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The tabletop puzzle platform that will upgrade your thinking and push your mental limits.
The tabletop puzzle platform that will upgrade your thinking and push your mental limits.
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Gameplay Video, Tiles, & More!


Hello wonderful backers! We've got a few things to share with you all today on this May 24, 144th day of the year, and the beginning of the third week of our campaign!

Gameplay Video

We've been asked repeatedly the following two things: to show gameplay through videos, and how is Block Party made competitive? On that note Benjamin has made a video to illustrate one of the competitive Block Party games that makes use of the tiles.

Block Party Tiles

You'll notice in the video we're using cards as prototypes for what will be the Block Party tiles. After much thought we decided to make thicker, cardboard tiles (like in Carcassonne) which are square and the size of a block face (1.5"x1.5").

Using these tiles we've designed even more games which we're excited to share with you, stay tuned for a fuller instructions document detailing the various classes of Block Party gameplay (or look at a first draft in our online instructions).

Hat Tips: Educational Games

Here are two campaigns that combine fun with education, both of which we support!

Codemancer is a video game which teaches 9-14 year olds how to program which is designed to be accessible to anyone (overcoming stereotype threat). 

Go Extinct! is a card game which uses an evolutionary tree to teach students about inheritance and upgrades the gameplay of Go Fish. A clever take on an old classic and a great way to get kids into biology!

Bonus: Party Trivia

We've been interested in the statistics of Block Party since very early in development, and we love sharing some of the surprising facts with our playtesters. The one that consistently makes our testers shout "No way!" incredulously is the average number of parties available on a given roll. Unlike Set, Block Party doesn't suffer from the no sets on the board problem, in fact the number of parties on a given roll is estimated at over 23! We've estimated this both mathematically and through code, which is up on github.

Math, Love, and Parties,

Benjamin and George

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