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Developed with Unreal 4, Skara is the first MOV (Multiplayer Online Versus). A Fighting Game in arenas for up to 16 players at a time.
Developed with Unreal 4, Skara brings versus fighting to the online multiplayer scene, where up to 16 at a time compete to dominate a world wracked by cosmic destruction.
Developed with Unreal 4, Skara brings versus fighting to the online multiplayer scene, where up to 16 at a time compete to dominate a world wracked by cosmic destruction.
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Update#13 - Durno


In the time it takes to draw a breath, our entire world was lost.

-from the Chronicles of the Durno People

It would not be easy to find adequate comparisons to the large empire built by the Durno people. In this planet, the achievements of Charlemagne may suffice. If Charlemagne had had one son as skilled as he, and that son had had an equal son, then perhaps one could imagine the extent of the success enjoyed at one time by the Durno. Their chief enemies have always been the Tamvaasa, to the north.

Ruling from the fortified city of Jotheim (which in Durno means Place of Protection) the Durno empire once stretched in every direction.  

That is, until the time of the two suns.  

Whole cities were swallowed up, lands that were densely inhabited became empty and a mighty people were immediately brought to their knees.

Determined to fight back, the Durno are back to empire building, and will let nothing stop them on this quest.

But old certainties are no longer so certain, for instance the leadership from the House of Talé, the family of the great kings of the Durno.

Here is an excerpt from Durno history:

...When the Durno people had grown too numerous to count and filled the valleys north, south, east and west of Jotheim, the first war in Skara broke out.

A group of herders had camped near the northern forest, and were building a house there to stay when the weather was warm.

In the night, the travelling People of the Trees—Tamvaasa—broke in and killed them all, taking their flocks but leaving a few to wander back south dragging the heads of the slain as a message.

These were found by Durno, whose rage knew no bounds. 

They organized a revenge party and armed with fire and their new weapons made of material harder than stone, they found a group of Tamvaasa, burned their homes, slaughtering everyone and leaving their heads hanging from the trees.

But this was not enough to cool their prideful anger, so they looked for as many of the Tamvaasa as they could find to slay without discrimination.

The tree dwellers, finding that their act had not made the southerners go away but rather brought more of them, realized they were in great danger. They committed themselves to the Warpath and entreated their cousins on the lake to do the same. 

The lake dwellers at first dismissed the requests, but admitted many nights they had seen the lights of forest fires to the South. That night, the Chief had a dream where he saw such complete destruction, even the lake was burning. Upon waking, he solemnly swore to rid the land of the invaders.

The Tamvaasa made the bond of brotherhood among themselves and began to carefully plan their attack, everyone doing as the Great Chief bid them. They travelled along the mountains south to the headwaters of the Aren River. They took captured herders and burnt them alive to trees they sent floating downstream. Once they had gathered into a mighty host, they cut across the land burning all that they saw.

A great council gathered in Jotheim to discuss what the people of the land should do. At once they decided they needed a leader to organize them and bring victory.

So they held a contest, a tournament to see who was the best amongst them. The contest lasted three days and included trials of strength, courage, and cleverness.

The elders judged. Many great fighters showed skill, but none could surpass Talé. He stood a head taller than those around him, he had the strength to fight many at once and prevail, and his eyes glinted with craftiness and a lust for death.

Talé at once trained the warriors to fight in groups. He fashioned clothing out of the hard new material to make weapons. Though heavy, it repelled the sharpest blades. There was no such thing as the art of war then, but Talé came close to inventing it. His new bodies of warriors ventured forth, looking for the Tamvaasa host.

It was not long till they found each other. The great number of Tamvaasa swept upon the outnumbered Durno like a mighty wind. Durno hid their new clothes beneath normal clothes, they also carried shields. When the Tamvaasa blades chopped at them, they failed to cut through. The Durno fought back, killing a great many before the Tamvaasa called the retreat. At once they journeyed all the way back to their homes to prepare for the coming cold.

The Durno rejoiced and honoured their new leader. They all, one by one, swore fealty to Talé. Since then his heirs have sat on the throne of Jotheim.

-From the Chronicles of the Durno people.  

Will you create a faction to overturn the existing rulers of the Durno? Will you become a lieutenant and ruler yourself? Will the Durno even return to greatness?

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