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CA$ 0.00 pledged of CA$ 25,000 goal
By Dr Faviel Font
CA$ 0.00 pledged of CA$ 25,000 goal


You can see here a video from our group: we are a physician supervised medical weight loss clinic in the heart of Downtown Montreal Complexe Desjardins. 

Most of our patients are government insured patients, therefore they pay nothing to see the doctor. Our program is targeted at anyone that wants to lose weight in order to become and have a healthy weight and BMI. We help you get rid of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, etc.

We usually start with an obesity assessment and then personalize a program based on our findings and using current medical guidelines and recommendations in the treatment of obesity. 

Obesity is a chronic medical condition; the program founder Dr. Font is a family doctor with current board certification by the American board of family medicine and licensed to work in Quebec Canada and Florida USA alike.

The basis for this web-app is what we have found in weight loss studies: When people have frequent assistance called "interventions", they lose weight more efficiently and keep the weight off longer. 

This project is going to change a lot of lives in a positive way because it will provide a convenient source and platform wherein people have access to free information from trained nutritionists and specialists in dietary medicine, without having to book an appointment.

In fact, we need the money to build the platform and keep it free of charge for everyone including the nutritionist. When people won't have access to the nutritionist, they'll have access to other people, a reputation based system will help dieters see who is recommending and what and how have they previously been ranked by other people. 

Funding us through kickstarter you'll get a special gold star and a boot like the monopoly one next to your name and avatar whenever you log in to get your dietary recommendations; this will be as a remembrance of who you were and how you made this 25$ contribution with belief in what we were trying to do: help people live better lives.

Risks and challenges

The risks is finding the funding, maintaining the website, doing the SEO and marketing to get it known to people.

Then it will be recruiting staff with backgrounds in dietary and nutrition and fitness.

Truth be told, it's just a matter of time.

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    Whatever we obtain here will go at hiring developers to create this app for free. It's a meeting-place for people to communicate with nutritionists and dieticians for free: in fact, people will take a picture from a menu for example, and ask someone from the group currently logged in: Hey what should I eat, then using their knowledge of dieting, will offer you a dinner recommendation for example. This will help also as a food journal which is one of the highest yield things to do when you want to lose weight. All of it free. It will serve also as a platform for nutritionists to become known and gain reputation, if people get help from them, they will certainly be hired in the future for teleconferences or whatever you two agree on.

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