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The tabletop puzzle platform that will upgrade your thinking and push your mental limits.
The tabletop puzzle platform that will upgrade your thinking and push your mental limits.
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(Over) Halfway there! A few puzzles for you :-)


First, a warm welcome to all the newcomers and those who came to this campaign from Primo, the beautiful mathematical game which is currently live on Kickstarter. Also a big thanks to the Primo creators, Dan and Katherine--they've been wonderfully supportive and helpful. If you haven't seen Primo, it's an aesthetic, fun, and innovative way to teach kids multiplication. Check it out!

Thanks to everyone we've hit 50%! To celebrate we've put together a few puzzling treats for you.

Happy Birthday Rubik's Cube

Today's google doodle is in honor of the anniversary of the Rubik's Cube. In high school I spent hundreds of hours playing with Rubik's cubes, making patterns and playing with the math behind them. I also really enjoyed teaching other students how to solve them to the point where there were dozens of others toting cubes of their own. So happy birthday Rubik's cube, you are a great inspiration. If you know someone who loves the cube, tell them about the campaign!

If you're intrigued by God's number (the maximal number of moves a Rubik's cube can be away from solved--it's 20 by the way, shown in 2010), you might enjoy wrestling with the following (unsolved!) problem: What is the largest collection of distinct Block Party icons such that no four of them form a party? If you manage to solve this we'll post your name and solution in a future update and send you a free set of Block Party!

For the puzzle lovers

Here's a Block Party based puzzle for you, it's called 9-block. Your goal is to choose 9 of the icons in the pool below and arrange them into a 3x3 grid such that each row and each column is a sub-party. That is, three icons which are either all the same color or all different, same fill or all different, and same shape or all different--see the example below on the right. It may help to print the image and cut the pieces out--doing it all in your head can be quite the challenge.

 Also, even if you solve it there's more than one solution! How many can you find?

Community Outreach

We're working on updating and honing the rules and campaign this week, as well as reaching out to communities of interest (magnet schools, game stores, etc). Are you part of a community of interest (besides Kickstarter ;)) that would enjoy Block Party? We'd love to hear from you :-)

Party on! Three Pixel <3,

George and Benjamin 

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