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A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.
4,976 backers pledged $214,129 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Christian Page on

      ok come on its way past time for an update. the video has been done forever and you have not given an update in months.

    2. Vaalea D on

      Any update? also one of the perks was + Name on our website with level support acknowledgement
      Where is this located on your website? Thanks!

    3. Gretchen Anthony on

      Soooo.....this project has been funded for 2 years now, and no dvds in sight.
      You can't even be bothered to answer questions about rewards.
      Very very disappointed.

    4. Tim Goral on

      Any update on the delivery of rewards? Here it is April 2016 and you had hoped to sign a deal in Feb. While I'm being patient, I'm a bit concerned I haven't heard an update in quite some time.

    5. Nick Farago on

      Will the digital downloads be available once you secure distribution?

    6. Landfill Harmonic Creator on

      Dear all,

      To those who still wonder about why our rewards delivery has been delayed, please read previous updates to receive a full explanation.
      We were about to secure a distribution deal last December of 2015, but everything got more complicated than we expected. We hope we will secure a deal by February. Just like all of you, we cannot wait for this to happen. We want to fulfill your rewards! And we also want to share the story of the Recycled Orchestra with the entire world this year.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wheeler on

      So do you ever plan to deliver the DVD that you originally promised to deliver in June of 2014?

    8. Missing avatar

      Patrick Cicalo on

      WOW it has been a fantastic year and an honor to know that I helped in just a little way.
      All the best for 2016.
      Any update as to when the fulfillment of the DVD will happen?

    9. Missing avatar

      Cecilia Orellana-Rojas on

      Congratulations! It seems you've provided great opportunities for these young musicians to show their talent this past year. It is wonderful to hear how they have grown with the orchestra and, like Tania, continue to follow their dreams. It has taken longer than expected but that is the way life works -- and you have not only finalized the film but supported dreams along the way. We watched the film as a family and it touched our hearts. We can't wait to get the DVD later this year! Congrats again and best wishes for 2016.