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A card game for 2-6 players. Play as fuzzy mages with unique abilities fighting to become the most magical fuzzy mage ever!
A card game for 2-6 players. Play as fuzzy mages with unique abilities fighting to become the most magical fuzzy mage ever!
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1v1 Eddie vs Phil, More Stretch Goals, and Almost to Hysteria!

Posted by Shadow Squirrel Games (Creator)


Some of our backers asked us to do a quick 1vs1 playthrough of Fuzzy Mage Fight, so yesterday Eddie and Phil sat down for a couple of duels. Things did not go so well for Phil (who blames the dice), but you can judge for yourself!

We have also updated the stretch goals to include some more great stuff and we are working on plans beyond these as well!

We are hoping to have a really strong finish to the campaign so we can include even more stuff in all of your games! Please remember to share, tell your friends, and maybe even pledge for a few more as gifts! There is nothing better than having your Christmas shopping finished in July!

Thank you all again for brining this game to life!

-The Shadow Squirrel Games Team

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    1. Shadow Squirrel Games 3-time creator on

      Definitely understand. I think a few things are at play. First, attacking successfully and defending successfully have huge rewards attached to them, namely not getting stuck in essence form. Also, Philo needed to roll a 5/6 to return to fuzzy form, which happened on the first turn. Unfortunately, that 33% chance didn't bear out over the following turns when he rolled 1-4 repeatedly, thus beating the odds in a negative sense. In a match with more than 2 players, your chances to fuse are increased, and other players will keep each other in check while you try to return to fuzzy form/fuse. But for two player matches, it is critical to try and stay in fuzzy form or hope for a good roll when you lose. All part of the strategy and chance! The first game very easily could have turned out differently had Philo won that 4 magic attack in the beginning as Atlas would have gone into essence form, been forced to fuse, and had trouble with Philo having 6 actions compared to his 4. Anyway, there are many different iterations of how things play out. Sometimes the cards and dice are in your favor and sometimes they aren't! Also, the game is meant to be pretty quick in small groups (2-3 players), and with each match in the video lasting 7-10 minutes, that is part of how it is designed. It goes quick and then you run it back with different characters! Hope that helps!

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      Christopher Piasecki

      Uh sooo after watching that game I’ve got a concern for what was happening while he was in spirit form, was that his only option to sit there rolling for a 1? Either way I kind of feel like there should be a mechanic like, if you don’t get a one next turn you need a 2 or lower than 3 etc etc especially if you get to do nothing on your turn besides roll