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Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
19,829 backers pledged $1,578,950 to help bring this project to life.

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Warjacks of Apotheosis


Greetings esteemed backers of WARMACHINE: Tactics!

Get ready to crush your opposition with the unequalled might of four of WARMACHINE’s most terrifying creations! Taken from the pages of the tabletop game’s award winning Apotheosis expansion, the WARJACKS OF APOTHEOSIS are each one-of-a-kind character ‘jacks, icons of the setting, and the embodiment of their respective faction. 


Called the most sophisticated warjack ever built by human hands, the Thunderhead is powered not from steam, but rather, by the galvanic energy generated by its massive storm chamber. In battle, a pair of enormous lighting coils channels electricity into devastating pulses. Alternatively, the pulse can be narrowed into directed blasts through smaller coils bristling from the Thunderhead’s fists, the energy frying the cortexes of enemy warjacks. 

Given its staggering cost and technological complexities, there remains only one Thunderhead in Cygnar’s arsenal, reserved for only the direst of battles when its presence can assure crucial victories for the crown. 

Avatar of Menoth 

A sanctified instrument of divine wrath, the Avatar of Menoth is a warjack guided by the Creator’s hand alone. Wielding a massive blade whose name translates to “Burning Wrath” and protected by its Divine Shield, the Avatar sunders those who would oppose Menoth’s will, casting the impure down in fire and ruin. A holy vessel of the Creator, the Avatar contains no cortex, nor does it require the focus of a warcaster. Rather, it generates its own focus, the walking incarnation of the Lawgiver.  

Where the Avatar treads, the faithless fall. 


Standing nearly 17 feet high and carrying some of the most destructive weapons available to the Motherland, the Behemoth exemplifies the best qualities of Khadoran warjack design: extremely heavy armor, a devastating array of weapons, and immense strength. Each of its mighty fists is armed with integral explosive charges that deliver armor-penetrating blasts. Upon each shoulder is a bombard slaved to the Behemoth’s sub-cortex, allowing for independent targeting of each weapon. 

The Behemoth is as much a symbol to the Khadoran people of their power and imminent victory as it is a force of destruction to all who stand against them. 


For more than two hundred years the necromechanikal horror called the Deathack has haunted the wilds of western Immoren. Its considerable array of necromantic and mechanikal abilities makes it a potent addition to the armies of Cryx. A savage intellect resides in its Skulls of Hate, the infernal lanterns mounted on its shoulders that continuously utter dire admonitions and cast terrifying spells. Capable of rendering its form whole again after any battle, the Skulls of Hate make the machine seemingly immortal, repeatedly restoring it so that the Deathjack may continue its merciless slaughter. 

Striking without warning, the Deathjack voraciously devours souls and leaves nothing but death and destruction in its tracks, eagerly carrying out the dark imperatives of the Dragon Lord. 

The Warjacks of Apotheosis will be available with the next update to the game, Tuesday, April 21st. No codes necessary, they should appear in your faction rosters after the update.

Many thanks,
Matt Wilson

Spring Mega Update


Greetings esteemed WARMACHINE: Tactics backers!

Spring is officially here and there is much to share. Grab a refreshing beverage and find a comfy chair, there's a lot of info here!

Easter Bonejacks...Bone Bunnies...Bunnyjacks...?

Whatever you want to call them, they're coming soon! Keep an eye on your emails for a code for an Easter DLC skin (Bunny Bonejacks)! 

Here is information on how to activate it: 

Codes will be coming out over the course of 3 days. If you do not see yours by Tuesday 3/31, please email

Community Tournament This Weekend

The next community tournament is Easter Weekend (April 4th and 5th). 

Demo users are encouraged to participate! So let your friends know there is a free demo with full multiplayer access (with limited list and squad building options). The two demo users who place the highest will receive a full copy of the game and a battle box from Privateer Press!

The demo can be found on our store page: 

Full info on how to participate in the demo tournament can be found on the forums here:

Bulletin from WhiteMoon Dreams —DLC Skin Issue

"We are currently experiencing issues with DLC skins. We’ve identified the source of the issue and are working to resolve it. A hotfix will be going out on Tuesday 3/31 that will allow any missing unit skins to default to their base model, so that if this occurs again, your lists will not become invalidated. Once the DLC skin issue is resolved, all unlocked skins will once again become visible and available. We are getting this fixed as fast as possible and appreciate your patience!"

Warjacks of Apotheosis

Work continues on the remaining stretch goal content. Next up will be the Warjacks of Apotheosis! Here's a sneak peak at the Deathjack and the Avatar of Menoth, expected to find their way into the game sometime in April:

Bulletin from WhiteMoon Dreams — Bug Fixes

"You may have noticed our last patch included a huge improvement to optimization, bug fixes and polish! We’ve still got some units, features, and Kickstarter stretch goals to get ready for you, but we’re also continuing to add in game improvements all the time. We’re listening to your concerns, and you can expect to see more tweaks to the UI and camera on the way soon as well. If it’s been awhile since you’ve tried out the game, now would be a great time – WARMACHINE: Tactics has come a long way!"

 Here is the list of things that were addressed in last patch: 

 Announcements/New Features 

The Squad Constructor now lists alternate skins for a unit as a collapsible list underneath the base unit. 

Mercenary units are now listed beneath faction units on the Squad Constructor. 

The Hydra can now gain more than his maximum focus allocation through the Kinetic Capacitor. 

Bug Fixes Trampling Warjacks now resolve free strikes at the end of their movement. 

Canceling out of a charge no longer prevents a new charge destination from being selected. 

Changed the Grid Highlights on squares affected by spells to a less overwhelming color and style. 

The damage bonus on a ranged weapon is now properly displayed in the character information window. 

Move actions can no longer be performed after special attacks. 

Spells cast by non-warcaster units are considered combat actions. 

Units charging range of Positive Charge now get the MAT bonus on the charge swing.

Fixed an issue where a Free strike could stop a warjack from completing a run. 

The Hydra can no longer trigger Chain Attack: Grab and Smash after making a power attack. 

The Hydra can no longer use the free power attack from Chain Attack: Grab and Smash on a different target. 

Fixed an issue where Vyros's Eliminator triggered his extra movement on killing friends with blast damage, and not when killing enemies with blast damage. 

The Gun Mage Thunderbolt Runeshot can no longer push friendly units. 

Throw attacks no longer displace units of the same size as the thrown unit. 

Greygore Boomhowler can no longer make a second Fell Call after leading a Combined Melee Attack. 

Severius's Eye of Menoth spell no longer causes Death Sentence to deal damage. 

The Bonus damage from Backstab and Poison now properly stack. 

Units immune to blast damage will now take damage from Asphyious's Consuming Blight feat, as it is no longer consider blast damage. 

The Eye of Menoth spell now correctly shows the bonus RAT on a unit's ranged weapon. 

Ancillary Attack now allows all the warjack's weapons to be used. 

Ancillary Attack no longer allows a Warjack to use both their Ranged and Melee weapon when near a knocked down unit. 

Jarok Croe and the Cutthroats can no longer use Bushwack to charge a unit and then use a move action. 

Gorman, Eiryss and the Gun Mages special attacks are now listed on their unit cards. 

Flank bonus no longer affects spells, is restricted to melee attacks. 

Energizer spell movement no longer affected by Blind. 

Exemplar Errants can no longer trigger Quick Work by Killing a Friendly Unit. 

The Overrun spell can no longer trigger by killing friendly units. 

Temple Flameguard can no longer charge units behind Cloud Effects. 

Battle Mages can no longer charge units behind Cloud Effects. 

Silence of Death no longer affects ranged weapons. 

Electrify can now trigger from power attacks. 

Units that forfeit movement can no longer change facing and make a ranged attack. 

Blast Damage now inflicts the correct damage type from the parent spell or special attack. 

Log entries now indicate whether damage is blast or non-blast damage. 

The Blind effect from Gorman's Black Oil no longer blocks non-offensive spells. 

Units participating in a combined ranged attack will no longer get the Aiming Bonus if they had moved that turn. Eiryss can now Charge. 

Assault Kommando and Assault Kommando Flamethrower units now get proper charge damage on Assault and Battery charge attacks. 

Cloud Effects now grant Concealment. 

Severius' Death Sentence no longer grants rerolls to attacks from the target unit.

Digital Maps Reward Status

We have selected three maps from the game and they are in the queue to get sized and setup for download. We should have them out sometime around the middle of May. We'll send out a new update showing off the maps as soon as they are ready.

Thank you!

Many thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement! We hope you're enjoying the game!

Many thanks,

Matt Wilson



Hidden behind their impenetrable borders, a sect within the long-secluded nation of Ios is preparing for war. Once outlawed as dangerous and radical, the Retribution of Scyrah has come from the shadows to offer the elves of Ios a chance at salvation. The Retribution is convinced that by ending the rampant spread of mankind’s magic, they can stop the slow death of their goddess, Scyrah, and save their race. Armed with the power of arcanika and backed by mighty myrmidon warjacks, the army of the Retribution of Scyrah are prepared to hunt down and eradicated every last human magic user in Western Immoren. 

WhiteMoon Dreams has just completed the latest Kickstarter stretch goal adding an entirely new faction to WARMACHINE: Tactics. The Retribution of Scyrah is available as a single DLC package that includes eight new units, led by the powerful Iosan warcaster, Dawnlord Vyros! 

The Retribution will be available in the Tuesday, February 17th update to the game. Download codes will begin sending via email beginning tomorrow (Saturday, February 14, 2015). If you have not received your code by Tuesday, February 17th, please contact and let them know you did not get your download code. 

Please be sure that your spam filters are set to accept email from so that your code does not get sucked into oblivion. 

Get ready to fight for the salvation of Scyrah! 

We currently have the final files for the Digital Map Packs and are preparing them for download for all backers who pledged for this Add On reward. Watch for an upcoming update and instructions on how to obtain the PDF files, soon. 

Also in progress is the Digital Art Book. We hope to update you further on this in the next few weeks. Work continues on the remaining content and rewards.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support and enthusiasm!

With a big candy heart full of gratitude,
Matt Wilson

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


When it comes to these mercenaries, none of them could be confused with good people. But there is no doubt they are good at what they do! As for the bad and the ugly, that just comes with the territory… In the latest update, get ready to meet three of the most infamous mercenaries in the Iron Kingdoms along with a henchman only a villain could love! (You'll find them in your Mercenaries roster upon your next updating of WARMACHINE: Tactics, if you haven't done so already.)

Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
“Your coin today, theirs tomorrow…”
Despite several decades of offering her skills for hire and earning her reputation through word of mouth, Eiryss is still largely a mystery to the mercenary community as well as those who hire them. Her modest fees, dispassionate professionalism, and lack of any apparent allegiance only beg the question of why she has chosen this particular trade. Some believe the money means nothing to her at all, but none would argue her value at any price. A ruthless and efficient killer, the Iosan assassin is most well known for her grim specialty: hunting and slaying warcasters.
(Works for: Cygnar, Khador and Retribution of Scyrah) 

Greygore Boomhowler
“I’m not a fell caller, I’m a bloody legend!”
Trollkin fell callers command a power of voice that staggers the imagination, capable of invoking supernatural effects through song alone. Greygore Boomhowler claims to be the reincarnation of Bragg, the most legendary fell caller in trollkin history, revered as much for his lust of procreation, booze and battle (in that order) as for his vocal prowess. Despite being an admitted outcast of his own people, Boomhowler relentlessly works to embody this vision of Bragg, sometimes to the consternation of those who have hired him. But the effectiveness of his voice in battle is unquestionable, and those capable of tolerating Boomhowler’s bigger-than-life presence have enjoyed the distinct tactical advantage this mercenary can deliver.
(Works for: Cygnar, Khador and Cryx)  

Jarok Croe
“No task too dirty, no task too bloody, no one untouchable.”
A notorious murderer and shameless opportunist, Jarok Croe is most valued by his clients for his effectiveness against arcanists. His mechanika pistol, Hiss, can neutralize spell casting and with his combination of stealthy movement and a poisoned blade, no target will keep Croe from his payday.
(Works for: Khador, Protectorate, Cryx) 

“No rest for the wicked.”
Jarok Croe has assembled a murderous team skilled in the arts of stealth, ambush and the hunt. Trained to make surprise assaults at range then quickly close to cut throats in melee before slipping back into the safety of the shadows, these cold blooded killers and their unconventional tactics have baffled and decimated forces of considerable strength and experience.
(Works for: Khador, Protectorate and Cryx) 

Coming Soon
There are many more rewards still to deliver and we're working at getting them all out as soon as possible. Currently in progress are the digital art book and PDF map pack, which we hope to be shipping in the next 6-8 weeks or sooner. And just around the corner is the Retribution of Scyrah, so stay tuned and watch out for the updates on the upcoming angry elves!

Thank you!
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement! We're looking forward to bringing you more WARMACHINE: Tactics over the coming months and hope you will continue to enjoy the game with us.

A New Year of Thanks,
Matt Wilson



Greetings WARMACHINE: Tactics Backers!

Development on our stretch goal rewards continues forward and we are pleased to announce the release of the next block of Mercenary content. Four new merc units, described below, will be available to you when you next update to the new build, released today: 

For the mercenaries of the Iron Kingdoms, war is business and business is booming! Now get ready to meet your new CEO and his executive board… 

Today’s update brings you an all-new Mercenary Warcaster and three Warjacks for his battlegroup allowing you to play an all-Mercenary squad in WARMACHINE: Tactics! 

Magnus the Traitor (Warcaster*) “By my sword and the blood of my enemies, I will leave an immortal legacy.” Asheth Magnus works with the inexhaustible energy of a man utterly devoted to his purpose, which is survival and revenge. Once a loyal servant of Cygnar’s deposed king, Vinter Raelthorne, Magnus now sells his services to the highest bidder as he bides his time, preparing for the return of his exiled liege. A formidable warcaster and unparalleled tactician, Magnus’ mastery of warfare is as feared as it is in demand throughout the Iron Kingdoms.  
* Magnus the Traitor can only be included in a Mercenary faction squad. 

Mangler (Heavy Warjack*)
Originally hammered together from an assortment of scrap materials, the Mangler has quickly become a favored heavy warjack chassis among the mercenary companies of the Iron Kingdoms. Equipped with a massive spiked ball of riveted iron, the Mangler can smash through enemy formations in a single swing. The huge spike on its left arm is wicked in close combat and also leaves its hand open to execute throw power-attacks, making the Mangler as versatile as it is deadly.
*Mangler can be included only in a Mercenary faction squad. 

Renegade (Light Warjack*)
Asheth Magnus’ magnum opus is a testament to his intuitive skill with mechanika. Based on the chassis of decommissioned Cygnaran ‘jacks, the Renegade exemplifies Magnus’ approach to war: overwhelming aggression accompanied by a total commitment to each battle. Armed with a savage chain-driven shredder scrapsaw and a one-shot obliterator rocket, whose powerful concussive blasts are able to toss troops like ragdolls, the Renegade is devastating in both close combat and from afar. But its most valuable feature is its arc node, allowing Magnus to channel spells from a distance — a coveted ability unique among mercenaries in the Iron Kingdoms.
* Renegade can be included only in a battlegroup controlled by Magnus. 

 Talon (Light Warjack*)
Originally developed as a frontline Cygnaran warjack, the Talon is a common sight in today’s black markets and salvage yards. Though retired from the Cygnaran armory in favor of more technologically advanced chassis, the Talon remains a favorite among mercenary companies for its reliable effectiveness in almost any situation. The Talon’s Stun Lance, while lethal against soldiers, has the added benefit of being able to stall enemy warjacks, making them easier to hit and unable to run or charge. Its spiked shield provides increased protection and a secondary weapon in close combat. Simple, but effective, the Talon will remain a staple of mercenary and freelance forces for many years to come.
* Talon can be included only in a Mercenary faction squad. 

Please note that Magnus the Traitor, Mangler, Renegade and Talon can be played only in a Mercenary faction squad. As Magnus is currently the only available Mercenary warcaster, the Mangler, Renegade and Talon can only be included in a battlegroup with Magnus. Once additional Mercenary warcasters are introduced, Mangler and Talon (but not Renegade) can be included in those warcasters’ battle groups. 

Also included in today's update is our first multiplayer scenario, Capture & Hold. Hold flags and control zones to accumulate points during a match for a whole new way to achieve victory in battle! 

We are still getting a high number of Backers contacting us about not receiving a Steam key for the game yet. Steam keys were sent to all backers in August. If you have not received your key, it most likely was consumed by your spam filter, and as it’s been quite a few months, has likely been purged since. If you cannot locate your missing key in your spam folder, please first configure your spam filters to accept email from WhiteMoon Dreams, and then contact and let them know you need to have your key resent. They will be happy to get it right out to you. 

Many thanks for all of your continued support and encouragement. We look forward to fulfilling more of your rewards after the first of the year, and wish you a holiday season filled with happiness and joy. 

With boundless thanks,
Matt Wilson