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A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.
4,976 backers pledged $214,129 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Landfill Harmonic Creator on

      Adam, we have given our backers plenty of trust. Have you forgotten we gave you the chance to be among the first ones to view the film through an online screening this past September? It is the digital age that cannot be trusted. It is so easy to see the work of filmmakers and musicians leak before their release date and nobody ever knows how the leak happened. This generates great losses, especially for independent filmmakers like us. We really hope that the main reason why you decided to support this project was not for the physical rewards themselves, but because this cause touched you and made you want to be part of a positive movement for change. Please reconsider your comments before your post them. Thank you.

    2. Adam

      The earlier delays are understandable and that's not an issue to me. This isn't the first film project I've backed and it seems like many of them go down this same path where the people who funded the film are the among last people to see it. We trusted you with our money, it's a shame you do not trust your backers to refrain from pirating the film.

    3. Landfill Harmonic Creator on

      Dear backers,

      Perhaps some of you will appreciate this explanation. You must know that making a film can be a very costly endeavour. A film goes through several steps before it is released in commercial DVD format. Our film was able to secure funding for the preproduction, production and post production process through grants, loans, private sponsorship, deferrals and this Kickstarter campaign. We are at very crucial stage now, where we working hard to secure a distribution deal that will provide the necessary funding for the official release of the film. No distributors would agree to a deal if we started shipping DVDs at this time. This would generate serious piracy concerns. Once a distribution contract is signed, the film will be officially released, hopefully by the first quarter of 2016. Upon its official release, copies of the DVD will be mass produced for commercial and non-commercial ends. At that moment we will ship the discs to all our Kickstarter Backers who are entitled to a copy, in addition to other rewards we promised. We can only afford to send the rewards in one shipment. Hopefully this clarifies how the process goes. We highly recommend that you read previous updates, where you will find the explanation for why we had to postpone the film's production wrap up to almost one year. As always, we thank you for your support.


      The Landfill Harmonic Team

    4. Jabsloth on

      In other words, Adam, after you can buy the DVD at a store, they will probably ship it to us.

    5. Landfill Harmonic Creator on

      Dear Adam Alexander, please take a moment to review previous updates. We will send the rewards as soon as the official release of the film is done Thank you!

    6. Adam

      Please honor your backers by letting us know when you will deliver on rewards.