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The tabletop puzzle platform that will upgrade your thinking and push your mental limits.
The tabletop puzzle platform that will upgrade your thinking and push your mental limits.
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Tiles, Instructions, and New Games!


Hello Block Party Friends!

We have a few announcements for you today, but first a shout out to Jean-Noël for solving the metacube! He has also been running a program to find the maximal set of icons with no party, which is currently known to be at least 28. We're grateful to be part of such an enthusiastic community of problem solvers and thinkers :-)

These past couple weeks we've been prepping the final assets and solidifying all of the details of the final product. Here are some new documents for your perusal!


The written Block Party instruction have been long overdue, but at long last you can abandon the image-lacking website instructions and see our current draft of the print instructions up here--your thoughts, comments, and criticism are highly valued and appreciated!


Last time there was a sneak peek of an early version of the packaging which we've iterated on a few times and you can look at the most recent version of the cube box online.


If the image up top got you curious, we're happy to let you know we've produced a complete version 1 of the expanded 64-tile set featuring dual Icon-faces and Party-faces. We had been using cards before, and they were useful for playing some games (see Party Rush in the instructions), but we wanted something more versatile. For those familiar with the game Set, you can play with the 64 pack of tiles in the exact same way (and it's quite a different experience from classic Block Party!), as well as many other games--see the image below. And, of course, like the other two documents you can see the tiles online. You can even print out a set of your own, and it only takes two 8.5x11 sheets of card stock!

Apps and Mailing List

One final announcement! When we're not working on Block Party and pushing pixels around in Illustrator (oh the hours we have spent), we're making brand new games, currently for iOS and Android. Here's the most recent one, which you can get on both the app store and google play, featuring geometric brainteasers and based on machine learning classification!

 We're also starting up a mailing list so that fans can get announcements of newly released games. So if you like these sorts of things and want to support the indies join the google group

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    1. Laurel M on

      On "Make Your First Party!" - this line I had to read a few times "Are your first two icons the same fill? If not, which two fills do you need to have one of each?" since the "which two fills do you need to have one of each" was asking for both two and one, but I think what you were aiming for was "which two fills do you need to have each one be unique"

      On "How to Play" under rules change "Once the party is demonstrated, the four blocks used are rolled" to "... used are flipped" (to be consistent with pg 2's how to party wording)

      On "Party Etiquette" change "Blocks are rolled..." and "she doesn't roll any blocks" to "Blocks are flipped" and "she doesn't flip any blocks" (consistent wording to pg 2)

      Maybe put variation games in a different header colour so it's obvious or put a 'space' page between the main party rules and the variations saying it's variations (it looks like you've got a couple blank 'spaces' that could be filled?)?

      Under "Daisy Chains Co-Op" - change "roll" to "flip" (unless you mean to actually roll the dice?); also "cannot be rotated" sounds like you can't turn/reorient the block, perhaps "flipped" would be better there too?

      On "Countdown" - gray in the center of the 0 so it's consistent with the 6/8/9 empty non-block spaces

    2. Missing avatar

      William Gardner on

      Looking great! I have one comment on the instructions. In the first panel of page 2, the "and"s in the image feel upside-down to me. When I read text on the left edge of a page, I tend to tilt my head left, to align my eyes with the text. If I do that, "and" is upside-down. It would work better for me if the they were rotated 180 degrees. (But hey, maybe I'm totally abnormal.)