I didn't use my alternate account Zzfrax Zxyndrian.

      But I feel your pain Zaid. I feel your pain.

    49. Eddy on

      sweet! nice to be an eddy! should be here soon. congrats to all the team