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Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
19,829 backers pledged $1,578,950 to help bring this project to life.

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APOTHEOSIS Update — Incoming!


Greetings revered backers of WRAMACHINE: Tactics! We've got a big update for you today with a lot of information straight from WhiteMoon Dreams about what will be coming up with the game. 

First though, get ready for next week's game update when we introduce the Warcasters of Apotheosis! 

On August 18th, the game will be updated with the four Warcasters of Apotheosis, marking the completion of all stretch goal-related character content. The characters will automatically appear in the game for all backers when the patch is downloaded; no code is required.

The Warcasters of Apotheosis include:

Cygnar — Captain E. Dominic Darius and his Halfjacks

Khador — Karchev the Terrible

Protectorate of Menoth— Harbinger of Menoth

Cryx — Lich Lord Terminus

In addition to the new characters, there are some exciting new upgrades included in the update:

A new, better integrated in-game chat system has been introduced! 

New Targeting Interface and UI improvements! 

Continued improvement of performance issues. 

Remains-In-Place effects now damage units that are pushed into the effects. 

Sometime around mid-September, another patch will include 4.8 Unreal Engine integration, which will greatly improve performance and optimization, especially on lower spec machines. WhiteMoon Dreams will also be making a huge visual polish push, so expect to see continued improvements in UI, visual feedback and scenario tools, animation and VFX improvements, and more.

Physical Disc and Non-Steam Download

We also have some information regarding the physical disc reward as well as a non-steam download option. Here is the dispatch straight from WhiteMoon Dreams:

"Those of you awaiting a physical disc, we apologize for the wait. There are several features we are still working diligently to bring to the game before we feel it is finished. Hotseat mode, asynchronous play, unit painter and better matchmaking are all still on the way – these are things you paid for and require an incredible amount of resources to complete and we are a small team working on a very complex game. The release of the Apotheosis casters marks the final batch of Kickstarter unlocks units and frees up our engineers to focus on other tasks. We also need localization and translation, which requires participation from several international sources. We know this isn’t happening as quickly as you or we would like, but we’re working to bring you everything we promised. We hope that you decide it was worth the wait when you see it." 

"For those of you waiting for a non-Steam download – we have something for you sooner! Our networking engineer is going to be busy getting 4.8 Steam engine integration through the entire month of August. It is very high priority for us as it will greatly increase optimization as well as allow players on lower end machines to experience WARMACHINE: Tactics. After that, we will create a direct download for you hosted on our server. You will have full access to single player and all the Kickstarter unlocked units for LAN multiplayer and skirmish. Because you will not be utilizing Steam, certain features will not work – achievements and connecting to multiplayer players on Steam, as well as some Steam-based chat functionality. However, you will be able to connect to LAN matches and play skirmish mode against the AI. Hotseat (which will allow 2 players to play multiplayer on the same machine) will not be implemented just yet, but we’d rather get you guys playing the game in the meantime. We will regularly update the download with new content, bug fixes, the new single player campaigns, unit painter and hotseat mode once they are completed. Since you won’t have Steam access, the game will not automatically update, but we’ll be sure to let you know when there are any huge features that go into the build so you can grab it."

Custom Logo of Your Own Design

Last, If you pledged at a level that received the custom logo reward, WhiteMoon Dreams has extended the deadline to submit your design until the end of August. Please see the previous update for details and please get your design to them soon so you don't miss your chance to see it in the game!

Thank you for your continued support as we march forward to completion!

Many thanks,

Matt Wilson

Digital Logos


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Soundtrack Incoming!


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Warjacks of Apotheosis


Greetings esteemed backers of WARMACHINE: Tactics!

Get ready to crush your opposition with the unequalled might of four of WARMACHINE’s most terrifying creations! Taken from the pages of the tabletop game’s award winning Apotheosis expansion, the WARJACKS OF APOTHEOSIS are each one-of-a-kind character ‘jacks, icons of the setting, and the embodiment of their respective faction. 


Called the most sophisticated warjack ever built by human hands, the Thunderhead is powered not from steam, but rather, by the galvanic energy generated by its massive storm chamber. In battle, a pair of enormous lighting coils channels electricity into devastating pulses. Alternatively, the pulse can be narrowed into directed blasts through smaller coils bristling from the Thunderhead’s fists, the energy frying the cortexes of enemy warjacks. 

Given its staggering cost and technological complexities, there remains only one Thunderhead in Cygnar’s arsenal, reserved for only the direst of battles when its presence can assure crucial victories for the crown. 

Avatar of Menoth 

A sanctified instrument of divine wrath, the Avatar of Menoth is a warjack guided by the Creator’s hand alone. Wielding a massive blade whose name translates to “Burning Wrath” and protected by its Divine Shield, the Avatar sunders those who would oppose Menoth’s will, casting the impure down in fire and ruin. A holy vessel of the Creator, the Avatar contains no cortex, nor does it require the focus of a warcaster. Rather, it generates its own focus, the walking incarnation of the Lawgiver.  

Where the Avatar treads, the faithless fall. 


Standing nearly 17 feet high and carrying some of the most destructive weapons available to the Motherland, the Behemoth exemplifies the best qualities of Khadoran warjack design: extremely heavy armor, a devastating array of weapons, and immense strength. Each of its mighty fists is armed with integral explosive charges that deliver armor-penetrating blasts. Upon each shoulder is a bombard slaved to the Behemoth’s sub-cortex, allowing for independent targeting of each weapon. 

The Behemoth is as much a symbol to the Khadoran people of their power and imminent victory as it is a force of destruction to all who stand against them. 


For more than two hundred years the necromechanikal horror called the Deathack has haunted the wilds of western Immoren. Its considerable array of necromantic and mechanikal abilities makes it a potent addition to the armies of Cryx. A savage intellect resides in its Skulls of Hate, the infernal lanterns mounted on its shoulders that continuously utter dire admonitions and cast terrifying spells. Capable of rendering its form whole again after any battle, the Skulls of Hate make the machine seemingly immortal, repeatedly restoring it so that the Deathjack may continue its merciless slaughter. 

Striking without warning, the Deathjack voraciously devours souls and leaves nothing but death and destruction in its tracks, eagerly carrying out the dark imperatives of the Dragon Lord. 

The Warjacks of Apotheosis will be available with the next update to the game, Tuesday, April 21st. No codes necessary, they should appear in your faction rosters after the update.

Many thanks,
Matt Wilson