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A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.
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Landfill Harmonic Is Not Just A Film.

Posted by Landfill Harmonic (Creator)
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Landfill Harmonic is not simply a film. It is a movement to provide creative and simple solutions to the poorest communities which can bring powerful social transformation. We plan to use the film as the vehicle and reinforcement to what simple ideas can do to change communities. The Landfill Harmonic Movement will showcase the power of creativity, hope, empowerment and community work.  

An easy way you can help all of us reach these goals outlined below, is to click the link below, scroll down and press "Share" with a note to your friends. Or simply post the Kickstarter link to a few friends via email or other social media. If all 1,200 of us can get 1 friend to pledge at least $1, we can be at our first goal in no time.

The movement will consist of 3 phases, particularly with the funding.

1. Film Completion to showcase the power of the movement

2. The creation of the Landfill Harmonic Social Movement and infrastructure to accomplish the goals below and start other chapters through the world in areas just like Cateura.

3. The Recycled Orchestra world tour. This will bring attention to the Landfill Harmonic Movement and inspire other organizations and individuals to join in support.

Goals for Landfill Harmonic Social Movement:

To provide creative and simple solutions to the poorest communities which can bring powerful social transformation.  

  • Educational tour: Inspire potential donors and/or sponsors to bring Los Reciclados on a tour. Los Reciclados has been sponsored in the past by European Organizations to play at schools venues. Concerts would take place in a variety of venues including theaters, schools and neighborhoods with crime and violence related issues. Tour would include a series of workshops where kids can get the experience of building their own recycled instruments. 
  • Landfill Harmonic Movement: open chapters of this program in other countries.  
  • Inspire general audiences to recycle objects, restore their livelihoods and provide hope for younger generations. 
  • Educate audience through social media reach about ways to recycle.  
  • Partner up with environmental organizations to educate our audiences on sustainability topics.  
  • Encourage other organizations to give opportunities to underprivileged youth to provide alternatives to drugs and alcohol so they can learn new skills.  
  • Motivate youth to be creative and resourceful as well as re-evaluate their lives by helping them recognize what they have to succeed.  
  • Bring attention to the sanitary conditions in Cateura. Hundreds of families such as the ones that appear in the film live along a polluted creek. This is a sanitary emergency that needs to be recognized by the citizens and the government. 

Stretch Goals & Plans

Filming on location is expensive, very expensive. Our Kickstarter Goal is $175,000 which will allow us to complete the two main production trips. With that, we have created numerous Stretch Goals, which with your support, the Landfill Harmonic Movement can be so much more.

The dollar amounts below outline what we can do with amounts over our $175,000 goal:

$175,000 - $250,000 - With this additional $75,000 we will be able to set up an international appearance for use in the film and have an extra week to film in Paraguay with the equipment and the crew we need.

$250,000 - $500,000 - It will complete post-production of Landfill Harmonic. This stage includes expenses such as: picture editing, original music composition, recording of the score, music licensing, sound editing, sound mixing, color correction and final online of the movie among other post-production expenses to complete a high end finished product.

$500,000 - $600,000 - It will create the basis and infrastructure for the Landfill Harmonic Charitable Movement outreach and social campaigns.

$600,000 - $1,000,000 - It will bring the Recycled Orchestra on a World Wide Tour of music and inspiration. The larger the amount raised, the more cities we they can visit. These funds will also set up Landfill Harmonic Movement chapters and programs throughout the world. Possible locations could include Haiti, Kenya, etc. The Landfill Harmonic Social Movement chapters will focus on issues of education, recycling and poverty to inspire, raise awareness and improve conditions in places just like Cateura.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Catherine Poloynis on

      I was wondering when we could expect to receive out DVD?

    2. Missing avatar

      Gillian Reynolds on

      I'm getting concerned that you may not reach the target, and even more concerned that this would appear to mean the pledges don't then get taken. IF this happens, please will you publish other ways in which I can support this inspirational group of people?

    3. Landfill Harmonic Creator on

      No problem!

      Amazing! Thank you for your support!

      One way or the other, we will make the project happen. Hopefully, it will not come to that but..if there is a will, there is a way. We will not let anyone down that has got us this far!

    4. Joshua Taube

      Thanks for the quick reply. You already had my $50! But trying to get my mom in law involved.

    5. Landfill Harmonic Creator on

      Hi Joshua-

      The film will be completed either way (same quality). The stretch goal would be nice but we can possibly get grants or private funding to complete.

    6. Joshua Taube

      Seems like the film won't be complete without the 250,000 stretch goal. Will there be post production if you only meet the first goal?