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The tabletop puzzle platform that will upgrade your thinking and push your mental limits.
The tabletop puzzle platform that will upgrade your thinking and push your mental limits.
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Domestic production and international shipping update

Posted by Three Pixel Heart (Creator)

Hello everyone!

We have an updates on domestic production, shipping from China, and refunds!

Domestic Production

Block Party - Creation :: set #0
Block Party - Creation :: set #0

 We have completed the first full set of laser set cubes! 

Seed Party
Seed Party

From top right clock wise, and center out, the names:

  • Spectrum/Distribution. Where are the black and white certainties of yesteryear? 
  • Home. Earth. The water and the sky. The constant context. 
  • Karma. The action. Cause-Effect.
  • Matter. Probability, quantum oddness. Most of us. 
  • Void. The blank canvas. Picasso starts there. The constant possibility. 
  • Self-same. Replication. Copies of copies.
  • Sky. The populated, vast vastness of the universe. Our constant witness. 
  • Gravity. Separation, communion, orbits. 
  • Time. Cycles. Lady Luna. 
  • Growth. The golden ratio. Evolution honed perfection. 
  • Ground. The basis for action. Mother. Our constant support. [
  • Space. Direction, maps, geometry. Position.
All 64 glyphs
All 64 glyphs

 International Shipping

The sets of the Block Party are on a boat in China, waiting to set sail. We think that they are leaving VERY SOON.  We're about 6 months behind our original schedule. 

Ningbo. That's a lot of stuff.
Ningbo. That's a lot of stuff.


We'll issue any asked for refunds when goods ship from amazon for reasons of liability and parity. :)

Happy spring time/party on,

Benjamin and George


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    1. Trey Sands on

      Yeah, we got a picture in January saying that BP was already on a boat and about ready to be shipped. Now we get another picture of a boat saying that it hasn't shipped yet? After 3 months of silence? Has the boat been drydocked for that long?

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Dawson on

      I'm confuse about this update. I haven't received any Block Party. Now there's this Seed Party. Is this to replace the Block Party. Could someone please explain. Has anything been shipped out or is it still sitting in China?

    3. Kirez Reynolds on

      I have not received any response to my previous comments and emails, nor any updates about what happened to the promised February delivery.

      We've never received our Block Party, nor any explanations nor responses.

    4. Missing avatar

      Julia Ransom on

      Hi Creators, I am so excited for this news. I predict your game will take off sooo steadily and incrementally. I haven't been this excited about a game since I learned to play Mastermind as a pre-teen! So I will patiently wait for the tanker to cross the seas with my three sets but I wonder how I (we all) might order laser cut seed party sets at this stage, if we can. Hoping we can! Julia