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Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
19,829 backers pledged $1,578,950 to help bring this project to life.

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Season's greetings, WARMACHINE: Tactics Backers! The team at WhiteMoon Dreams has been hard at work to bring some great new improvements to the game. Here's the exciting news, straight from the studio:

Here is what is coming out with the upcoming patch, scheduled to release on December 15th :

 4.10 Engine Integration-4.10 engine integration is largely bug fixes, especially for Mac. Moving forward this will allow us to create Mac builds much faster and with fewer issues. You may see some more optimizations on your computer depending on your system.

Trainyard Map-Brand new Trainyard map.

New Retribution and Mercenaries Units-All Kickstarter backers will receive 7 brand new units for free. This will bring up the numbers for Mercenaries and Retribution players so that they are evenly matched with the main 4 factions. Even though these units were not part of the Kickstarter, you still receive them for free as our thanks for being part of the community. Anyone who has purchased any Retribution or Mercenaries DLC will also receive these units for free. Units include: Rahn, Ravyn, Drake, Ashlynn, Mage Hunter Strike Force, Vanguard and Nomad. You will not need a DLC code to unlock these units. They will be added to your account automatically.

Continued VFX and Optimization Improvements-Tons of new VFX and continued bug fixes and optimization.

Dynamic Tutorial- Educating new players is the name of the game. We have built a dynamic tutorial tool, which will pop up helpful information about a tactic when a player encounters it for the first time in game. There are so many hidden rules and deep tactics within WARMACHINE: Tactics, that it creates a very steep learning curve. Now, if a player encounters an unusual rule for the first time (such as Stealth), a dialogue window will pop up that explains what they are seeing in real time. Players can choose to dismiss it (it was pop up again next time they encounter it), never show this specific dialogue again, or not show any tooltips ever (for you players who already know the ins and outs of the game). We will continue to add new tooltips every patch, making the learning experience easier and more seamless for everyone. If you have a friend you have been wanting to teach WARMACHINE: Tactics, now is the perfect time.

Camera Improvements-Based on your feedback, we have removed the Free Cam option and improved the Default Camera. There are tons of options for you to customize your camera to your liking. Now it responds better to input, environmental collision, and has much smoother, more natural controls. Please continue to give us any feedback about the camera improvements.

AI Improvements-The first round of AI improvements for single player and skirmish is here! This will only continue as we build toward Dark Seduction next year. AI now more intelligently deploys, allocates focus, and chooses whether to commit to a ranged or melee attack. You should see AI improvements with every patch moving forward.

Dynamic Splash Screen-The splash screen can now be updated independently from the game, which means more current and up to date news, including sales, articles, events, community features, and contests.


Physical Disk-The physical disk is just about ready to be sent off for manufacturing. We wanted to be sure the build that was put on the physical disk was as bug-free and feature complete as possible, and we figured that everyone would want that to include the latest Mercenaries and Retribution units. Once this patch is completed, we will send off the build to the manufacturer – then it’s just a quick turnaround time while artwork is made and the DVDs are printed before they are out the door to you. The installer is Steam based, but you do NOT need to be connected to Steam in order to play the offline content. You WILL need a Steam account if you want to play the online multiplayer content. You can also download any updates by connecting to Steam. This DVD will only work for 64bit PCs, but if you are a Mac or 32bit user, we will have an online hosted installer for you.

(We'll keep you updated on the delivery timeline once we are given that information from the DVD manufacturer.)

More to come in the weeks and months ahead! 

All the best to you during this season of thanks,
Matt Wilson

Major Update to WARMACHINE: Tactics!


Greeting WARMACHINE: Tactics Backers!

WhiteMoon Dreams has just completed a significant upgrade to the game which brings with it a number of improvements. Here is the information direct from the studio:

Unreal Engine 4.9 integration —The most noticeable impact to users will be a boost in performance and stability across most computer configurations. Players on lower end spec machines should be able to play the game with much better success now. 

Improved Scenario Visuals — Scenario flags have updated artwork and VFX to more clearly indicate when a zone is neutral, contested or under a faction’s control. When under faction control, the flag will change to that faction’s logo. 

New Retribution of Scyrah units — Good news for Retribution players! We’ve added the Chimera Warjack and Halberdier, totally free to those who already play Retribution. 

Here's a summary on the new units: "The Chimera Warjacks and the Houseguard Halberdiers join the forces of the Retribution of Scyrah in their fight to save their gods. The ranks of the Houseguard make up the bulk of the Iosian military might, and the Halberdiers serve as the front line for such forces. They serve both offensively with their strong, brutal charges to cut into the enemy, and defensively with shields locked and their halberds set to receive the enemy charge. The Chimera light Warjack is used to help extend the influence of their Warcaster through its Arc Node. To aid in this task, House Shyeel artificers have outfitted it with the Phantasmal Field to help deflect enemy gunfire and spells, and Apparition aids in allowing the warjack to disengage from enemies in order to bring it's Arc Node where it's needed most. With these additions to the Retribution's arsenal, magic wielders all over Immoren have much to fear.” 

Wreck Markers — Wreck markers are now in the game! Thanks to new art and VFX, when a Warjack is destroyed it will turn into battlefield debris and affect the game via rough terrain and cover. 

Measuring and LOS Tool — Many players have requested a measuring tool, so now you've got one! The measuring tool can be accessed by pressing “Alt+Left Click” and is useful for planning attacks, measuring distances between units, and line of sight. 

New Splash Screen — We’ve completely overhauled our splash screen to create a better user and community experience. The new splash screen serves as a hub for community information on tournaments, contests, patch notes and much more! 

New VFX and visual improvements—T ons and tons of visual effects improvements. The game looks better and more accurately displays information. 

UPCOMING — Our next 2 sprints will focus on multiplayer and matchmaking improvements, as well as many new Retribution and Mercenaries units, a new multiplayer map, 2 list format and store browsing improvements, as well as the physical disk for Kickstarter Backers who pledged for the War Chest, and a direct download option for those not wishing to obtain the game through Steam. 

32 Bit Systems — If you are playing on a 32bit system, here is a trick to get the game playing more smoothly: 

1. Bring up the start menu. 

2. Type CMD in the search bar. 

3. Right click on the CMD.exe and select "Run as Administrator" 

4. in the Console type "BCDEDIT.EXE /SET INCREASEUSERVA 3072" and press enter. 

5. Restart computer.

More news to come as we have new developments to share.

Happy Halloween!

Matt Wilson

Digital Artbook Ready for Download! (And more!)


Greetings WARMACHINE: Tactics backers!

I'm pleased to announce that for those of you who backed a reward that included the Digital Art Book, the book will soon be ready to download from your Backerkit account. An email notification will be sent shortly from Backerkit that will provide a link to login and perform the download.

In other news, development continues on WARMACHINE: Tactics. WhiteMoon Dreams is currently working on the Dark Seduction single-player mission pack while also continuing to build the remaining features and UI improvements. Here's a status update directly from WhiteMoon Dreams, which includes information relevant to the most recent patch:

"During 4.8 Unreal Engine integration, Mac released their new OS El Capitan. 4.8 engine integration already makes major improvements to optimization, tools, and features in the game, but also forced us to spend a lot of time rewriting many of our systems so that they can remain compatible with the new Unreal Engine. During this time, both a new engine update 4.9 and a new Mac OS El Capitan released. Mac is currently not playing nicely with the engine changes and in all likelihood, any users who have already upgraded to El Capitan will have issues playing the game. We can’t release a patch without making it available for Mac users as well – we ran into a similar issue with the newly released OS not being fully supported when Mac made the leap to Yosemite, and had to wait until Epic or Mac fixed the issues with the drivers. Right now we are working on finding our own workaround so we can release all the work we have done to you – which is so much! It’s by far our largest patch to date, with heaps and heaps of improvements and new features. We are chomping at the bit to be able to get it in your hands. It is possible that we will have to make the leap from 4.6 to 4.9 this patch, which makes additional improvements (to Mac as well, it seems) but also means more development and testing time. Right now we are unsure of what the solution will end up being, but know that we are exploring all options so that we can bring you new content. There are new (free!) units for Retribution players – improved and new gameplay tools – tons of new VFX – AI and animation fixes – bug fixes galore – and our hope is that we can also have our new splash screen in with this patch. We apologize for the delay, but development is continuing alongside fixing our Mac issues, so even if this patch gets delayed another week or two, you can be sure that also means more new content and improvements along with it. And there is so, so much more good stuff in store after this. Please, if you have any direct questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to email us at, shoot us a message on Facebook, or post on our forums."

Additionally, we know that many of you are still awaiting the game on a physical disk. Our delay in producing this is due to our desire to have the best and most complete version of the game possible available at the time we print the disk. But because we cannot forecast how long the remaining features might take, we are currently researching the possibility of producing the disks after our forthcoming 4.9 integration, and then providing a mechanism whereby you can manually update the game on your computer as new features become available. Development would continue on the game after this, but if we can make this solution work, it will get the game into your hands sooner than later. We will have more details after the 4.9 integration is complete.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

With much gratitude,
Matt Wilson

APOTHEOSIS Update — Incoming!


Greetings revered backers of WRAMACHINE: Tactics! We've got a big update for you today with a lot of information straight from WhiteMoon Dreams about what will be coming up with the game. 

First though, get ready for next week's game update when we introduce the Warcasters of Apotheosis! 

On August 18th, the game will be updated with the four Warcasters of Apotheosis, marking the completion of all stretch goal-related character content. The characters will automatically appear in the game for all backers when the patch is downloaded; no code is required.

The Warcasters of Apotheosis include:

Cygnar — Captain E. Dominic Darius and his Halfjacks

Khador — Karchev the Terrible

Protectorate of Menoth— Harbinger of Menoth

Cryx — Lich Lord Terminus

In addition to the new characters, there are some exciting new upgrades included in the update:

A new, better integrated in-game chat system has been introduced! 

New Targeting Interface and UI improvements! 

Continued improvement of performance issues. 

Remains-In-Place effects now damage units that are pushed into the effects. 

Sometime around mid-September, another patch will include 4.8 Unreal Engine integration, which will greatly improve performance and optimization, especially on lower spec machines. WhiteMoon Dreams will also be making a huge visual polish push, so expect to see continued improvements in UI, visual feedback and scenario tools, animation and VFX improvements, and more.

Physical Disc and Non-Steam Download

We also have some information regarding the physical disc reward as well as a non-steam download option. Here is the dispatch straight from WhiteMoon Dreams:

"Those of you awaiting a physical disc, we apologize for the wait. There are several features we are still working diligently to bring to the game before we feel it is finished. Hotseat mode, asynchronous play, unit painter and better matchmaking are all still on the way – these are things you paid for and require an incredible amount of resources to complete and we are a small team working on a very complex game. The release of the Apotheosis casters marks the final batch of Kickstarter unlocks units and frees up our engineers to focus on other tasks. We also need localization and translation, which requires participation from several international sources. We know this isn’t happening as quickly as you or we would like, but we’re working to bring you everything we promised. We hope that you decide it was worth the wait when you see it." 

"For those of you waiting for a non-Steam download – we have something for you sooner! Our networking engineer is going to be busy getting 4.8 Steam engine integration through the entire month of August. It is very high priority for us as it will greatly increase optimization as well as allow players on lower end machines to experience WARMACHINE: Tactics. After that, we will create a direct download for you hosted on our server. You will have full access to single player and all the Kickstarter unlocked units for LAN multiplayer and skirmish. Because you will not be utilizing Steam, certain features will not work – achievements and connecting to multiplayer players on Steam, as well as some Steam-based chat functionality. However, you will be able to connect to LAN matches and play skirmish mode against the AI. Hotseat (which will allow 2 players to play multiplayer on the same machine) will not be implemented just yet, but we’d rather get you guys playing the game in the meantime. We will regularly update the download with new content, bug fixes, the new single player campaigns, unit painter and hotseat mode once they are completed. Since you won’t have Steam access, the game will not automatically update, but we’ll be sure to let you know when there are any huge features that go into the build so you can grab it."

Custom Logo of Your Own Design

Last, If you pledged at a level that received the custom logo reward, WhiteMoon Dreams has extended the deadline to submit your design until the end of August. Please see the previous update for details and please get your design to them soon so you don't miss your chance to see it in the game!

Thank you for your continued support as we march forward to completion!

Many thanks,

Matt Wilson

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