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A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.
4,976 backers pledged $214,129 to help bring this project to life.

Last Call Extended to September 15th

Posted by Landfill Harmonic (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter backers, back in July 4th we sent out a survey to all of you that will help us fulfil your rewards. On August 3rd we requested that you submit your survey by August 31st. Still many of you have not submitted them. We have to make the very last call and announce a definite closing of the survey by September 15th, 2016. Please take note of this. Please read our previous updates to learn more. Send us a message through inbox or write us to if you have questions. Thank you for being part of our Kickstarter campaign!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Kaan Kayimoglu on

      I have not got the survey link! Please sent the survey link!

    2. Missing avatar

      Debby Reisinger on

      I think I filled out the survey but how do I know for sure?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jenny Gilbertson on

      So ... what is going in guys? Your backers have been patiently waiting for a VERY long time. Don't trash people's faith in a great project, just get the goods sent out!

    4. Katherine Burdick on

      I completed the survey and have heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It seems by the comments that I am not alone in my frustration. It is projects like this, that was started in 2013, why I no longer fund ANY Kickstarter projects. This is the second project I helped fund that did to come to fruition yet the money was taken. I am very disappointed.

    5. Julianno F C Silva on

      The survey was filled at july 4th 2016 (with e-mail confirmation) and no package was received until today. All of this is getting really ridiculous, this is a 2013 project and we´re on the way to 2017!

    6. Bissabel & frenchy friends on

      ​S​orry but i filled the survey at 4th of July, i received an email that confirms it ...
      And a did'nt receive yet NOTHING
      So ... could you check that, and send me the download code, please ????

    7. Bissabel & frenchy friends on

      Hello, sorry but i filled the survey at 4th of July, i received an email that confirms it ...
      And a did'nt receive yet NOTHING
      So ... could you check that, and send me the download code, please????

    8. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      Everyone looking for the survey - log in, go to your list of backed projects, click on messages (next to the name of this project in your list), then click on survey.

    9. Missing avatar

      Heather Platt on

      Yes please to re-sending the survey link, I have tried to find it today and in the past with no luck. I want to fill it in but have not been able to. kind regards, Heather

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Ure on

      Where do you find the link to the survey?

    11. Missing avatar

      Marian Koenig on

      I believe I completed the survey. How do I know?
      After many long years waiting for the DVD movie. I'm still looking forward to receiving it some day. I never realized when I donated it would take years to receive it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lisa Bowen on

      Hey Gorgeous,
      I can't find the link anywhere so please either post it here or resend it via email :)
      Stay Special

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Waugh on

      I went back through everything I have and can not find any survey. When I go into my account ere is no yellow notice as described by Kickstarter. I did not receive the DVD. Help?

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark Rasmussen on

      Yes please, resend the link again. It didn't work for me last time.

    15. Ysanne on

      Definitely... please send the survey to everyone again, we can't find the link that was sent way back in July. From memory, I think there may have been an issue with the original link, but for sure the only way everyone will participate and complete the survey now is if the link is re-sent. Thanks

    16. Missing avatar

      Murray Whitehill on

      Like so many, Landfill Harmonic seems to have mastered the Art of Delay.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sandra Listorti on

      I don't think I received the survey.

    18. KimberG on

      Can you resend the survey to those that haven't taken it? July 4 was a long time ago and I can't find a survey or email, nor remember if I did it.