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"The Veil" is back, and it is better than ever! Please help us fund this project so we can achieve new levels of excellence!

"The Veil" is the story of creation seen through the eyes of God and interpreted through dance. 

"The story of Creation was inspired by a vision I had when I was 14 years-old. I was worshiping Jesus in my bedroom and I felt that Jesus was calling me to put on a production that would reveal the TRUE heart of God for His creation. My desire for you, as you watch this production, is to see God for the Creative Lover that He is. Full of joy, majesty, fun and delight in creating YOU. You were intimately, wonderfully, and specifically made; full of purpose. I hope this production touches you to the core of what it means to be LOVED. I hope you see that you are worth God's time and that His heart is focused on loving YOU." - Alexis Ziarkowski (Founder of Unity Dance Troupe)

Having first been performed in February of 2013, "The Veil" has reached new heights as we have added more detail and interpretation into the story by renovating the original production and adding several new dances. With these improvements we are presented with a difficult position of funding this production and seeing our vision for this show become a reality. Along with several other fundraising techniques, we hope to utilize this Kickstarter page to help us achieve awareness and support for our dance troupe. Through your contributions to our project and through the grace of God, we are confident that we will reach our goals for this production. We would like to thank you in advance for all your prayers, support, and your contributions to our troupe and to this production.

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The challenge of producing a show of this quality and magnitude is the hefty production costs. Some of these fees include:

-Lighting Equipment
-Set Construction
-Makeup and Hair supplies
-Professional Fees
-Advertising campaign funds

Along with these monetary challenges comes physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges as well. On a daily basis our dancers are faced with the hardship that comes with training for a show of this capacity. Our production team is also faced with difficulties, working around the clock to make preparations for the show and have everything ready for our fast approaching show date in January.


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    Our loving appreciation and an invitation to come to the shows Jan. 31 - Feb 2, 2014!

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    Autographed Program from the cast AND Reserved Seating for 2

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    All of the above PLUS an autographed VEIL Poster AND a pre-performance backstage tour led by the production crew of all the lighting and sound technology, costuming, set, makeup, and pre-show warm ups that go into creating each production of THE VEIL

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    ***All of the above PLUS an official leather animal mask designed and handmade by costume designer Lindsey Dommeyer***

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