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$527 pledged of $5,500 goal
$527 pledged of $5,500 goal

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Back to the Drawing Board!

I just wanted to thank everyone who posted funds for our project! 

We have learned A LOT since starting this project, and we will be starting it over, and changing a few things!

One of the first things we will change, is to turn our series into a Film/Movie Trilogy, instead of 4 different web seasons.  We have found partial funding for a film that we could not find for a web series.

The second thing that will change is that we will need less money from a Kickstarter Project to get things rolling like we originally planned (due to the other funding!)

Third - we have made some great contacts over the last month, and many of those amazing people will donate their time/products for free, which will also cut down on the need for a big budget!

Fourth- since most people are not familiar with Steampunk, we actually lost support.  So we will be changing the title to just "AMELIA GUNN" or "The Dark Lords".  (Which do you like better?)

Fifth- we will be going for the full 60 days, instead of less than 30 days as this project had.

---SO, Please keep an eye open for our re-submitted project over the next week or two and please return to help out again!

Thank You all for your Generous Help!!!

Matt & the Crew

Thunder Mountain Films