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I am making my first ever Solo CD!! It is already in process and recording will take place later this month!
I am making my first ever Solo CD!! It is already in process and recording will take place later this month!
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Week of successful recordings!! check out the video!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to let you know that this week has been full of successful and amazing recording sessions. One small tragedy happened on Tuesday: I dropped my  fiddle in my music class, I split the top wide open. It was shocking and horrible especially in front of the kids, but they were sweet. One little girl said, “Miss Sarah you didn’t mean too, it’s ok.” Well, anyway, it is ok, I was not able to play on my fiddle for the session, but in not even one days time I had a stack of amazing fiddles to choose from, from all of my dear fiddle playing friends. I am playing on one that i feel sooo happy with, like actually it was a blessing. Weird how things work sometimes. Anyway, no harm done, my fiddle is with the fiddle doctor and getting fixed, apparently the split is in the best place, not by the soundpost or the bass bar. It added some excitement to the whole beginning of the project!!!

We began at Don Godwin’s studio at the Can Factory in Gowanus with the Veveritse Brass band. It is beautful sounding room, Don and Joe worked together getting great sounds, Rima and I recorded live with our vocals and the whole song sounds wonderful!!! Patrick Farrell did an amazing arrangement that couldn’t be any more perfectly suited for this tune and for my imagination of the song! 

Then Friday we recorded most all of the other songs at my house. We turned my front room into a little fort full of quilts and pillows and upside down couches! Pretty cozy and sounded excellent. Just to have all those lovely people in one place is exciting to me but to get to play music all day with them took my excitement to an ecstatic level!!! We made music all day and night, I can’t begin to go tune by tune to tell you all the details, maybe in another email, but they sound really great, I am thrilled!! I know that I have said I am making some sort of solo album but really thats the wrong title. Each musician on this album has such an individual sound and musical taste, they all have contributed to this wonderfully deep and rich sounding album. Their ideas and visions for each tune have been part of every step creating these songs. I so grateful for each of them. 

I have attached a clip of one of the takes of Willie the Weeper, Joebass took this while we were recording. This is just to give you a sense of our recording experience, most everything was done live, I am proud of that. I hope that will convey the energy more truly! Enjoy and thank you sooo much for your support. I am happier than I ever could have imagined with how this album has turned out and it’s not even over yet!!!

I’d like to list all the musicians that have been part of the recording session this week, I am so grateful for all their contributions and energy they have given to this record!!!!!

Rima Fand-violin, vocals

Kyle Sanna-Guitar, vocals

Raphael Mcgregor-Lap Steel, vocals

Brandon Seabrook-Banjo

Scott Kettner-Drums

Adam Matta-Beatbox

Craig Judleman-Violin

Jason Sypher- Bass

Sxip Shirey-Airship soundscape

Joe Dejarnette-Guitar

Patrick Farrell- Accordion, mid horn, piano

JR Hankins-Trumpet

Quince Marcum-mid horn

Emily Geller-bass drum

Luke Schneiders- snare drum

Greg Squared-saxaphone

Michael Winograd-clarinet

Don Godwin- Tuba


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