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Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
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Posted by Privateer Press Interactive (Creator)

Greetings WARMACHINE: Tactics Backers!

We finally have all of the Limited Edition Sculpts painted by Privateer's illustrious staff painters and wanted to share them with you, all together for the first time. And a mentioned in previous updates, all of the LE Sculpts have been manufactured and are being staged to ship out in April! Get your tabletops ready!

You'll be able to learn more about these characters as well in the upcoming WARMACHINE anthology, Rites of Passage. In the meantime, you can explore the Iron Kingdoms and revel in the exploits of many of the most famous personalities from WARMACHINE and HORDES in new fiction releasing every month from Skull Island eXpeditions.

Be sure to tune into the Privateer Press 2014 Keynote streaming live on from TempleCon on Friday, February 7 and 10am EST. The video presentation will include a sneak peak at the upcoming WARMACHINE: Tactics Backer Update from WhiteMoon Dreams!

And make sure you're following our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We've been dropping all kinds of juicy previews lately!

Last, if you have moved and need to update your shipping information before physical rewards ship out in April, please do so by logging into your account and changing the shipping info there. Shipping information sent via any other method will not update your account, so please be sure to manage your contact info through

Thank you once again for all your support and enthusiasm! WARMACHINE: Tactics gets closer to being a reality every day and we can't wait to be playing it with all of you.

My most earnest thanks,
Matt Wilson


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    1. Missing avatar

      Branden Johnsen on

      @Siygess: Thank you! Thought I was going crazy and forgot what email I used to sign up... I only have one after all!

    2. Paint'Riot Studio

      Cool news !! i hope to see the miniature real in april !!!

    3. Steven Remington on

      I just wish that all those great books were printed as physical copies...

    4. Siygess on

      You folks just need to head over to here to access the backer kit for WM:T

    5. Missing avatar

      theHman on

      Hey PP, can you re-open the pledge manager?

    6. Anthony Champ on

      Wait, holy crap, what is that warjack holding in the cover!? Is this a teaser for a new warjack model coming out for Khador!?

    7. Anthony Champ on

      Damn, I'm a little disappointed in Gastone's model. Not a fan of the dual knives on a ranged warcaster. Not a huge deal, though, so I won't gripe about it any more.

    8. Bennett Tiberius Hodgins on

      That is some epic cover art! Nice work guys!

    9. marcraxus on

      Backerkit links are wrong. Need the specific one for the project, please.

    10. Koen Cooreman on

      I have found the correct link for the backerkit in an older mail regarding the kickstarter:

    11. Koen Cooreman on

      I have indeed changed adress and would like to update the information, however the link provided is not working towards this goal, can this be update so that I can update my adress information?

    12. Zaid Fouquette on

      A little sad; I can't help thinking that if that first image had been done in late July, heck even late August, we might have gotten the spectator mode and replay cam. Ah well, no use wondering about the impossible.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gearhead on

      Most excellent!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Wade Woodson

      I don't think Backerkit works like that. We can't go to the home page and sign in. You have to send us the link.

    15. XD Miniatures on

      Really wanted to get two Gastonne models. One for my pirates and one for the rest of my mercs. Darn you and your limits, PP! :-P

    16. Balgin Stondraeg

      Now let's see how many folks start begging for the pledge manager to be reopened :p.

    17. Acheldama on

      10/10 guys thank you.
      Revolver Adamska.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stepfan Huntsman on

      Damn, now i really reallt wish I'd be able to get the anthology and Tristan. Sadness

    19. Missing avatar

      Jack evans on

      Those sculpts are awesome. Elyria and andrei look great, exactly like the art. Alison and gastonne dont, but looks incredibly cool none the less.

    20. Thomas Flannery on

      Those sculpts look sweet!

    21. Edward Farkhiev on

      WOW. Can I add to my pledge???