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A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.
4,976 backers pledged $214,129 to help bring this project to life.
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      Susanna Ingram on

      THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for asking Fordela to send me a new link so I could access the film. It was an extremely inspiring and emotional experience to watch it for the first time and I pretty much cried from start to finish of it. I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to support you in the making of this film and it far exceeded my expectations. Many congratulations to you and above all to everyone involved in the spirit that is this orchestra. The world needs so many more like Fabio Chavez and Don Cola to remind them to never stop dreaming

    2. Landfill Harmonic Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      We would like to ask you to please consider maintaining your generous, giving, selfless spirit and bear with us. We are a small production team struggling to find the best possible ways to reward your generosity by exhausting resources and time that we do not have at this moment. We really want to maintain a healthy relationship with our Kickstarter community, but it is hard to do so when we receive such a high number of unsympathetic and not very considerate demands on your part. We are grateful to everyone who continues sending positive and disinterested feedback to us. This is what keeps us moving.

      There are those of you just today sent complains about not having received the email from Fordela. Please note that we sent an initial update on August 27th announcing the email would go out on September 4th. On September 4th we sent another update asking that you please get in touch with us should you not receive this email or should you have any login issues so we can address them to Fordela. You had 8 days to do so.

      There are those of you who sent complains about experiencing technical issues and not receiving and answer. Please understand these are not problems caused by our Landfill Harmonic team. We have forwarded your issues to Fordela and we are waiting on their response. If your permission to view the film has been revoked it is because the system detected you tried to login more than 4-5times and tried to view the film more than 4 times. We will contact you to see if we can solve your problem. Please read this message from one of our backers that might you might find helpful:

      "I managed to watch this movie on my iPad using the Chrome browser. This movie is very inspiring. I am glad to have contributed and I hope that the kids and families will have a better life after gaining so much traction from the public. God bless to the kids, families and to everyone who contributed to make this film a success and for the better future of those living in Cateura, Paraguay."

      Those of you who missed all the announcements and dates, that is something that goes beyond what we can do for you. Please stay tuned for future messages.

      Those of you who demand their reward as of now: YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR REWARDS. As mentioned before, we first need to secure a distribution contract. This contract will require us to fulfil a number of steps before we can produce copies in DVD or Bluray format. This is a normal procedure within the film industry, so please take note.

      And overall, we ask you to please remember the moment you decided to make a pledge to support this project and remember what you felt when you learned about the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra. Find these feelings again, hold on to them, and don't let frustration or the lack of a material reward take over your initial wonderful disinterested decision to simply GIVE.

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      Susanna Ingram on

      3rd attempt: Seized up again at 1 minute 41 seconds.Giving up the attempt to see it this way and will just have to wait till you are at very long last able to send out the copy of it. Incredibly frustrating that this streaming endeavour is so hopeless.

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      Susanna Ingram on

      Well that was a massive disappointment after so many months of waiting. Tried to access the film twice and both times it locked up 22 seconds in.

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      Ilene McCartney on

      This is a tremendous piece of work. I was engaged the whole time and enjoyed the variety of themes that were running through the film. I found it very emotional but also a story full of hope and incredible commitment and strength. Thank you so much for showing me what the human spirit can achieve. My best wishes to all the children who gave such a wonderful performance, to those in the future who will learn from them and also to Favio who is an incredible mentor.

    6. Rajeswari Kailasam on

      hi - I am deeply moved, and learnt a few lessons from your beautiful artists. With love and blessings. I thought I was helping you make the movie, but little did I realize it would come back to teach me about dreaming and hard work.

      Kids - You are our future, keep going!

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      James Pritchett on

      I had the same problems as Nancy Cook reported: film was unwatchable as it froze up every two or three minutes. I would suggest extending the availability of the link and/or getting a more reliable streaming partner. What little we could see was very beautiful and we are so very disappointed that we weren't able to see the movie in its entirety.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nancy Cook on

      I have been unable to view the film at all! It froze up at :59, again (after restarting) at 1:41, and again (restart #2) at 3:00. I was promised a "digital download", not the opportunity to view the film once during one specific week. And I certainly don't have time to keep restarting the thing every three minutes in the hope of getting to view it. My computer is not buffering, it simply freezes and will not continue unless the film is restarted. I am very displeased.

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      Kay Stocking on

      This is so good, so touching, so well-done, so inspiring! Hope is possible where there should be no hope, made so evident by watching real people live real lives and find hope for a better future. And seeing that the parents are working to make their community safer and healthier - probably something they'd never have considered before Favio and Cola began acting on a hunch that music was possible for these children. Bravo! What an uplifting way to spend some of my Labor Day! Thank you!

    10. cecilia martorell on

      I've just recieved it and watched it! I'm deeply moved by the story, the film.. is so hopefull!
      thanks thanks thanks! Millones de gracias, diría en mi país!

    11. Shannon Bright on

      I just finished watching the film and it has surpassed my expectations in every possible way. This story is deeply moving, beautiful, and hope filled film—my heart is overflowing to behold the imagination, commitment, love, and dedication of all those involved. Thank you

    12. Wendy Swedberg Macdonald on

      Just watched your film - BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for shining a light on these remarkable people.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Born on

      Unfortunately i have not received the access code. Please send it again to

    14. Dorcas on

      Bravo bravo bravo! My husband and I were blown away by this documentary! Tears and smiles!

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      Rosa T. Sheng on

      I did not get the special email and checked the spam folder. Can you send again? Rosa Sheng

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      Christine Berardo on

      I cannot find the link either in my spam or inbox. Please have it sent again to me at this alternate address: Thank you -- Christine Berardo

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      Michael O

      @Rachel the mail with the link was not sent from Kickstarter. Look or search for a mail from Fordela ( with subject "[landfillharmonic] [landfillharmonic] A Grateful Reward from Landfillharmonic to You". It may have ended in your spam filter.

      Since this is a public update the link can (should) not be posted here.

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      Rachel Ethier Rosenbaum on

      I cannot find a copy of the link to online screening for LANDFILL HARMONICS and could not find a way to send you a message so decided to comment