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Put the helmet in your bag. Closca collapsible bike helmets merge fashion and safety in one cool bundle. The choice for urban riders!

What is CLOSCA?

Bicycle, freedom, health and good mood link in harmony. We are thrilled to find that the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation around town grows every year and this makes us embrace the idea of a near future where more and more cities enjoy this harmony.

We have fond memories of the birth of the idea when after dining a great paella rice at the beach in Valencia - Spain  we began a heated argument about why our couples would not wear a helmet when they move around town by bicycle, being a key safety measure.

We found 2 important restrains:

• Where can I put the helmet after I use my bike?

• Why wearing a sport helmet if I seek a trendy look?

Design Proposal:

We want to offer an open source system for covers and we will promote customizing with you and also collaboration with clothing brands. Our first proposals for this launching campaign are these 6 covers based in 2 different styles. You can also find 3 exclusive hand-crafted covers: leopard, black animal print and 100% wool with ear protection. 

Rewards to our backers:

NEW!   Urban cycling promotion t-shirt - XL/ L/ M/ S/ XS.  (Reward 2)

 Promote the "CITY RIDE" with us to transform our cities in noise & smoke free environments. Can you see your city on it? T-shirt illustration by Javier Tortosa


Many bicycle accidents are the riders' fault. Mainly it is due to texting, bag caught in the wheel or shoelace in the chain. HICKIES wants to help eliminate bike accidents by prompting bike safety.

Ride with the right shoelaces and use a safety certified helmet, but do it with style using HICKIES shoelaces and CLOSCA.

Read some comments about us:

Put the helmet in your bag. The foldable System.

Our first model – turtle – is an innovative and registered system capable of reducing its volume to less than 50% of its initial one; allowing a final flat book-like shape in just one movement, with no complex mechanism and in less than one second.

Thanks to this special collapsible system, the CLOSCA helmet can be easily stowed away inside a backpack, messenger bag or tote bag when not in use. Which is perfect if you use your own bike but also a bike share program.

Life style– Go fashion with your bike…and with your helmet

Breaking out from another common rejection, CLOSCA is born to be part of the urban cyclists’ way of dressing and lifestyle. We will show that wearing a bicycle helmet does not necessarily have to be incompatible with our looks by using different interchangeable textile covers.

Our cap/hat shape covers have been designed by experts following the latest and most trendy patterns. 

CLOSCA community – you make it different.

We know about your creativity, and we also have feeling that many of you want your own unique and exclusive CLOSCA helmet.
We want to help you out customizing your helmets, and so, we will also advice you on how to make your own covers.  We will put you in contact with some of our creative designers and friends, capable of producing some of the coolest covers while meeting your preferences, making your design a reflection of yourself.

In addition, we will ask you to share with our community your best photo wearing your CLOSCA helmet and we will take advantage of social networks to assess the most liked picture and reward it with a top of the range hand-crafted bicycle that we will design within the community for the winner.

Safety comes first. All CLOSCA helmets we will deliver to backers will comply with safety standards and will be certified.

              Europe: EN 1078     /      USA: CPSC 1203 

Our telescopic design consits in 3 different parts of special EPP foam joined together with a cross strap sytem; These parts 'work as a team' in a crash. It means that one part can push against the others allowing a better shock absorption. All tests have been performed at Applus+ Idiada, one of the world’s leading companies in Testing, Inspection & Certification.

Closca insights.

(See also update section to know more about the impact tests)


In addition, we have been fortunate to count with the prestigious Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV) advice, who helped us in defining the internal shape of the helmet for better comfort and safety. CLOSCA helmets are specially designed for adapted-fitting all users, with a wide range of sizes (XS, S, M and L), defined by strict anthropometric studies, scanning people heads to define the internal shape of our helmet.

At the end of the project, we will send a survey in which you will be able to select your favourite cover and your head size. Please make sure you check it using the drawing below. It is important for a better comfort and safety.

Project status

We have been able to launch 1 out of the 4 moulds we need in order to perfectly validate our work system and our first design –turtle´s shock absorbance capability and the results were great. In the picture you can see a part of our M-zise mould.

The 3-piece strapping system has also been developed and tested for allowing a "team work" effect during a crash. We had to learn many things, including sewing.

Shipping and international taxes:  All backers will also be responsible for 50% of the shipping cost. Please, read it for each reward.

Why do we need your help through Kickstarter?

The project has been funded to date with our personal savings. It's made prototyping, tools and certification for the M-size possible. 

With your trust, we hope to raise $45,000 to fund our beautiful project – create trend in use of helmet in cities - and we will use this money for:

• Manufacturing moulds and tools for L and S sizes.

• Make laboratory tests and certification for the rest of sizes. 

• Launch first mass production we need to achieve the cost goals and put a competitive price on market.

Thank you!

In this R&D road, 2 friends from Polytechnic University of Valencia -School of Industrial Engineers colleagues, joined. Two years and a few unsuccessful prototypes later we have achieved the design that we are now introducing, turtle.

We’ve never felt alone. Such project needs the support of friends, institutions and companies, which have guided us all along.

Now, showing our work to the world, we’d like to thank all people who is giving us support and, of course, to all our backers for trusting us. We’d also appreciate your help in spreading the word and making CLOSCA happen.

& Please, remeber to promote 'CITY RIDE'

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

It is important to remark that all CLOSCA helmets we will deliver to our backers will be certified for shock absorption; this is a must as we are talking about a safety product and a potential life saver. Our M size helmet has a safety factor plus 200% on the EN1078, more than many helmets on market.

Now we have to develop the rest of sizes - L and S, manufacture the moulds and make the certification for each size before delivery to our backers before October :)


  • Yes: L, M, S. Also we will have 3 different sizes for the covers. Please, give us info about your size by measuring your head perimeter. It is very important for a better comfort and for your safety.!ergonomics/c15w0

    Last updated:
  • We will start with only 1 warehouse in Spain. Although we are sharing around 50% of the shipping cost; final cost is totally different depending on the country.

    Last updated:
  • Around 200gr for M size without the cover.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we have a global protection for our foldable system.

    Last updated:
  • We have been working with specialists to offer a wide range of options in 6 models.

    Duckbill Grey and red: 80% Acrylic + 20% wool.

    Duckbill Chequered WBR: 98% Polyester.

    Flatcap Denim and mustard: 100% cotton.

    Faltcap black waterproof: 100% cotton with a special waterproofing wax

    Last updated:
  • The internal size of the helmet has been designed according to real information we get by scanning many people heads. It means that this shape will refers to an standar shape.We will also provide each helmet with 10 small T-shape cushions that you will put on that places on where the helmet doesn't fit perfectly with your head.

    Last updated:
  • We have included in our rewards 2 different packs -10 or 20 helmets - for possible retailers who want to test Closca in their market being first in offering the product in each city.

    Benefits for backers:

    • Interesting profit since first sale. Price on market won't be defined as it is a reward.
    • Test the product with your potential customers.
    • Beginning of collaboration without any contract, we will have special care with those companies who trust in us through Kickstarter and will give preference once the product will be on market.
    • Help Closca team in launch to the market a great product.

    Please, send us a mail for any doubt or suggestion

    Last updated:
  • Backers will receive all rewards in October. Our work on that time will be intensive doing:
    • Mould manufacturing for L & S sizes
    • Validation of new sizes in Laboratory to confirm our safety certification for USA and Europe
    • Make new test and certification to meet Australian standards
    • Manufacturing
    • Shipping worldwide
    • Receive your pictures and mails from our early adopters; we can’t wait to see our backers wearing our Closca helmets :)

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    Every dollar counts!. Helping us to promote the use of bikes in cities as transport method you are helping to transform them into a noise & smoke free environments.

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    PROMOTING URBAN CYCLING T-SHIRT. Exclusive CLOSCA™ Tee to promote the ‘CITY RIDE’. Illustration by Javier Tortosa. Choose your size - XL/ L/ M/ S/ XS. (Free shipping worldwide)

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    CLOSCA LOVES HICKIES. HELMET + 1 COVER + transport bag + 2 PACKS OF 14 HICKIES OF YOUR CHOICE. At the end of the project, we will send a survey to select your favorite CLOSCA cover and 2 HICKIES color combination from 16 options. (backers shipping in Europe, please add $5, rest $15)

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    LEOPARD EDITION. CLOSCA™ HELMET + exclusive edition Leopard or black animal print cover hand-crafted by 'Las Romulas' + your favourite cover from our 6 launching designs + transport bag. (backers shipping in Europe, please add $5, rest $15)

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    EXCLUSIVE WOOL EDITION. CLOSCA™ HELMET + exclusive edition gray and yellow 100% wool cover hand-crafted by 'Mikitalapena' + your favourite cover from our 6 launching designs + transport bag. (backers shipping in Europe, please add $5, rest $15)

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    STYLE ON BIKE PACKAGE. Our exclusive hand-crafted bike + CLOSCA™ HELMET + transport bag. Choose fixed gear or single speed with brakes (shipping included)

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