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Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
Turn-based tactical combat for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.
19,829 backers pledged $1,578,950 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Francesco Frazza on

      @Chris Hull:

      Yeah... That we are not getting the cryx/cygnar campaign after all those years is really lame.

      The single-player content was the only semi-valuable thing in the game from my point of view, since multiplayer is deserted and anyway we are already an edition ahead with no hope to see the game being supported or updated....

      Giving us at least what we paid for, so the unlocked single player content, would be a bare minimum, but Privateer Press has changed since the 2013 when we backed it, and now its clear that it doesn't care for its customers anymore.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dennis Daniel Stern on

      Did anyone ever receive the "physical" copy of the game ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Hull on

      So, Privateer press just released a video using the same engine and models of this game. When will we see the promised campaign for cryx/cygnar or even the khador/menoth one? I mean it's been three years almost since the release of the game....

    4. Missing avatar

      Jan Keitzl on

      Sorry about the last comment. "Scam" is too harsh.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jan Keitzl on

      I am still waiting for all content to be released! And the game does not work after the last patch!
      It seems like a scam to me.

    6. michael chumley on

      When can we expect our non-steam option?

    7. Missing avatar

      carlos on

      Soooo, a few years after release and I still haven't played it. What gives?

    8. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      @michael chumley Nope. Still waiting. Probably will be waiting until the sun burns out. Or until I knuckle under and go with the Steam option. Assuming they will even provide me with the Steam keys this many years later. It's really very disheartening.

    9. michael chumley on

      I am guessing that I am not the only one still waiting on my non-steam option.

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian Fox on

      Hi! When did physical disks ship? After I got the Warchest, I haven't had a single physical product appear. Who do I contact about it?

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      @George Reference the original FAQ.

      "How will the game be distributed? Will it be on Steam?

      Once we submit and are approved by Greenlight, we will be distributing through Steam. We will also distribute through other platforms, which we will announce as they are confirmed."

      I only pledged because of that statement. I cannot imagine that I was alone. That was three years ago. The game has been out since November, 2014. There is no reason, other than sloth, why it should not have since been made available on other platforms.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      @Kyle W Some of us choose not to use Steam for various reasons, ranging from the technical to the philosophical. The fact that Steam is free is immaterial. Use of Steam was not indicated to be obligatory for this KS, yet that has since been revealed to be, for all practical purposes, untrue. The game has been out for almost two years, and I have yet to play it because I cannot access it from a medium other than Steam.

      @michael chumley That remains to be seen. After I sent an email to the designated address requesting the gimped version on disc, I received no response. That was months ago. I frankly do not expect to hear anything back, ever. At this point, I'm simply glad my pledge wasn't more substantial.

    13. Troels Rohde Hansen on

      Why would it be a problem to make a Save and Quit feature? I don't want to have to sit for 3 hours or have the game running while I am at work. I get why you can't have it save all the time, would make the game too easy. But a save a quit feature like FTL.

    14. George

      for a real question, I, like many others ignored this for the last couple of years. I just pulled out the disc and decided to install it. I have steam on my computer for my son, so no issue there.

      Is there any guide or list of all the DLC, skins, etc that we are supposed to have and how to install them?

      I got the beta access, but never used it. My son tried but it was so buggy he never went back, so we have no clue what we should have etc.

    15. George

      It says clearly that it is set in the "steam-powered world" :)

    16. saint1012 on

      I just don't buy their stuff anymore. What a waste of money this was...

    17. michael chumley on

      @ Kyle
      I think it is that some do not want to use Steam, and we were told that it would be available in other formats. So being told now that we have to use steam, or we can not get the full game (not even counting multi-player) is upsetting. Same as for me, it was sold as PC or Mac, now they are telling us that it will not really work on the Mac.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kyle W. on

      @Robert - just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "non-Steam-using backers"? Are you unable to download Steam? It's free.

    19. michael chumley on

      But at least you will get a gimped version that you can play. According to an email from them "Due to the compatibility issues between Unreal 4 and the current Mac OS, the engineers at WhiteMoon Dreams have been unable to assure it’s going to work" As I use a Mac and it was very clearly stated that this would be Mac compatible it is looking like it is not going to be true. So first they promised us that it would be available in more ways than steam, second that it would work for either PC or Mac. So not really, but kind of a lie on top of a lie.

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I stopped paying close attention to the updates over a year ago because they were useless to me without an actual copy of the game. On closer scrutiny, I now see that I can get a gimped version on disc that can't be used for multiplayer -- a feature that has been incorporated into countless PC games since the 1990s, but is now apparently unrealizable without the use of Steam. I guess a fraction of the promised value for my pledge is better than none at all.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      From the project FAQ:

      "How will the game be distributed? Will it be on Steam?

      Once we submit and are approved by Greenlight, we will be distributing through Steam. We will also distribute through other platforms, which we will announce as they are confirmed."

      When do the creators intend to deliver the game to non-Steam-using backers? Please answer the question, even if the answer is "Never." I have asked again and again for two years and been ignored every time.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kyle W. on there any way to transfer my game and backer rewards to someone else? I backed this at the beginning, and it was (sorry) a massive disappointment for me. I've played it once and have no desire to play it again. I just have this game in my steam account and $40 gone.

    23. Gage Conklin on

      Hey Guys

      We are excited to announce the Spring Casual Tournament! This will be the first casual tournament with the new 25 point maps.Time: Sat, May 14th, 12 PM PST

      For further information go to…!

    24. Travis Marg on

      If we've updated our address in the BackerKit, it will apply to the shipping of the physical discs, correct?

    25. Missing avatar

      damon dewitt on

      When dose the map pact come out?

    26. Kai Barnard

      Now yours for a $ on humble....see things like this, convoy and bedlam make me think backing computer games is mostly a waste of money

      ...add in the amount that never wrap up....

    27. Scott Christofersen on

      so... finally got around to downloading on steam and get nothing but a pastel rainbow screen with the sound playing in the background. Has anyone got suggestions for getting this to run on OSX? My system easily meets the recommended requirements.

    28. Missing avatar

      Drachnien on

      @Karl P. André Jr: use the contact me option when you click on Privateer pres logo up in the right to let them know

    29. Karl P. André Jr on

      My Shipping address has changed what do I need to do to make sure I get my Physical Copy of the game?

    30. Missing avatar

      Pierre-Eric Raby on

      Ashlynn and Vanguards?
      I love you guys!
      Viva la Revolution!

    31. Missing avatar

      niccolo rivera on

      Sorry juste realized clicked onthe wrong kickstarter. could you please remove these to comments.
      Sorry again!!

    32. Missing avatar

      niccolo rivera on

      Hello i've been charged for 190 dollars for thhi kickstarter, would like to know why.
      Thanks a lot

    33. Missing avatar

      KS Fan on

      Any Bablyon 5 or Deep Space Nine fans out there? Trying to find fellow fans to support a small indie game that's fun. Big indie is like battletech returns which I figure most of us here are already supporting.

    34. Chris Sanderson on

      Thank you for the very fast follow up on the below!

    35. Chris Sanderson on

      I just got billed $45 on my credit card for some reason from this Kick Starter ??? Being as my backer level was $20 and that was paid years ago, I would like some rather swift updates on what exactly this charge was for??

    36. michael chumley on

      Enough of this, send us our game already.

    37. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Well the DOTA deathripper courier seems to be in game - are we ever going to get the keys for them sent out?

    38. Missing avatar

      Mohamad Salehudin Bin Abdullah on

      Just over a year and still no physical game. What is going on? Does it take more than 12 months to make a CD?

    39. michael chumley on

      Two years post funding and still not game, very little information in last update. I am rapidly getting past the stage of frustrated this, and starting to get mad.

    40. michael chumley on

      Here it is again one more month down, and still no word on when we will be getting our physical copy, we are still waiting.

    41. Hell-Nico on

      Well, if by finished you mean "crash every 10 minutes, look blurry as hell (that blur, guys, please, stop), with a extremely poor UI (it look like a UI for a prototype, not a polished game) and a campaign with cinematic that look like place holder" then yes, you could say it's finished...

      But to me, it still look like a rough alpha.

    42. Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sin on

      But, it's already finished, isn't it ?

    43. Hell-Nico on

      Devs ?
      Hello ? Is anybody home ?
      Please let us know what's up, it start to look a bit worrying for us backers, you know, the guys who have put money in that project hoping we would get regular news on what should be a good game.

    44. Nostromodamus on

      Game still crashes every time I play it.

      Hopefully the physical copy will be more stable.

    45. Hell-Nico on

      Hello devs !
      I was checking the news on the game and I've find nothing new since the 3.17.15 almost 4 month ago.

      Have you anything for us ?

    46. michael chumley on

      Here it is one more month down, and still no word on when we will be getting our physical copy.

    47. Missing avatar

      KS Fan on

      Hey for adventure game fans like Sierra's hero quest there's a second round kickstarter for hero u by transolar games. By the way there's also DEV updates on the steam discussion pages for warmachine tactics.

    48. michael chumley on

      So another month down, any word on when we can play this? Still waiting on my physical copy.

    49. Jack Petrucha on

      Ciao, I have the same issue, re downloaded a few times and still broken maps. I don't want to piece together little pictures when I have a 60 inch printer sitting here just aching to print some mappage for me.

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