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Help me manufacture and promote my new album, "Secession in Astropolis"! DO IT FOR AMERICA.

The new XYZR_KX album, "Secession in Astropolis," is recorded and ready to manufacture, promote and release!

"“But why even bother manufacturing anything when everyone is just downloading MP3s?" you may ask. Well, the truth is that I believe the physical manifestation of "Secession" is the fully realized experience.

Even though music can and should stand on its own, "Secession" was conceived as a combined sci-fi visual and aural experience, so the artwork is integral to the gestalt.

The downside to physical albums is that they both cost money to make and to spread the word. That's why Actually Records and I are looking for some help in putting this record out there.

I'm very proud of this album and would like it to reach as many people as possible, and your pledges will go directly to making that dream a reality. I appreciate whatever you can contribute and thanks everyone for all the support over the years!"

- Jon

"Please help support the new album on our record label! Jon and I have put in innumerable hours to finally make this happen and we could really use your contributions! Thanks so much!"

- Chien, "Actually, Records."


"Essential lo-fi bliss for anyone sick of cloying emo lyrics and cut-up juxtaposition." - Illinois Entertainer

”More passion than purity, more brash than composed, the sound explodes out of the speakers.” - Grooves Magazine

"Quietly earnest folk-pop, narcoleptic electronica... jaw-dropping power." - Splendid Magazine

"Enigmatic yet pleasing." – Giant Robot

"Inanomie Op. 221: #2 EP of 2006" - WNUR 89.3 FM


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    "XYZR_KX Trilogy" T-Shirt by Julia Kuo / / TruthStudyCenter (Exclusive Limited Edition)

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    Your name in the credits for posterity

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    I will record a cover version of the song of your choice

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    Signed original "XYZR_KX Trilogy" artwork by Julia Kuo

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