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By Lynette Hill
$0.00 pledged of $500,000 goal


Let's be honest: You don't go to the carnival for just the rides. You go to the carnival for great carnival food, like funnel cakes, candy apples, turkey legs, corn dogs, cotton candy, polish sausage, and more. Lynette Hill recognized this fact and came up with the million-dollar idea-to open a restaurant that serves carnival food every day. Carnival Food Year Round is not only a local restaurant, but offers Carnival foods nationally for your events and fundraising.Carnival Food provides the most popular Carnival Food choices on a daily basis. Generally you could only get these foods for 2 weeks out of a whole year when a fair is in town. In additional to the traditional items, I have put a spin on certain items and created different flavors and other “entrees” that have helped generate sales for my business. Now I’m seeking to add the outdoor fun with my delicious Carnival Food.My unique selling proposition is that everyone who enjoys fairs, enjoy the food as well. This is what makes my business notable because nowhere in the USA can you walk into a place and purchase carnival food year round. The general concept of my business is simple. We prepare/cook carnival food all year round. It operates like all other restaurants in which a customer orders, pays, and receives their order. We started out in our concession trailer selling a variety of tasty fair treats at flea markets, school events, and local festivals such as, Juneteenth, Block Party for Peace, and other annual block parties all over Memphis. My market is family oriented individuals that crave and seek a specific kind of food that is very hard to find besides when the fair is around once a year. Fortunately for us, we have no competitors. We are the only business to date that has combined the most popular profitable, fair items into one menu, all year round.  With your backing I intend to move forward with the expansion process that I have put in place. The monies will go towards either the purchase of a bld or the construction of a facility that will allow us to match the food with the fun all in one place. We will add rides, skating rink, & popular carnival games that are indoor friendly & safe.

Risks and challenges

If you've ever paid attention to how a carnival is setup, then you know that all rides are pre assembled. The only risk that comes along with a carnival based project is weather. This project is an expansion of an existing business that sells carnival food year round and this is an indoor expansion which helps defeat the only obstacle that may occur.

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